Estel PDF Structure Viewer 1.5

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Windows 7/Vista/XP
Estel Development Group
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May 22, 2014
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Estel Pdf Structure Viewer is an excellent tool for professionals working with PDF version up to 10 and allows to view the structure of the document at the object level.  Viewing of the contents of PDF files at the object level can be extremely difficult or impossible. PDF is a binary format and traditional viewers are ill-adapted for viewing the complex structure of the PDF document. In addition, data flows in the PDF format can be encrypted and compressed in various forms, and the usual viewing does not allow to see the content. Estel Pdf Structure Viewer automates the task of low-level viewing of the PDF. Estel Pdf Structure Viewer allows to view the low-level objects, such as dictionaries, arrays, streams, numbers, etc. You can see not only the contents of the objects, but also to study the relationships between the objects, to see the security settings of the documents. An easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface allows to synchronize the position of the object in the PDF file, and also to quickly receive help concerning this project by reading an official guidance on the PDF format, which is displayed in a separate bookmark. All this information is necessary and useful for a specialist or a developer of the PDF software and certainly leads to a sharp increase in productivity.

An interface is a 3-page tab. When selecting the file, it is displayed on the first tab. The second tab is a set of several tables. One table is used to display the table of the XRef file after decoding and meshing. When clicking on a table row in the second table the decoding of the contents of this object occurs and at the same time the position of the object in the PDF file is shown with the help of the third table. The object is shown in the text and hexadecimal forms highlighted in red. Other colors are used to show the objects belonging to the selected object, if you select them in the second table. The third tab is the navigator of the PDF Reference and shows the page of the guidance, which describes the last selected object. Such an arrangement of information in the interface provides the most complete information on the structure of the PDF objects and each object individually.

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