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March 21, 2014
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Create your own Short Url Site

Responsive Layout

The theme supplied with the short url script has been designed to work across all platforms. Wurlie's layout uses the latest CSS techniques to remove or resize page elements dependant on the users device.

It's been fully tested with following:

  • Mobile - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows.
  • Tablet - iPad, Android tablets.
  • Desktop PC.

Shorten Multiple Urls

Users can enter long urls and create shortened versions that redirect to the original link. Copy & Paste or manually enter long urls in bulk. As long as they are separated on a new line they'll be generated their own short url.

When entering urls, the url input field automatically resizes to allow for more links.

Each generated url has:

  • Detailed information page for each url.
  • Stats page link.
  • QR code.
  • Unique hashed delete link.
  • Choose from delayed, top/bottom framed or direct redirects when the short url is loaded.

Earn Money

Easy Ads - Use the admin interface to easily integrate your banner ads or other advert network code. The short url script supports Google Adsense aswell as most other popular ad providers.

Via the admin area you can easily ad the following advert code:

  • Site footer ads across the site.
  • Iframe redirect top/bottom advert.
  • Delayed redirect top advert.
  • Delayed redirect bottom advert.

Url Options

Aswell as shortening multiple long urls at the same time, each short url can also be set with the following:

  • Users can enter a custom short url part.
  • Set maximum short url uses option.
  • Set expiry date option for urls.
  • Set access password for urls.
  • Set url public or private. (public is available in the 'recent urls' listing, private isn't linked anywhere on the site publicly)

Developers API

An advanced API which provides access to your own applications (or customers applications) to urls on the Wurlie site.

Each account is provided with an API key which means they can make remote requests to the site for the following:

  • Create - Create urls.
  • Disable - Deactivate urls.
  • Activate - Enable urls.
  • List - List urls.

The API can respond in either of 2 data formats:

  • JSON
  • XML

There is also built in security to avoid too many API requests per minute as well as the standard validation on urls.

Malware & Phishing Protection

If you've set your Phishtank & Google Safe Browsing API keys (free to get via their sites), every long url which is submitted will be checked as to whether it has been reported as a suspected malware or phishing link.

If it exists on either site an error message is shown and the script does not create the short url. This check is completed for both the front-end website and any short urls created via the API.

Secure Members Area

Users can register for a free account via the short url site. All account passwords are sent via email to validate the email address they've registered with.

Each registered Wurlie member gets the following:

  • An area to view, search and manage all of their short urls.
  • Links to detailed statistics for each short url.
  • Options to disable short urls.
  • Links to share.
  • Links to view the qr code.
  • An API key for API access.

There is also a forgot password screen which sends an email to the account holder in order to reset a forgotten password.

Secure Admin Area

The admin area has recently been rewritten from the ground up. All of the features you'd expect to see in a short url script are there (and some!):

  • Dashboard overview of site:
    • Statistics:
      • Total Active Urls.
      • Total Disabled Urls.
      • Total Visits (All Urls).
      • New Urls (30 Days).
      • Total Active Users.
      • New Users (30 Days).
    • Charts:
      • New Short Urls (last 14 days).
      • New Short Urls (last 12 months).
      • New Users (last 14 days).
      • Url Status Pie.
      • Top 10 Urls Pie.
  • Manage Urls. Search, filter by user, url status. View statistics, remove short url and set a reason.
  • Manage Users. Search, filter by type and status. Total short urls, last login and status. Link to view short urls. Options to add/edit user.
  • Banned Words/Urls. Add a list of banned words or urls. Any urls containing these will be blocked from the site. This is in addition to the malware & phishing protection.
  • Plugins. Add & manage plugins. See our plugins page for more information on plugins available.
  • Configuration:
    • Site Settings.
      • Manage Adverts.
      • Security Settings - Safe Browsing & Phishtank API Keys.
      • Site Contact Information.
      • Url Creation Settings.
      • Url Redirect Settings.
      • Enable Webssite Language Selector.
      • Other Settings.
    • Translations. Add a new language. Admin pages to aid in the translation of the site. Choose which languages are enabled for the front-end.
    • Banned IPs. Ban IP address from site or from creating short urls.
    • Server Info. View PHP information to aid with debugging.

Short Url Statistics

Each short url has it's own dedicated stats page for reviewing all of the following.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly downloads.
  • Referring sites.
  • Visiting countries.
  • Visiting browsers.
  • Visiting operating systems.

Social Network Sharing

Once a short url has been generated, users can copy & paste the url into a forum, send via email or immediately post the link to social networking sites using addthis. These include:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Email.
  • StumbleUpon.
  • Blogger.
  • Tumbler.
  • Google+.

Bookmark site link on the homepage - add 'create short url' link to the visitors browser, when clicked creates a short url of the current site url.

Add shortcut to Twitter in browser - shorten sites and posts directly to Twitter.

QR Codes

QR codes are automatically generated for all urls. They can then be downloaded and used in print or web material and will revert to your short url when scanned.

Most modern smart phones have the ability to scan QR codes, either built in or via a downloadable applications.

Plugin Architecture

We've built our own plugin architecture to easily add additional functionality to the short url script without needing to upgrade the entire source code. With the plugin architecture we can add a newsletter manager, a adf.ly style affiliate scheme, new admin functionality and more.


The languages admin feature enables you to translate all of the Wurlie script text into other languages.

  • Multiple language support.
  • Manage any text content on the site via the admin area.
  • Full support for left-to-right UTF-8 character sets.
  • Configurable, multiple language selector for the site.
  • Translation debugging tools.
  • Quick, easy to use admin interface.


  • Urls are checked against Google Safe Browsing & Phishtank for malware or phishing.
  • Optional captcha validation.
  • IP Blacklisting - block IP addresses from creating links or using the url shortener site.
  • Banned Words/Sites Blacklisting - block certain sites from having urls created.
  • Spam Protection - Set minimum time between submissions.
  • Report link page.
  • Support for https.
  • Account passwords stored in non-reversible format.
  • Uses the PHP recommended PDO library to handle secure communication with the database.
  • Externally tested for XSS and SQL injection attacks.

High Performance

Built for high traffic websites.

  • Small javascript files.
  • Ajax tables to increase loading time.
  • No unnecessary database queries.
  • Database indexes set to speed us query times.
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