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April 30, 2014
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Make Your Computer Run Like New

In fact, make it run better than new when PC SpeedBoost optimizes your Windows settings and regulates your central processor’s workload. Our software works with Windows to improve your computer’s startup time, browsing speed, and overall performance speed. PC SpeedBoost also fixes the kind of problems that cause screen freeze, computer crash, the “Blue Screen of Death,” and other problems.

Problem-Solving Benefits

In addition to working with Windows to improve your computer’s performance, PC SpeedBoost also fixes problems that can slow down your computer or even cause it to crash. Benefits of the software include:

Improved PC Startup Times

You’ll be able to work with Software Launch Boost to control which programs run at startup—and which don’t. Many programs run processes to stay “on deck” when your computer starts up. This typically slows down your computer’s startup time, as well as general operating speed.

Take Control of Your Computer and Make it Run Like New

PC SpeedBoost lets you manage your computer’s resources for a faster, safer PC. Work with the Startup Manager, CPU Resource Monitor & Manager, and the Process List View to speed up your PC (or let the software handle it for you).

Get Rid of the Little Things that Slow Your Computer Down

There are several classes of items and events that slow your computer down. PC SpeedBoost works with these issues and others:

  • Duplicate files
  • Invalid Help files
  • Turn off Windows Indexing (indexing helps searches but is hard on resources)
  • Graphical “enhancement” that are hard on your RAM (processing) memory.
  • Audio “enhancements” that take up processing speed.
  • Invalid Fonts
  • Expired cache files and other junk files.

Avoid Screen Freeze & Computer Crashes

PC SpeedBoost takes care of several computer errors that can cause screen freeze, computer crashes, and data corruption. Since computer crashes can happen for multiple reasons, we can’t promise that you’ll never experience computer crash. But you’ll be safeguarded against it. And you’ll be even more protected against screen freeze-ups.

Keep Things Simple by Eliminating Duplicate, Corrupt, and Outdated Registry Files

The registry functions as the switchboard of any Windows computer. The more “bad info” it has to deal with, the slower your computer works. PC SpeedBoost cleans the Windows registry to eliminate outdated, damaged, and duplicated files. It also takes care of shared .dll files and empty registry keys.

Get Rid of Annoying Error Messages

As it cleans your Windows registry, PC SpeedBoost also works to eliminate errors that can slow down or damage your computer. For example, PC SpeedBoost quickly hunts down and rids shared DLL file problems, the leading cause of DLL and EXE error messages.

Help Windows Take the Shortest Distance Between Two Points

Invalid or unnecessarily complicated file paths, file associations, and application paths (the route and resources your programs use to start up and run) can slow your computer down. PC SpeedBoost works with Windows to simplify these processes so that you can simplify your computing experience.

Improve Overall PC Performance

All of the above, as well as PC SpeedBoost’s other features, help your computer to run more safely, more efficiently, and more quickly than ever before.

Powerful Features

CPU Process Manager

Powerful process manager allocates the load on the Central Processing Unit for maximum speed & efficiency.

PC Enhancement Manager

Some Windows processes were designed to enhance your computer experience—yet they actually do little more than eat up CPU power and RAM operating memory. Use the Enhancement Manager to decide for yourself which of these processes Windows should and shouldn’t use.

Software Launch Boost

Choose to enable or disable Software Launch Boost, which speeds up the loading time of many programs.

One-Click Repair

Find and repair errors with a single click of a button.

Auto Repair Scheduling

Set it and forget it! You can easily set PC SpeedBoost to run on its own every day, week, or other interval to keep your computer running efficiently, error-free, and fast.

System Requirements

PC SpeedBoost operates best with the following minimum system specifications:

Microsoft Windows®

PC SpeedBoost is compatible with all Windows OS systems; including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Pro & XP Home, 32 & 64 bit OS.


  • Must Have Internet Access (to register)
  • 1024 (1GB) RAM
  • 10MB Hard Drive Space


  • Internet Access (to update software)
  • 2048 (2GB) RAM
  • 50MB Hard Drive Space
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