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May 6, 2014
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Discover the functionality of Store Manager for Zen Cart- an exclusive tool for managing your Zen Cart store much effectively. With this easy to understand software you get a great ability to manage categorises, products, manufacturers, customers, orders, etc.

This comprehensive all-in-one solution saves you up 2 hours per day by automating and simplyfying your daily operation. Experience the benefits of additional addons for Store Manager with Zen Cart Shipping Integration, Zen Cart eBay Export, Zen Cart QuickBooks, Zen Cart Mass Product Changer.

Key Features

Product Management

If you run e-commerce business, in order to be successful and in demand among your customers, you have to update your site regularly by keeping an eye on the availability of your existing products, updating your product information with descriptions and other information as well as bringing something new. It is the basis of efficient product management.

This section contains articles that cover the following aspects of smart Zen Cart product management:

  • Zen Cart Product Editing
  • ZenCart – Product Attributes Management
  • Zen Cart Products with Attributes Stock
  • Zen Cart Product Options & Values
  • Zen Cart Products Search
  • Zen Cart – Import Products Wizard
  • Zen Cart Export Products Wizard
  • Upload Images with Store Manager for Zen Cart
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Featured Products
  • Special Products
  • ZenCart Cross-sell Products
  • Zen Cart Product Types

Store Manager for ZenCart makes Zen Cart product management very simple. You have all necessary tools for adding products and you have no limits of their number, number of their categories and subcategories.

Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to specify products names, add new products, add new product images, remove unwanted ones and adjust the products Attributes. You can preview and manage your all products' information at the Products section, change images at Product images section and cope with selected product attributes at the Product attributes section.

Category Management

Comfortable for your customers and visitors category tree makes your Store user-friendly and tilts the balance to the advantage of your products.

In this section you will find the following articles on effective categories management:

  • Zen Cart – Add Category, Edit Category, Delete Category
  • Zen Cart – Edit Category
  • Zen Cart – Import Categories
  • Zen Cart Export Categories Wizard

Store Manager for Zen Cart allows you to specify, modify or remove categories and adjust all structure to meet your needs in convenient Zen Cart category management. You can browse your category tree as easy as you browse your folders. You can manage your category tree using simple drag-and-drop technology. It requires few clicks only to make changes and will simplify this time-consuming but so important operation.

Order Management

Store Manager for Zen Cart provides the total Zen Cart order management, order export, order import, and order solution for your business. You get - detailed Zen Cart orders managing, orders' sorting using various filters, Order status types managing, importing and exporting orders, maintaining order products, calculating discounts, shipping and payment methods. It goes without saying that you can print order details, invoices, packing slip - and everything in high gear.

  • Zen Cart Basic Operations (Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Zen Cart Edit Order
  • ZenCart Manage Order Details
  • ZenCart Order Calculation
  • Zen Cart Order Status
  • Zen Cart Invoices, Order Details, Packing Slip Reports
  • Import Orders Wizard
  • Export Orders Wizard

Zen Cart Orders management with Store Manager for Zen Cart is very simple.

Orders Section displays all necessary information in general view. You can set filters and preview particular orders with the help of the filter by "Period" or filter by "Products" Sections, but don't forget to Apply filters to see the result. Also you have "Manage orders Products" and "Order statuses" sections that give you all necessary order calculations and status comments.

Customers Management

This section of Store Manager allows you to manage Zen Cart customers: view customer information, add new customers or remove unwanted ones.

  • Customer Orders
  • Edit Customer
  • Export Customers Wizard
  • Import Customers Wizard
  • Basic Operations (Add, Edit, Delete)

Customers Management with Store Manager for Zen Cart is very simple.

Zen Cart Customers Section displays all your customers information. You can set filters and preview particular customers with the help of the filter by "Period" or filter by "Products" Sections, but don't forget to Apply filters to see the result.

Also you have "Customer info" and "Customer's orders" sections that gives you all necessary information about your customers and their purchases.

Import/Export Wizard

  • Export products, categories, manufactures, suppliers, customers into Excel/HTML
  • Import products, categories into your Zen Cart store


It's important to stay up to date with the overall performance of the business. In Zen Cart reports section allows a store owner to view information about customers' behavior on the website.

The following articles describe how to work with different kinds of reports:

  • Zen Cart General Reports
  • Zen Cart Additional Reports
  • Zen Cart Custom Reports
  • Zen Cart Reports Over Time

All reports in Store Manager for Zen Cart can be customized, you can change report layout, insert pictures (logos), add and remove fields etc.

Every report consists of two major parts:

  • Report template
  • Report queries

Report templates stored in .fr3 files they contain report layout information. Report queries stored in .sql files, they contain SQL queries to retrieve data required for report.

You can find report files under "Application Data" directory shortcut:

Start -> All Programs -> MagneticOne -> Store Manager for ... -> Application Data.

By default Store Manager "Application Data" directory looks like this:

Report section helps by automatically calculating hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data for your store.

Four types of reports are available in Store Manager:

  • General Reports,
  • Additional Reports,
  • Custom Reports and
  • Reports Over Time.

These two types are almost identical, the only difference is that custom reports can be modified within Store Manager, you can add new custom reports or remove existing, whereas default Zen Cart reports should be modified with external program called Report Tool (rptviewer). You can find Report tool in application program group along with other program shortcuts:

To edit one of report templates run Report Tool and open appropriate file.

Default report templates are stored in Start -> All Programs -> MagneticOne -> Store Manager for ... -> Application Data -> Reports, English sub-directory in .fr3 files.

Remember that every report besides of its template needs some data to be displayed. To customize data for a report you have to modify its .sql files. SQL files are stored in Reports\SQL sub-folder.

By each report name you can identify its purpose and information it contains. Comparing reports' data allows you to see if you need to make any changes in pricing or description. For some reports you need to specify the report dates before the report is generated.

Once you open the report, the following options are available: print, save, see the report outline, thumbnails, choose page settings and edit page (report). There are also numerous export options available. You can save current report as an image file, PDF file or a table and open it later using some application. This can be a big help when it comes time to fill out your tax report, since you can import it directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

Locations & Taxes

This section is broken into a few Tabs. Each of them is a table with a standard set of management tools that allows you to add, edit or delete data. The consecution of these tabs was based on logical steps to reach the goal of creating the proper Taxation at your store.
Countries Tab lists the Countries, their ISO codes and  the Address standard used in this country. Then you can go to the Zones tab to break some countries into zones if needed.
Tax Zones can include multiple countries and/or country zones. In Tax Rates tab you can specify the tax rates for some Tax Zone and Tax Class combination. Please note that Tax Zone and Tax Class can only be selected from currently available ones.


In this section you can find a table that lists all currencies that are used in your store.  Here you can select Default Currency and specify the reference (price modification) rate.
Store manager allows you to update the rates automatically, using European Central Bank data. Its reference rates are based on the regular daily concertation procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks. These rates are available through Exchange Reference Rates tab of the Currencies section.

Users reviews & testimonials

We use Store Manager for Zen Cart to help manage our clients two web sites with over 6000 products in each. It is by far the quickest method for uploading new and maintaining existing products.

We also provided the product direct to our clients so they could manage the day to day administration of the sites themselves. This proved to be much easier for them rather than use the traditional Zen Cart back end.

Ben Fenwick

My name is Thomas Ojo, I am a web developer from Ireland. When I was looking for solution that will help me in moving products from my supplies website, I search on Google and came across MagneticOne – Zen Cart Manager, since I bought the software, I am always wanted to work with it. it was a wonderful product, well thought by the MagneticOne team.

Buying a product is one thing, support is another thing, not only the product the support team are just wonderful. They made life easier for me in executing my project.

I will definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Thomas Ojo

I did tons of question and Maria answer all of them having full knowledge of the products. Excellent software your company is offering to people like me, that they are using Zencart. I have more than 65.000 items in my website and the Store Manager resolve everything extremely fast.

Rafael Jarauta

This is a easy way to edit all the products on you website. Also the ability to update the amount and price changes is especially helpful. The third thing about this software is the ability to set a limit and make so the product will only show up with no way to buy when you are out of that product.

Richard McCormick

MagneticOne Store Manager for Zen Cart works as advertised! I really love it when products do what they say they will do, and this one goes way beyond! If you have a Zen Cart store with more than a handful of products (we have over 50,000 SKUs) you have to get this software. It is more than worth the price.

I purchased Store Manager to assist me with a major upgrade of the website. It has saved me untold hours in all the changes I made. I would highly recommend this program to any shop owner. I have also had excellent experience with the Magnetic One staff in answering any questions I had in a very timely and professional manner.

Lowell Keene
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