Universal Document Converter 6.7.1611.5

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August 5, 2007
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Take several different documents and combine them into a single multipage PDF, TIFF or DCX!

Universal Document Converter is the most complete solution for the conversion of documents of any types into Adobe PDF or graphic files. The underlying basis of Universal Document Converter is the innovative technology of virtual printing. As a result, exporting Microsoft Word documents, Excel tables, PowerPoint presentations, or Autodesk AutoCAD drawings into a chosen format is just as easy as using a desktop printer.

Universal Document Converter can assist you in preparation of documents for web publishing, while protecting them from unauthorized copy & paste practices. And, of course, choosing Universal Document Converter means big savings. Not only do you cut expenses on the development and implementation of a corporate document flow system, but you also save your precious time when preparing PowerPoint presentations and sending materials to the printshop or publisher. With Universal Document Converter, exporting documents is exporting worries away.


  • Easy Export into 8 Formats
    Convert documents into PDF or image files – TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF or Bitmap. It’s quick, intuitive and extremely convenient.
  • Great Time and Money Savings
    Forget about old fashioned print-and-scan forever. From now on, converting documents directly to PDF or images is the way to go.
  • Universal Language of Exporting
    Drawings or multipage reports, scans or commercial posters, with virtual printing technology, file conversion becomes effortless.
  • Combine Documents
    No more file format headaches. Create multipage documents from files of various types in mere seconds.
  • Watermarks
    Place a graphic or text watermark on your documents. Protect your work. Make it stand out.
  • Password Protection
    RC4 encryption algorithm. That means peace of mind no matter what: your PDF files are secure and well-protected against unauthorized access.
  • Premium Quality Conversion
    Export documents with a resolution up to a whooping 6,000 DPI. Design, advertising and art materials preserve even the finest details and are ready to shine.
  • Auto Crop and Resize
    Remove empty margins by choosing automatic border cropping or automatically resize output files to make high quality thumbnail images. You set the rules.
  • Quick and Flexible Configuration
    Print or web quality? Depending on a task, you are able to choose the optimal ratio between visual quality and file size.
  • Split Multipage Files
    Extract separate files out of multipage documents. You don’t have to save an entire book, if you just need a page or two.
  • Auto File Naming
    Let the program care about the naming part. Create a basic template, and enjoy the perfect order of things. It just works.
  • Post-processing
    Execute your own application or batch-file to add any custom processing to each output file. Export documents like pro.
  • Ready for Corporate Workflow
    Instantly access Universal Document Converter from remote computers thanks to compatibility with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix.
  • Native Network Support
    Share Universal Document Converter over a network and use it on workstations to dramatically speed up conversion of documents.
  • Public API for Developers
    Public API simplifies compatibility of the document management systems with Universal Document Converter.

Source File Formats

Any document may be used as source files for Universal Document Converter: Microsoft Word documents, Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Autodesk AutoCAD drawings, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, web pages, etc. The only existing constraint is that your computer must have proper software installed to open and print the document in question.

Output File Formats

The Universal Document Converter is able to convert documents to files of the following types: BMP, DCX, GIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, PDF.

BMP (Bitmap): a raster graphic format. It is supported by many applications under DOS, Windows, and OS/2 but is not supported by Mac OS. BMP lends itself to lossless sequential compression using the RLE algorithm. Color bit depth may vary between 1 and 48 bits per pixel. Large file size is BMP’s primary drawback.

DCX: a PCX-based bitmap graphic format. This is essentially multi-page PCX. Uses a fast but inefficient compression algorithm unsuitable for images with a lot of detail, such as photographs.

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format): a bitmap graphic format developed specifically for the transmission of images over networks. GIF images are stored as lines, and only the format with an indexed color palette is supported. The standard was developed to support a 256-color palette. The GIF format uses lossless LZW compression algorithm. Therefore, good compression is achieved for images with lines containing recurring sequences, such as, images with many horizontally aligned pixels of the same color.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): a bitmap graphics format designed specifically for compact storage and online publication of photo quality color images. At this time, it is the most widely used format in the world. JPEG comprises a lossy image compression algorithm. The degree of compression may be set by the user producing files of different sizes and images of different quality.

PDF (Portable Document Format): a platform-independent electronic document format developed by Adobe Systems using a number of capabilities offered by PostScript. Its primary purpose is to present printed matter in an electronic format because much of the advanced professional printing equipment is able to process PDF files directly.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics): a bitmap graphic format that uses lossless compression. PNG was designed both as an improvement and a replacement for GIF and as a graphic format that may be used without a license.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format): a bitmap graphic format. It was developed by Aldus in conjunction with Microsoft. It has become popular as a storage format for images with great color bit depth. TIFF is very flexible and can store photographs using different palettes as well as different color spaces. This format implements support for a number of compression algorithms. In addition, it is possible to save TIFF files with no compression.

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