Batch And Print Pro 11.02

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Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000/Server
Traction Software
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72.49 Mb
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June 22, 2014
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Batch & Print Pro is for batch printing documents from a retainable list which can be automatically printed in document sequence of your choice, All associated shell printable documents are supported, e.g. PDF, MS Word, HTML, Text Files, Image formats, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations and many more.

Batch & Print Pro software monitors the spool queue of your chosen printer for seamless sequence printing to your desired choice, Other features of this software include Directory monitoring, FTP, SFTP & POP3 Email monitoring, Print scheduler, printer load balancing, pre-processing for converting PDF to Postscript without using Acrobat, internal direct printing of native printer formats like PS, PCL, PRN, drag & drop of files for ease of use, save, load, append batch lists for later use, list ordering options, refresh lists to pickup new files, separator pages between each file options, pdf portfolio file support, batch file replication, DOS & VBS scripts within list, zip,7zip & rar file support, logging & reporting, email notifications, can run as an NT service, full command line support and it also recognizes number of pages in PDF files, Append and print groups of pdf's for printing as one job file, quick job setup for printing lists of files quickly by task name, pdf color/bw splitting option to different printer setups/different printers + lots more features.

Batch & Print Pro to date has 1,000's of satisfied customers, some of the largest printing organizations like Xerox use Batch & Print Pro as their first choice batch print solution.


  • Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 2008 & 2012
  • Drag and Drop support of files, folders and text lists of files
  • Bulk load files option
  • Save, Load & Append Lists
  • Quick job setup – for printing job lists quickly by task name
  • Print Spooler Sequencing & prioritizing
  • Supports multiple doc formats, e.g. PDF, TIF, DOC, TXT, XLS, HTML, BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF, PS, PCL, PRN, SPL + any other associated printable formats
  • PDF Portfolio files support - automatic extraction and printing
  • Internal PDF Page range printing without the need for Adobe Reader
  • Separator page support
  • List order organizing options
  • Separator printing, dynamically generated or from a static file
  • Print Scheduler, for automating reports to print at a specified time on a specified printer
  • Directory Monitor, that watches folders for documents and prints them to a specified printer, ideal for automation!
  • FTP, Secure FTP (SFTP) and POP3 email monitoring
  • Printer Load Balancing for limiting number of prints per printer and spreading the load, also round robin option
  • Run from the command line option for automation from other software applications or from DOS scripts
  • System Printer setting changes during print e.g. Trays, Copies & other printer specific features
  • Run as a Windows Service, comes with an NT service wrapper and optional network logging of Batch & Print Pro status
  • Run DOS scripts within the list
  • Replication feature for replicating tasks in Batch
  • Download and print documents from the web
  • Pre Processing options for PS, PRN and PDF files like converting PDF files to Postscript to print without Adobe Reader
  • Append and print groups of pdf's for printing as one job file
  • Addon support for extra features specific to a file type, e.g. TIFF, PDF, XML, DOC, XLS and many more
  • Internally print Postscript (PS), PCL, TIFF, PDF, SPL & RAW PRN formats
  • PDF Color splitting to 2 printers
  • Automates print to PDF via Distiller
  • Automates print to Postscript & PCL formats
  • Email notifications when print list has finished or if error occurs
  • Logging and reporting and archiving logs
  • Reprinting from log files
  • Snapshot Restore for restoring from a system fail
  • In-built program security - Password protect settings from users
  • Backup and restore settings
  • Full HTML Help
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