Smart PDF Editor 6.10

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Windows XP/95/98
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September 3, 2014
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Make changes to a PDF file
Editing a PDF document has always been a challenge. Now you can easily change text, layout, fonts and colors. You can insert, delete or move objects such as images and tables. It's easy; just open a PDF file in Smart PDF Editor, edit it freely and then save the file.

Create new PDF files
Just fire up your Smart PDF Editor and start editing from scratch. Rich format options are available: set colors and fonts, align, justify or center paragraphs, insert images, tables, bullet lists, textboxes and more.

PDF Security - Passwords, Encryption and Permissions, Digital Signatures
With Smart PDF Editor you can manipulate the security aspects of a PDF document. You can encrypt a sensitive PDF document and set a password. You can also set different permissions for different users. Each user can have a separate password. This way you can give some users permission to only view a document while others can edit and print it.

Split, Merge, Insert, Extract
With Smart PDF Editor Pro you can split a PDF document into several separate PDF files. You can consolidate several PDF files into one. You can insert a PDF document at a specific place inside another PDF file. You can also extract a specific part out of a PDF document.

Table of contents & internal links
With Smart PDF Editor Pro you can create a table of contents or bookmarks (internal links) in a PDF document. Using these links, your readers will be able to easily access any part of a large document.

PDF Editor - Features

  • Edit PDF documents freely
  • Create new PDF documents
  • Split PDF documents
  • Merge PDF documents
  • Insert one PDF file into another
  • Extract pages into a new PDF
  • Remove pages from a PDF
  • Encrypt a PDF document
  • Change the permissions on a PDF document - such as Print, Save, Edit, and so on
  • Import and export MS Word DOC files
  • Create bookmarks or a table of contents in a PDF
  • Insert watermarks in a PDF file
  • Insert stamps
  • Add attachments
  • Digitally sign PDF

Have you ever received a PDF file that you need to edit, not just in a minor way, but in a major way? Now you have Smart PDF Editor, which lets you freely edit the file!

With Smart PDF Editor you can open, edit and save PDF files. Our competitors allow you to only replace a word here and there or add a textbox, but we allow you to change the entire layout of the document. You can change entire sentences and paragraphs, remove and insert pages, and encrypt the PDF document. You can also split and merge PDF documents as well as extract pages from a PDF.

Why do I need Smart PDF Editor?

  • Change the contents of a PDF document that a colleague sent you.
  • Create new PDF documents.
  • Consolidate PDF documents, split a PDF document, or extract some pages from a PDF file.
  • Many PDF tools included so you can manipulate your PDF documents to the max.
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