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April 30, 2015
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You often have to use documents (files, data tables or emails) that meet specific content constraints. However, verification of these documents is often a tedious task and no real added value.

With this module, you can make in a single click all your checks automatically. Define your specific validation rules and run checks on the fly.

Make and save valuable time for your teams and guarantee the quality of their work with this simple and scalable solution.

This module allows you to analyze your data tables according to your own validation rules. It relies for this on the document template that you define. This template allows you to define for each element of your document basic constraints (size, type, format, allowable values ...) and more complex constraints.

Once you have configured rules, you simply click a button to launch your checks. This module then presents a summary report of compliance outlining the errors and warnings of the document. You can correct it and export it to the format you want to resubmit to verification if necessary.

This module supports multiple input formats (plain text, CSV, Excel ...).


  • Mass verification. Ability to process multiple files on the fly
  • Ability to apply advanced verification rules
  • Many supported file formats
  • Historical and real-time monitoring of process
  • Saving your settings
  • Ability to extend your module functionality through our packages on demand
Users reviews & testimonials

Our service is to ensure that our product catalogs, respect the contracts with our customers. We must also ensure the conformity of each article with the technical constraints (limited size of some columns, formats, values required ... ) imposed by electronic marketplaces with which we operate. Validator is a powerful tool that has made the work of our employees much easier. With a few clicks, they can check out all our catalogs and if necessary, correct them. They can focus on higher value tasks.

John Legmann

In our business, we share a large number of electronic documents with a high demand for processing speed and confomité their content. With Validator, we found a simple and effective application for checking operations monitoring documents sent by each operator to our processing service. This allows us to save valuable time in consolidating our business information. This experience is successful, we believe now extend the scope for using Validator to other types of documents.

Edward Johnson