Registry Cleaner Flash

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
Registry Cleaner Flash
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April 29, 2014
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Description from the Publisher

Is there any easier and faster way to optimize your PC than this:

  • Step 1. Download and install Registry Cleaner Flash;
  • Step 2. Run it and scan your PC errors;
  • Step 3. Click the Cure button.


And then it is a renewed PC at your hand.

You even don’t need to pay for the treatment. Registry Cleaner Flash is a totally FREE program for the diagnosis and cure.

With a couple of clicks, you will enjoy your PC 's peak performance in a twinkle!

Key Features

  • Wipe out junks
    Detect all the obsolete registry entries, unwanted files and risky Internet traces with the thorough scan and clear all of these junks away.
  • Optimize performance
    Remove system errors, defragment disks, unleash space to boost speed and maintain maximum performance.
  • Enhance security*
    Manually or automatically check privacy data, delete Windows and Internet activity history, and protect your confidential information.
  • Built-in tools
    Useful tools integrated in Registry Cleaner Flash, including Disk Cleaner, File Pulverizer, Startup Manager, etc., allow you to grab more benefits just in one program.
  • Fast & professional
    Outstanding speed in scanning and repairing, and provide a professional solution to cure discovered problems.

*Pro Version Only

Users reviews & testimonials

Well, it scans my computer and finds some errors. Then it successfully fixes all problems. That's it. So easy.


Have been using it for many days and never had any problems with it. I'm always using it to optimize my PC. Can't live without it.


The feature of One Click Optimization is implausible, saves time


Multifunctional tool that offers great services for free. Really good little tool for non-experts like myself. Lots of useful features and all for free!


The program just does what it says.Every function works and they are quite useful. It defrags, it cleans junks, it repairs registry, it has a built-in program uninstaller, it has it's own file shredder, it could back up files, it speeds up your web-browsing too. This is a fine software for your slow computers to speed up.


This is well worth the download and it's easy to use.


I'd recommend anyone to try it, especially if you've had your computer for a while and never run any cleaning software on it.


"Optimizes your speed and performance.

It does exactly what it advertises.

And you can't beat the price. Because it's free."

George Bush

This suite of programs makes computer maintenance a breeze. One click clears up multiple problems and speeds up computer performance.


Runs in the background without hampering performance. I noticed an improvement after installing and running it


A good and fast clean-up program. Using it every time I leave the web has saved me from several virus attacks.


Great software and it free. Have used pay programs of same sort and they did not do a good job like it has. Thank you.


Before I ran this product, my computer would freeze a lot and I would have to restart. Also it would take a long time to open my programs. But it cleaned out all the the problems that keep my computer slow. Everything is straight and clear to follow


It checks my PC and find many junkfiles. I cannot believe that. Now my PC works better after remove the junckfiles.

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