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August 1, 2014
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RecoveryFix PC Monitoring Software is the perfect monitoring software that monitors and records every PC activity of users in the specified network. It is an efficient, user-friendly, accessible and easy to use monitoring tool, which is capable of capturing every computer's activity within a network flawlessly. Computer activities such as chat conversations, emails, websites visited, web searches, programs run, emails sent, on screen typed keystrokes, file transferred and received and many more can be recorded with the help of RecoveryFix Computer Monitoring software with ease.

RecoveryFix Desktop Monitoring tool has the ability to record every action on employee's desktop and keep that for further viewing. It records the actions in real time. AVI format recordings can be viewed later with Windows Media Player. It works exactly like surveillance camera utility but RecoveryFix Computer Monitoring software does not let any user know that they are being tracked. It is the best monitoring software to keep an eye on internet usage and usual normal desktop activities. It works effectively in the background and is invisible.

RecoveryFix Computer Monitoring software can be installed manually or remotely to a network. Immediately after the installation, the tool can be started. The tool comes with two files, one need to be installed at Viewer's desktop and the other needs to be installed at the agent's desktop. Offline and Online recordings are created with this software tool. The software enables user to record offline as well, when he is not on his desk.

By far, this best result-oriented, focused PC monitoring tool facilitates the user to execute commands like lock PC, restart, shut down, start or remove screensaver/wallpaper, or send messages on the monitored computer from the viewer computer. The computers to be monitored should be connected via LAN and should be in the network.


Network Desktop Monitoring

Monitor every computer in network with the help of RecoveryfixAgentSetup installed to the computer(s). View every activity of the user desktop and track the work record.

Invisible Monitoring

Invisibly monitor every activity of your employees or children. The Recoveryfix PC Monitoring software works invisibly on the computers to which you have installed the RecoveryfixAgent for monitoring purposes. The user will only come to know As you install Recoveryfix Computer Monitor - desktop activity monitoring program.

Application Monitoring

View all the applications and software used by the user. View every feature of the application usage and the time span for which the application was used.

Internet Monitoring

View the visited websites, time duration of site visits, time devoted to personal website activities by the employees, stop the access to pornographic, online shopping, social community sites for increased work efficiency at work and secure environment at home.

Window Activity Tracking

With Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring tool, you can view and track every window activity of the user. Every folder accessed every new created file or folder, new installed software, un-installed software.

Works Like A Surveillance Camera to Monitor

Just like surveillance cameras which ensure complete security and discipline at sensitive places like Hotels, conference banquets, Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software also provides such high security where you can track, view step by step activities of your employees and children and put stop to any ongoing activity and secure your work place and home.

Real Time Monitoring / Centralized Monitoring

Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software allows you to monitor every computer in your network. You just need to install Recoveryfix Computer Monitor to your computer and RecoveryfixAgent to those computers which you want to monitor. Instant monitoring will start in real time and will provide high ended security at your place.

Capture and Record Screenshots

View and Capture

Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Tool displays every user desktop activities in real time and enables you to view and capture the displayed screens. Screens are captured of whatever is on the user desktop, capture and save the screenshots of the desktop activities and save them on your hard drive. View the saved screenshots in a slide show format or by creating a movie.

Create Instant Recordings

This feature helps you to instantly create recordings immediately amongst 50 or 100s of monitored computers. Instant recording will help you to create a recording with the immediate effect. Just select the Instant Recording option for any computer being monitored and Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software will start recording the desktop activities of the user. This act helps in the situations when any suspicious activity is going on the user computer and you need to capture the activity as a proof of evidence.

The recorded activities can be viewed in a slide show format or by creating a movie which can be viewed with the help of Windows Media Player.

Create Scheduled Recordings

The feature proves useful when you need to leave your desk for some urgent piece of work and do not want to miss a second of monitoring the user activities.

Easily define the schedule settings for recording; recording time on daily basis or hourly basis and the time duration for which the recording will be scheduled. Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Tool will start the recording on the set time and will save the recorded images at the defined location of your hard drive.

Useful for network administrators when they are away from their desk, useful during the lunch hours to see what your employees do over internet in their free time.

View the scheduled recordings in a movie format or in slide show way.

Create Slide Show

Save the captured screen shots and view them in a slide show format. This feature helps you when you are away from your desk and don't want to miss a second of monitoring the user. Schedule recording for saving and view it later on.

Create Movies

Convert saved scheduled recordings in movie format and view like a movie with Windows Media Player.

Send Notifications

Inform your employees about the PC monitoring process and experience increased work efficiency, increased devoted time to work, less visits to unauthorized websites, less of system idle process which results into high productivity and quality of work for your business.

Send Message to One Computer

Send messages to the monitored computers from your PC over the network. The notification text can be modified every time you need to send the message.

Send Message to All

With Recoveryfix Computer Monitor you can send messages to all the monitored computers in a network in one go. Type the message and send it to all the computers in your network.
Chats and Email Activities

Chat Conversations

View the employee chat conversations; what all topics are discussed by the employees with their peers, are they indulged in confidential information disclosure, do they use abusive language during working hour and every other conversation which you want to know, conversation of your children with their friends, strangers, what are they talking about, the topics they discuss, are they sharing their personal information etc..

Email Activities

In many companies' confidential data and documents get transferred through emails and create problems. Companies employ security checks by restricting the document size and document type to be sent through emails, but still one need to monitor what data is getting transferred through emails.

With computer monitoring software you can easily view the sent / received emails by the employees. Track the transfer of confidential documents through email attachments, work information disclosers, emails which consist of sensitive images and text.

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