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November 19, 2014
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The most advanced Cisco Security Software in its domain which conducts security assessments and security auditing on Cisco firewalls, routers, and switches. This is accompanied with the most up-to-date Cisco auditing tools; it also helps in achieving network security regulatory compliance.

Secure Bytes provides Secure Cisco Auditor, state of the art Next Generation network security auditing software for Cisco firewalls, routers and switches along with different router audit tools and Cisco security Software. Secure Cisco Auditor™ (SCA) is the most advanced user friendly Cisco security auditing software in its domain. Cisco security audit tools are specially designed for network devices such as the Cisco ASA firewall, PIX firewall, routers and switches, as they are normally placed at the entrance and backbone of a company. If Cisco ASA firewall, PIX firewall, router or switch is compromised then most probably the entire network goes down with it. Security risks associated with Cisco ASA firewall, PIX firewall, routers and switches can be avoided by using this Cisco security auditing software.

Operator can scan single or multiple Cisco devices while sitting at one console and checks issues like Weak Passwords, SNMP Weaknesses, Access Controls, IOS based Vulnerabilities, Authentication Mechanisms, Http based Vulnerabilities, Mis-Configuration, potential vulnerabilities leading to DDOS attacks and identifies services which could be vulnerable and can cause serious security threat to the Organization's Information Technology Infrastructure.

For supporting the operator in coping up with this massive task of Cisco security, Secure Cisco Auditor™ is bundled with free embedded Cisco security assessment software and Cisco security auditing tools like:

  • Cisco Configuration Manager
  • Cisco Type7 Password Decryptor
  • Cisco MD5 Password Auditor
  • Cisco Firewall Password Auditor
  • IP Calculator
  • Cisco SNMP Brute Force Tester
  • Cisco VPN Password Auditor
  • Cisco Switch Port Mapper
  • Cisco Configuration Backup Tool
  • Traceroute
  • Port Scanner
  • SNMP Browser
  • SNMP Scanner
  • Whois
  • DNS Auditor
  • MAC Detector
  • DNS Lookup
  • HTTP Brute Force Tester
  • SSH Brute Force Tester

Which helps the operator in managing and simulating different types of attacks to know whether firewall, router or switch can withstand an attempt of breach or not.



  • Standardization: Helps an organization in achieving compliance with international industry security standards and best practices.
  • Auditing: Performs audit in five easy steps with the GUI based easy to use Cisco Security Auditing Software.
  • Centralization: Allows an auditor to perform audit from a centralized location without using any agent.
  • Speed: Conducts audits and provides accurate information within minutes.
  • Adaptability: Can be used in all organizations of every size from the smallest to those having thousand of Cisco Devices.
  • Asset Identification: Provides fast and accurate identification of assets.
  • Customization: Allows an auditor to choose different predefined audit policies and customized policies according to the specific needs of an organization.
  • Enhanced Security: Improves network security and ensures accountability by thoroughly analyzing the data and identifying the risks.
  • Risk reduction: Helps organizations in reducing risks like fraud and abuse by providing detailed solutions of the identified vulnerabilities.
  • Updates: Provides frequent updates about new vulnerabilities along with their solutions.
  • Report generation: Generates different comprehensive and informative reports after rediscovering network and performing audit.
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