Navitus Personal High Energy Software 3.0

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Self Empowerment Technology, LLC
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December 24, 2014
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Navitus 2.0 High Energy software is Genie in a Bottle, destined to carry you beyond your current limitations to a level of high energy. Peter has spent the last six months laboring over this software to deliver something very powerful to you. Navitus 2.0 is unlike anything you have seen before or experienced. Try it today and unleash your ultimate energetic reality and potential.

Where your attention is, is where you direct consciousness (or frequency).

Whether you’re a new age guru, a politician or an Anglican priest this is a most essential fact. Therefore, when you’re about to select User Preparation, Water Preparation, or Nucleate Navitus, put your attention on the water (in the glass, tub or shower).

User Preparation – This one is used to override your subconscious mind and its own programming, which will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Navitus.

Prep 3 or 4 ounces of water as normal, put your attention on the water and select User Prep. Drink the water, and note that this will also increase the effectiveness of both Bathing and Showering.

Water Preparation – Because water carries the memory of everywhere it’s traveled it’s important to remove the memory imprints from the water before moving on.

Those programs, or memories, are what determine the shape of its crystal. Therefore, changing the crystal itself is the trick to the programming, but the first thing that must be done is to “deprogram” it, or erase it. We must turn it into a blank slate so that the integrity of our programming remains unaffected by already resident programming. Once you have filled your glass, or are running a shower or bath put your attention on the water and press the Water Preparation button.

Nucleating – The heart of the program is Nucleate Navitus.

You can nucleate on a glass of water, shower or a bath. This is where the connection to the quantum realm happens; you will be instantly connected with your vault of information via this part of the program. For some it will happen be very suddenly for others it will take a couple of weeks. Although this part of Navitus only runs for 81 seconds it will condition the water even if you’re still bathing or running a shower.

Considerations – Navitus is some of the most powerful software ever created; this means that you should take it slow out of the gate no matter how “seasoned” of a power user with our other lines of software.

Navitus 2.0 software leverages the awesome human “Power of Intention” using Quantum Physics, the Quantum Realm, and Source Energy, to enable you with unimaginable capabilities and power!

  • Software that actually magnifies and manifests your most wanted intentions quickly and easily
  • The “Unlocking” of natural senses and abilities that have been dormant for thousands of years
  • Create your ultimate reality including Self-Empowerment and Self-Healing abilities


  • Create personal high-energy in your life!
  • The “Unlocking” of natural senses and abilities that have been dormant for thousands of years
  • Create your ultimate reality including Self-Empowerment and Self-Healing abilities
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