Smart PDF Converter Pro 11.5

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Windows XP/95/98
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July 22, 2014
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Convert PDF to Word, Excel and more

Smart PDF Converter is both easy to use and powerful. If you only want to convert documents, and don't want to fuss with complex settings, you can select the file you want to convert and click the Convert button. And you're finished. Smart PDF Converter is that fast and easy.

  • Convert PDF to Word.
  • Convert scanned PDF files.
  • Convert PDF to DOC, XLS, HTML, TXT, JPEG, RTF, TIFF, PPT and other file formats.
  • Retain tables, formatting, layout and graphics.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Only in Pro version: convert your documents back to PDF.
  • Only in Pro version: Split & Merge, Insert & Extract, Encrypt & Password protect. Insert stamps, bookmarks and watermarks. Digitally sign.


Convert pdf files

  • Convert PDF to DOC
    Microsoft Word is not required.
  • Convert PDF to JPEG
    You can set JPEG resolution and quality. Support is provided for Progressive, Grayscale, and Optimized. It is also possible to disable color subsampling.
  • Convert PDF to XLS
    Microsoft Excel is not required. Tables in PDF are detected and saved as XLS. Keeps the original layout and formatting.
  • When more than one table is present in a document, three conversion modes are available: 1) Each table goes to a separate sheet, 2) All tables on the same sheet (easy to edit), or 3) All tables on the same sheet (looks like the original).
  • Convert PDF to TXT
    Converts PDF documents to plain text.
  • Convert PDF to HTML
    You can convert all PDF pages to a single HTML page or convert each PDF page to a separate HTML page. Images in the PDF can be optionally converted to a single background image.
  • Convert PDF to TIFF
    You can set TIFF compression and quality. Convert multi-page documents to either multi-page TIFF files or a series of files for each page.
  • Convert PDF to PPT
    Microsoft PowerPoint is required.
  • Convert PDF to DOCX
    Microsoft Word is required
  • Convert PDF to RTF
    Keeps the original layout, formatting and images.

Keeps layout and formatting in doc

  • Keeps pictures
    Can be optionally switched off.
  • Keeps fonts
    PDF fonts that are not available on your computer are automatically matched to the most similar font available.
  • Keeps tables
    PDF tables are recognized and converted to editable DOC tables.
  • Keeps paragraphs
    Each DOC paragraph contains flowing text that is easy to edit.
  • Keeps bullet lists
    Detects bullet lists and represents them as bullet lists in DOC for easy editing.
  • Keeps hyperlinks
    PDF links are preserved in the DOC. To follow a link in DOC, hold down the Ctrl button and click the link.
  • Keeps internal links
    Internal links are links to another page in a PDF. These links are preserved in DOC format.
  • Keeps PDF forms
    Forms in PDF are recognized and presented in the DOC with appropriate constructions.
  • Keeps edit boxes
    PDF edit boxes are presented as textboxes in Word. The appearance of the box, such as border, background and font, is preserved.
  • Keeps check boxes
    PDF check boxes are presented as small square textboxes in Word. The appearance of the check box, such as border and background, is preserved.
  • Keeps option buttons (radio buttons)
    PDF option buttons are presented as small square textboxes in Word. The appearance of the radio button, such as border and background, is preserved.


  • OCR
    Scanned documents do not contain text information, but are much like an image. To convert such a document to editable text our software uses the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, which recognizes each character by its shape.
  • Spell checker
    A spell checker is integrated to aid the recognition process for documents scanned at low resolution.
  • Fonts with no text information
    Some PDFs are created using fonts (Type3) that do not contain actual text information. These fonts are rather arrays of images. OCR recognizes these images and converts them to editable characters.
  • Automatic detection of scanned PDF
    Automatically detects PDFs that need OCR processing.
  • Manually switching OCR on and off
    If you need to keep the document as an image but not text you can switch the OCR feature off. You can also force OCR for documents that are not recognized by the software as scanned.

Create PDF

  • Create PDF from within MS Office
    Open a document in MS Word. Then, from the PDF toolbar, select Create PDF.
  • Create PDF from any Windows document
    Open the file in the program that you normally use to view or edit it. Then follow the same steps as if you wanted to print the file. But when prompted to select a printer, do not select a real printer but select SmartSoft PDF Printer from the list.
  • Print-to-PDF Function from Any Application
    You can convert to PDF any file that is printable. Just open the file in the program that you normally use to view or edit it. Then print it out to the virtual SmartSoft PDF Printer.
  • Create PDF with Encryption
    Different levels of encryption are supported: Low(40-bit RC4), High(128-bit RC4) and High(128-bit AES).
  • Create PDF with password
    You can set a password on a PDF document so that only users who know the password will be able to open the document.
  • Create PDF with document restrictions
    You can prevent the following actions in a PDF document: Printing, Modifying, Content copying or extraction, Commenting, Form field fill-in or signing and Document assembly.

Edit PDF pages

  • Insert pages from PDF
    You can insert pages from a PDF file at a specific place inside another PDF file.
  • Remove pages from PDF
    You can select an individual page or a page range to remove.
  • Extract pages from a PDF
    You can extract a specific part out of a PDF document into another PDF.
  • Merge PDF files
    You can combine several PDF files into one.
  • Split PDF files
    Splits into page range, splits into files of X pages and splits odd pages or even pages.


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