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July 2, 2014
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ASN Active Directory Inactive Account is a simple tool that helps the Active Directory Administrators to organize all the inactive and inaccessible resources including users and computers and provides the option to make decision on the inactive resources whether to cleanup or re-activate. Also, it provides the simple centralized user interface to manage the inactive resources (users and computers) across different domains.

Tracking inactive users and computers and clean

It is the main job for the Active Directory Administrators to disable/delete the accounts that are not logged on for more than a particular period to improve the security of the organization. The inactive users may be left the organization long ago and may be a threaten to the security of organization since the account is still accessible.
Inactive Account Tracker helps the Administrators to eaily find the inactive users by querying all the Domain Controllers and provides the actions such as Disable, Delete, Move and Reset password on the inactive user accounts.

Tracking inaccessible users and computers and make accessible

ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker helps the Administrators to find all the users and computers that are currently not able to access the Active Directory resources. Administrators can easily track the inactive accounts such as locked users, disabled users, account expired users, password expired users, deleted users, disabled computers using the simple user interface and can make actions such as unlock, enable, reset password, extend the account expire date on the selected bulk records.

  • The users who are not logged on to the domain are tracked as inactive users. He/she can access and harm the organization network at any time. Inactive users can be exactly tracked by checking all the domain controllers. And the tracked users can be disabled or deleted.
  • It is possible that, the active users can be inaccessible due certain conditions such as account locked, account disabled, password expired and account expired.
  • The inaccessible users such as disabled users, locked users, password expired users, account expired users can be tracked effectively and re-activated immediately using the options password reset, unlock account, enable account and extend account expiration period.
  • Accidentally deleted users can be tracked and can be restored.
  • With inactive and inaccessible users tracking, also the users whose password or account going to be expired in next few can be tracked.

Tracking password/account going to expire users and alert

Also ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker lets the Administrators to easily track the users whose password/account going to expire in next few days. And the users can be alerted about their password/account expiration using the "Send mail" option. ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker provides the option to extend the account expiration date.

Tracking deleted users and computers and restore

It is the complex for the Active Directory Administrators to find and restore the accidentally deleted accounts from a particular container and particular duration. ASN AD Inactive Account Tracker helps the Administrators to easily find and restore the accidentally deleted accounts using more advanced options.

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