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August 14, 2014
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flipb® is a page turning software that allows you to create online flipbook publications by converting such as catalogs, magazines, flyers, brochures, reports, training guides, manuals and other digital printing and marketing material.

flipb digital publishing software is available for PC and MAC & Our cross platform publishing supports iPad, iPhone and Android devices, tablets and mobile devices and other e-Readers.

HTML5 Technology

Your online flipping book publication can be created in HTML5 and flash technology using flipb flip book maker. All users on iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices can get a stunning digital experience with all features included, anytime anywhere!

iPad, iPhone & Android Devices Support

flipb allows you to convert your PDFs into a digital flippingbook editions that can be viewed not only on a PC or Mac, but also on any device, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Kindle or other e-readers from the same application.

Fully Customizable Skin

flipb advanced skin editing allows you to make unlimited design adjustments to your online flipbook publication. Customize the look and feel by choosing your preferred colors, background, audio, visual page transitions and button controls design. flipb software allows you to create, save, and reuse a template with your own skins for future flip book publications. Your digital viewer can include your logo and branding with our White Label feature that is included in Pro and Enterprise versions of flipb Software.

Customize Reader Toolbar

flipb has the capability to create stunning flipping book editions that engage your audience. With a full navigation toolbar your audience has the ability to print, crop, download, share, search, bookmark, add notes, zoom, mute, and more. You can utilize several designs in flipb page turn software and create unlimited customized navigation toolbars that match your publication and branding.

Analytic & Statistic Reports

Turn your digital flipping publication onto an efficient marketing tool to track your readers and know your audience by linking it directly to your Google Analytics account. This tool that is integrated with the magazine maker software will enable you learn about you audience behavior including the number of new visitors, the turnout of the existing visitors, the specific pages they visit the most, from which web-sites, social networks, or search engines they access from, geographical distribution of your readers according to their countries and the languages they use and much more.

Share on Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media

The share feature allows readers to not only read but share your digital flippingbook publication with the world via social networks and email. This feature increases the awareness and reach of your digital publication. This feature is optional and can be disabled in flipb software.

Offline, DVD, CD and USB Versions

With Pro and Enterprise versions of flipb Software your publication can be viewed as an offline version. Your readers can view your flipping magazine, catalog or any other edition on their desktop when and where they want to. flipb ebook software allows you to create a PC .exe file or a MAC .app file ready to be transferred on to a CD, DVD, flash-drive, or kiosk with click of a button. Create a DVD or USB with your digital flipbook editions to distribute at trade shows or hand to customers.

Password Protection

The flipb Pro and Enterprise versions of our flip book software you can integrate a subscription management log in system that allows you to control access to digital flipping book publications across all platforms desktop, laptop, any tablet or mobile device. Using our digital magazine software, you can protect your flipb publication from unauthorized users with a password. Share the password only with those you wish to have access to your online flippingbook publication.

SEO Friendly

flipb Pro and Enterprise versions of our software enables you to customize the page title, description and keywords. You can then add the html pages to your website, sitemap and blogs to ensure search engine visibility. You can make your magazine highly searchable using our online magazine software by enabling the SEO feature.

Optimized Performance for iPad View

flipb page flip software allows you to utilize cutting edge HTML5 technology to view your flippingbook publication on iPad. This includes the real flipper view or slider view and unique zoom functionality. This feature enables you to select the option to output pages at optimum DPI ensuring crystal clear images and text. Our digital magazine software allows your to create flipbooks your audience can enjoy anywhere!

Automated Load Controller

flipb online magazine maker software recognizes automatically how many pages should load at once. This is a great feature for larger online magazines and catalogs since it minimizes the loading time and memory required of any browser.

Lifetime License

flipb gives you a license that lasts a lifetime. Once you purchased one license you will be able to convert an unlimited number of PDFs in flipbook publications for your company using our flip book software.

Mac and Windows Versions

flipb software is available for Windows and Mac. Choose the version of our online software creator that works best for you and create your digital flipbook publications in minutes.

eCommerce Integration

flipb Software allows you to create unlimited links in your digital flipping book publication. You can create that point and click shopping environment. The software can automate the product linking process which will save you hours and hours of time and energy. This feature allows readers to shop directly from your digital catalog and takes them to your existing shopping cart to add an item. If you do not have a shopping cart or you would like your customers to shop directly from the catalog without ever being taken out of the catalog to add an item, we can provide you with an additional customized solution. These features can easily be integrated into your existing eCommerce platform.

Rich Media Video & Audio Capability

flipb page flip software fully engages your audience with rich interactive media. You can easily embed all types of static and rich media into your digital editions. Embedding video (with YouTube/Vimeo,MP4), audio clips, animations, background audio, image/video popups, and the ability to click through to further information on the web.

Quick and Easy Publishing

With flipb software you can easily create your digital edition in minutes. There are several publishing options you can select based on your preferences such as publishing to the flipb Cloud, hosting the flipbook on your own servers, or publishing for offline PC or Mac use.  flipb online magazine software includes user friendly features such as an integrated ‘publish’ button that allows you to publish your digital flip books on your website easily. With the integration of the flipb Cloud publishing platform, it has never been easier to convert, customize, and publish your digital content directly to the web in minutes!

Real Reading Experience

With flipb online magazine software you can easily create an eye-catching digital flippingbook edition for your readers by converting pdfs to digital publications that look and feels like a real book. flipb enables your readers to flip through the pages of your publication with page turn sounds and realistic page crease shading creating an attractive reader experience. All features are optional.

Auto Detection of Links

flipb software automatically detects and replaces any web or email links with live links in your pdf file. There is no need to mark your links manually. This feature which is included in our page flip software can save you valuable time and enables you to efficiently publish your digital flipping publication. flipb provides your with the ability to modify link highlight color and opacity. Make sure the links are embedded and not saved as images.


flipb Software allows your readers to zoom in on desired text or images without losing the quality. By clicking on the page the reader is able to see a larger view of the publication making reading easy. You can also enable a zoom icon that would be visible within the digital viewer.

Vector Technology

Your readers can view your digital flipbook publications in vector-based technology, which allows your readers to zoom in without pixilation, ensuring crystal clear quality.

Search Highlight

Your readers can search within your publication finding any relevant key words or phrases. flipb indexing utilizes unique algorithms to make the search process faster for both small and large publications.

Link Recognition/Insertion Tool

Flipb Pro and Enterprise versions enable you to utilize the advanced part number link insertion tool which automates the linking process. The advanced part number link insertion tool searches your digital catalog for patterns in product numbers or SKUs saving you the time and energy of manually inserting each product link.

Table Of Contents Editor

With flipb software the table of contents can be created in two options. Your table of contents can be automatically imported from a PDF document or created manually in the flipb software. Creating the table of contents manually is for cases where there is no table of contents in the original pdf. The flipb interface allows you to create a multi-level table of contents, separating the content into sections and chapters for a complex structure.

Add Notes and Bookmarks

Our desktop publishing software enables you to mark sections or pages with bookmarks and notes. Readers will be able to add notes and bookmarks in your digital flipbook publications, allowing them to reference interesting points of the publication in the future.

Single Page and Double Page Mode

This features allows readers to switch between single and double page mode in the flipping book. The digital edition always shows double page as the default. You can change these settings using our page turn software.

Slideshow Carousel Image Gallery

The slideshow carousel image gallery tool allows you to embed photo galleries and slideshows within your digital flipbook publications. This feature is available with Pro and Enterprise versions of our flip book maker.

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