Free Webcam Capture 1.4.6

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
HugeFound, Inc.
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March 11, 2014
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Description from the Publisher

Capture video and audio from your live webcam streams to save to your computer & record any part of the screen, full screen or a window with advanced codec settings & filter effect options.

Free Webcam Capture is a powerful, professional and free webcam recorder program that can record webcam video and audio while chatting with your friends or in a conference call. Its cutting-edge technology allows you to record full screen, a window or a specific part of the screen. You can record the video chatting on Skype, MSN and any other software alike, then you can save them on your harddisk, send them to your friends or clients, or burn them to CD/DVD discs as second copies.

  • Capture webcam video while you are chatting;
  • Record any part of your screen;
  • Capture online streaming video that is undownloadable;
  • Customize recording region;
  • Choose video/audio codecs as needed;
  • Apply filter effects to your recording;
  • Add overlay like a logo or watermark on your recording
  • 100% SAFE, FREE, EASY & FAST, guaranteed

Free Webcam Capture - record live webcam video & audio to your hard disc.

Free Webcam Capture is able to synchronously capture audio during your video chatting. You can even record a video resume for your audition. It can also help you record the on-screen activities as video - making a tutorial is a lot easier. The filter effects provided can make the resultant video more attractive & valuable than a souvenir video. You can customize the recording region and select the video codecs needed. This free Webcam capture software requires nothing technical or beyond the common knowledge of a lay person while it is providing much guidance for increasing your efficiency.


Record Webcam Video

Free Webcam Capture is professional and free webcam recording software, which helps record live webcam video into video files to quickly create video messages so that you could replay them on your PC with Windows Media Player or other video players whenever you want. Just use Free Webcam Capture to capture webcam videos to share your experience, home concert, teach, study, etc. with relatives and friends no matter where they are.

Capture Your Screen

As a free screen video recorder and screen video capture tool, Free Webcam Capture is designed to capture screen video into video files in real time. You can record any part of the screen's activities and the cursor's movements. It is an ideal tool to make software demonstrations, develop videos for training and tutoring.

Record Any Region of the Screen

Some optional recording region modes are provided to record with full screen, part of the screen and even any window on the screen, such as Region stable - region from windows; Region stable - free hand mode; Region moving by mouse; Region stable - set values by user; Region stable - full screen. Just select one of the several standard and widescreen resolution presets, as well as the full screen mode or a particular area of the screen with the mouse or by setting the exact height and width values.

Record Video & Audio Simultaneously

Free Webcam Capture has the ability to record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously. You can record a voiceover using your system's microphone of your choice, or an audio file as a background track. With adjustable audio settings, you can change the input source, compression, bit rate, input volume and several other audio options. This feature is ideal for recording video conferences!

Advanced Video/Audio Codecs Settings

Free Webcam Capture enables you to capture video with the highest quality almost same as the source video as it provides you some advanced video and audio codecs setting. You can use the default presets or set the target Video Codecs, video frame rate and video bitrate as well as video output quality. For better sound effect, just adjust audio Bitrate & Channel and volume according to your demands. It can sync video and audio perfectly with virtual sound card.

Add Effects to Enhance Your Video

Video effects (brightness, contrast, darkness, saturation, color noise, posterize, mono noise, color adjust, etc.) are used to adjust or manipulate your webcam video recording. Each effect can be adjusted with drag-able slider. Moreover, the type of screen rotation, Grayscale drawing, Sepia drawing, Reverse colors are available to choose and the preview function helps preview the added effects to see whether they meet your demands or not. Once you adjust the color settings and effects of your video recording, the results can be seen instantly in the main window and captured when you hit record.

Add Overlay to Video Recording

Want to record a video and superimpose, or overlay an image on the video? Similar to how they put the score on the screen during a football game. Free Webcam Capture meets your demands. It lets you add overlay image like a logo, watermark and so forth to your video recording to copyright your video or make the recording more attractive. To make the Picture-in-Picture video/image a good looking, just add filter effects to overlay as wanted.

Set Recording Duration

Need to record a webinar, and don't want to stick around till the end? With Free Webcam Capture, it is convenient to set the recording duration (in hours, minutes and seconds) to perform unattended captures. When the time period has elapsed, the recording will be stopped and saved automatically.

Capture Skype & MSN Webcam Video

It is convenient and easy to have a "face-to-face" conversation over the Internet using webcams. Possessing the functions of recording Skype & MSN webcam video streams, Free Webcam Capture makes it easy to record not only Skype but also MSN webcam video and audio during your conversation. This free Skype recorder + MSN webcam recorder software will be a useful tool for you in many ways for example to record business conversations, interviews, or some other important chatting.

Record Live Streaming Videos

Free Webcam Capture has the ability to record live streaming videos with high quality for later viewing. Any live streaming videos like webinars, interactive guides, and videos can be recorded so that you can replay then at your convenience.

Capture Stunning Game to Share Your Triumphs

Specially designed for gamer, Free Webcam Capture helps capture games and saves as breathtaking videos. Gamers can get a perfect recording of your epic battle in "World of Warcraft" or your stunning victory in "League of Legends". Now, you can upload game video footage to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo and share your triumphs and your skills with your gaming mates. You can even use the videos to teach less-experienced gamers cool tricks you've discovered, or ask others for advice on how to improve your skills.

Capture Video for Teaching & Training

As lecture capture goes mainstream, a lot of teachers and trainers could easily use webcam video capture software to record a personal introduction, an overview of the course, distance and continuing education and online instruction, case studies, how-to articles, and scholarly reviews, etc. for teaching and training. With Free Webcam Capture, you can record all of these to teach anyone how to use or do anything and to share your knowledge online.

Record Screen Video to Drive Your Business

Want to show off the product features or create an animated set of screens that shows how to operate it to drive your business. Free Webcam Capture is a good tool for creating a video that promotes your product, makes an application familiar to an audience or a training video, etc. You can just record what you need to get your point across without gathering a lot of pointless information to make a video sales presentation to sell your company's service or product in an efficient way.

More Settings and Info

Free Webcam Capture makes you unexpected for its extra features. You can set recording region appearance as glowing rectangle or glowing corners. To leave the desktop free enough for recording, just minimize the webcam capture and restore it when the recording is completed. It is also possible to set the priority of the capture process as well as color mode. Different record types - No Compress, Compress on Fly, and Compress after Record - are available to choose.

Capture Screen Activities without Time Limitation

With Free Webcam Capture, you can record any activities displayed on your screen without time limitation. You can keep it working as long as you want but make sure that your hard disk is enough for storage.

Free, Safe & Easy to Use

100% free and safe, Free Webcam Capture helps record screen activities with high quality without any limitations, hidden costs, watermarks and so on. With stylish, intuitive and user-friendly UI, even the beginners who are not familiar with PC software can perform without any problems. When the webcam recorder program startup, it could automatically detect the webcams connected to your PC and show the webcam image instantly. With the tutorial instruction, just 3 clicks, you can experience the recording and enjoy your own digital video movies.

System requirements


  • Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor
  • At least 256 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free hard disk space
  • Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit colour
  • Internet Explorer 6


  • Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Minimum 200 MB free hard disk space (since space is also needed to download drivers)
  • Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)
  • Internet Explorer 7
Users reviews & testimonials

Last night I tried Free Webcam Capture and find it so simple. The quality of the playback is absolutely superb and no problems with audio synching. The impressive experience makes me giving this video capture a thumb up.

Chris Ryan

Works like a charm. Does everything I need from a screen recorder like recording area selection, cursor point include, recording audio, apply effect, etc. It makes video recording easy and fun. I\'ll keep use it

Adam T.
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