z/Scope Express 3270

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98
Cybele Software, Inc.
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24.56 Mb
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April 27, 2015
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z/Scope Express 3270 offers an unmatched look&feel and the most intuitive and user-friendly interface. Also gives full support of Internet-Standard communication protocols TN3270E, SSL 2/3 and TLS 1. With z/Scope you will have all the necessary basic tools to experience a modern agile and fast terminal emulation. In addition, you will only use a very little portion of your PC memory, leaving more resources for other critical tasks. Supports Win 8

z/Scope Express leverages the flexibility and portability provided by modern technology devices to enable secure access through an intuitive, Web-based user interface.

Browser-based Terminal Emulator client

Any HTML5-compliant browser will be able to run z/Scope Anywhere client:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer (since 9.0 version)
  • and more...

Cross-browser, cross-operating system and cross-device

  • OS independent
  • Plataform independent
  • Device independent

Multiple protocols

  • TN3270E
  • TN5250E
  • VT100,VT220,VT320,VT420,SSH1,SSH2 Telnet Servers.
  • The protocols TN5250E, SSL 2/3 and TLS 1 are also supported.
  • All the necessary tools for fast and modern IBM Mainframe emulation.

Multi-session support

  • Run several sessions on the same client instance.
  • Slide through the active sessions.

Mobile Ready

  • z/Scope Anywhere 7.0 is fully tablet-ready. Its metro design and support for both touch and virtual keyboards provides a familiar experience to users of smart phones and tablets.

Touch and virtual keyboard enabled

  • Seamlessly integrated with mobile touch keyboards.
  • Additionaly, virtual keyboards could be launched when necessary.

File Transfer

  • The new feature enables multi-protocol file transfer through the FTP, IND$FILE, KERMIT, X/Y/Z-MODEM transfers integrated in the same common interface.
  • Enhanced FTP support for AS/400 IFS and not IFS modes.
  • Queue management.

No client installations

  • Pure HTML/Javascript client
  • The user only opens a new browser window and starts using z/Scope Anywhere right way.

SSL/SSH encrypted communication

  • Support for SSL 2.0 and 3.0 (Secure Socket Layer Technology), as well as TSL 1.0 (Transport Layer Security) security protocols.
  • Secure your FTP sessions connecting via the SFTP protocol.
  • 128-bit encryption allows users to securely access remote hosts over any network, and safely transfer files between systems.
  • Support for SSH1 (Secure Shell), SSH2 security protocols.

Natively firewall friendly

  • z/Scope Anywhere Server uses standard HTTPS protocol and ports already opened on any corporate firewall.

Admin Control Panel

  • See at any time all users active connections and sessions
  • Administrators can disconnect and delete active sessions.

Real-time statistics

  • Allowed users can view real-time usage statistics, including connections per host, as well as a comprehensive log file of connection activity.
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