EncryptStick 6.0.20W

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
ENC Security Systems Inc.
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December 20, 2012
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Get peace of mind in today's risky digital world.

Securely store and protect your important files and sensitive data; synchronize across your local and remote devices and back up on the fly;

The software is installed on your computer and a storage device, such as a flash drive, and runs from any Windows, Mac or Linux platform.   After inserting the flash drive, EncryptStick installs easily, and turns your computer and your flash drive into your own Digital Privacy Manager (DPM). Take your DPM with you and use it on any PC, Linux or Mac anywhere in the world.

What if you lose your USB flash drive? Our unique data recovery facility makes it easy to restore your backup files to a new EncryptStick-enabled device.  Plus, if anyone should find and try to use your lost flash drive, your private files are totally secure and inaccessible.

Secure Data Storage (Vaults)

A vault is an encrypted folder that EncryptStick software uses to store and protect your files and folders. With the program you can create as many vaults as you need for organizing your documents and data, and your encrypted vaults are only visible and accessible while the EncryptStick program is open and running.

Mounting and Displaying Vaults

When you create vaults, EncryptStick gives you two options for mounting and displaying them.

  1. EncryptStick can mount the vault by assigning it a drive letter; for example, if your flash drive is mounted as “Removable Drive F:”, a vault named "backup" may be identified as Backup (G:);
  2. The other option is to mount the vault as a Favourite, identified by a folder;

Whichever option you choose, you will have the advantage of direct access to the files and folders you have stored securely in your vaults.

If you are travelling and need to work at a guest computer, you can view and edit the documents in the vaults [eg. on your flash drive or external hard drive], by connecting your EncryptStick activated flash drive or external hard drive to the guest computer.

Synchronizing Vaults and Folders

Individual vaults can be linked to any folder(s) you have on your PC (by using Windows Explorer or File Explorer] or on your Mac [by using finder]. Once linked to any peer folder(s), the vault and folder(s) are synchronized on command.

Any selected folders or files on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC can be synced with vaults in any location, the program allows you to create as many vaults as you like.


100% protection for files on your PC, Mac, flash drive, etc..

Our vault storage and file encryption facilities secure your digital files anywhere and add an impregnable layer of security to most Cloud-based storage facilities: Drop Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Cloud, etc;

No security worries when carrying your files around

Get military grade AES encryption, and the extra security you need for true portability; never have to worry about loss of files, or finding your photos, videos or personal files posted on the web;

Always have the latest version of your files to work with

Intelligently synchronize your files across your devices so you always know you have the latest versions available to work with;

Previous versions of files are kept available

You can have up to 5 previous versions of data files and document?s readily available for reference, in case of mishap or emergency;

Automated backup facility

With our integrated, automated backup feature, you can avoid the headaches and expense that come with accidental loss of files;

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