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Macro PC Cleaner
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June 10, 2014
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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Tune, Manage and Optimize Your PC, Today!


Innovative solutions that keep your PC CLEAN and PROTECTED

Scan and Repair

We provide a user friendly and easy to use interface that helps you scan your PC in no time. The added benefit of this interface is that it provides repair services also in one go. Tasks like eliminating junk files, repairing registry errors, identifying security vulnerabilities, defragmenting disks and optimizing your internet connection can all be done in simple steps.

Automatic Maintenance

The most important thing that helps your system running like new is cleaning and optimizing your PC from time to time. Macro PC Cleaner provides highly targeted automatic maintenance service for your system. By performing all the maintenance tasks in user friendly steps your system’s performance would touch new heights.

Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner is a great service to get rid of all the unwanted data collected on your PC. The Disk Cleaner feature aids in keeping your system running clean. The main aim of this effective feature is to clean up all the unwanted files and recover the corresponding space that was being occupied in the hard drives.

Disk Doctor

Checking hard drives for errors has always been a tedious job. But now no more! With the Disk Doctor feature from Macro PC Cleaner, you can easily check the hard drives for problems like bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. This tool also enables you to restore data from unreadable sectors and keep a tab on the health of your hard drive.

Duplicate Files Search

It is highly possible that your system may have many duplicate files after you download them from the internet. These duplicate files remain scattered all over your home and corporate network. These reiterating files take up unnecessary space on the hard drives, thus, slowing down the overall performance of your system. Photos, documents, videos, mp3 files and what not….many of these can be duplicate files.

File Shredder

Macro PC Cleaner gets you the File Shredder feature with one of the most refined data destruction algorithm. It ensures that all your private and confidential data, files and other valuable information cannot be recovered at any stage.

Web Optimizer

A speedy internet has become a necessity in the modern world. The Web Optimizer feature helps in speeding up your internet connectivity by optimizing all the settings for targeted use.

Repair Wizard

It is quite common that your Windows may experience certain problems. The Repair Wizard tool is a great way to fix common Windows problem in a user friendly manner. Just select the problems occurring on your PC from a predefined long list and this tool fixes them in no time.

Startup Manager

Do you know whenever you start your PC, there are many programs that start running automatically? It is a high possibility that the start-up programs are responsible for your system taking more than the required time to start and also slowing down the overall performance of the system.  The Start-up Manager feature takes back the control of these programs and loads only the required programs at the time of start-up.

Uninstall Manager

Whenever you install a program it automatically makes one or more entries on the Windows Registry. This ensures that a future removal of the program is easy. Uninstall Manager is helps you easily remove software from your system. It also helps you identify which programs are no longer pointing to valid locations and need to be uninstalled.

System Snapshot

Installing any new software always alters the system contents and configuration in varying degrees. The System Snapshot feature helps you track these changes by creating a snapshot of all the data present on the system and comparing it with the new system state.


‘Recommendations’ is a very useful feature that provides each PC an exclusive list of suggestions that can be applied to modify the performance of the system. By applying these recommendations, the performance hits a new high, your network is optimized and Windows is configured as per your needs.

24 Individual Utilities

24 Individual Utilities range from cleaning, optimizing, configuring, problem solving and security optimization. This useful feature provided by Macro PC Cleaner helps your PC’s overall performance.

Registry Cleaner

Windows Registry are data files that help Windows control the hardware, software and user environment of the Windows interface. With the passage of time it is possible that the registry becomes invalid or point to a location that does not exist. The Registry Cleaner feature helps you find and solve all the registry related problems that usually cause errors and undesirable behaviour.

Disk Defrag

It is highly recommended that one must perform disk defragment from time to time to enhance the performance of the system. By defragmenting hard drives, it would reconstruct the scattered data which in turn boosts file access speed and prolongs the life of your hard drive.

Broken Shortcuts Cleaner

This powerful tool located and discards shortcuts that are pointing to invalid locations.

Disk Wiper

The Disk Wiper feature takes away all the free space of the hard drive to abolish any remains of non-secure deleted files. Free space is the unused space on the hard drive that is not allocated to any current file.

Fix Security Vulnerabilities

Security Optimizer tool carries out a thorough security inspection of all the critical areas of your system. These critical areas leave the user exposed to likely outside threats, thus the tool provides solution to any issues found.
Memory Defrag

This feature fragments the system’s memory to improve the speed and overall performance. Memory Defrag retrieves the memory from all the running processes by reclaiming the portion of memory that is no longer in use.

SSD Optimizer

The tool enhances the operating system for SSD (Solid State Drive) drives. By using the SSD Optimizer feature your PC is optimized which ensures you get comprehensive performance.

Startup Optimizer

As mentioned earlier, many unwanted programs start running at the time of start-up. The Start-up Optimizer tool delays the loading of these programs thus, ensuring that Windows boots up speedily.

USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer tool allows you to safeguard your PC and individual USB drives against Autorun worms. Autorun worms are virus and malicious programs that can infect your system when an infected USB is used.

Rescue Manager

Macro PC Cleaner provides services that allow you to make changes in your system – relocating files, updating configuration information, eliminating registry data etc. Rescue Manager tool keeps a tab of all the changes made by various tools. This allows you to easily undo the changes if need be.

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