RegRun Security Suite Platinum

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98
Greatis Software
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27.46 Mb
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July 4, 2014
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RegRun Secuirity Suite is an excellent tool kit for protecting your computer against viruses, Trojans, spyware, or Adware parasites. RegRun Suite uses the very latest anti-malware detection technology. Fight the bad guys by using the most powerful weapon!

Malicious software or Malware may be harmful to your computer and may spread from one computer to another without user's knowledge. The constant improvement of broadband and other means of Internet connection have also made these harmful softwares more powerful. For this reason, computers should be armed with RegRun Suite.

RegRun Suite prevents these viruses from auto-starting with Windows, so that your anti-virus program cannot be disabled. This allows you to clean your computer with your antivirus program to remove the viruses and their associated files and registry records.

RegRun Suiteperforms three main tasks:

  • Makes backups of the registry and important files. Restores a computer even if it does not boot.
  • Detects viruses in your computer.
  • Removes viruses from your computer.


  • Partizan
    Detects rookits during Windows boot-up process. Removes hidden kernel rookits!
  • UnHackMe
    Invisible Trojan's - Rootkits Killer. Provides an unusually friendly interface to those users, who can easily and quickly provide detailed information, suspend, resume, alter, or delete any of the programs within the Windows startup.
  • BootLog XP
    Boot Log XP is the best Windows boot analyzer.
  • Start Control
    Provides an unusually friendly interface to users, who can easily and quickly provide detailed information about, suspend, resume, alter, or delete any of the programs within the Windows startup.
  • Registry Guard
    Protects Windows startup registry keys from changing.
  • Startup Optimizer
    Startup Optimizer allows the removal of useless and dangerous applications from Windows startup with one click.
  • Advanced Startup Optimizer (Windows Core Components)
    Advanced Startup Optimizer allows to remove useless and dangerous applications from Active Setup items, Browser Helper Objects, Shell Loggers DLLs, Static VxD (Windows 9X/Me only).
  • Secure Start
    Analyzes the Windows registry, initialization files and .VXD. And warns the user of the changes occurred. Secure Start is activated BEFORE Windows startup - in both W9x and W2K/WXP. It allows you to reverse any modifications, additions or deletions.
  • Network Connections Monitor
    Monitors ports and applications that allow access to the Internet.
  • Clean Boot
    “Clean Boot” allows the user to boot Windows without unnecessary or problematic programs and processes. This is a quick and handy alternative to Windows "Safe Mode".
  • Watch Dog
    Provides a silent monitoring of the startup programs during the Windows working session. Watch Dog will pop up to inform you of any changes in these areas. It allows you to reverse any modifications, additions or deletions.
  • System Files Protection
    System Files Protection is an extremely useful function serving to protect the computer from viruses, trojans and malfunctioning programs. It checks system files for adulteration and offers option to restore them if necessary. You have the option of attaching additional files for its protection.
  • Infection Detector
    This is not signature scanning, but rather "infection scanning". During a session, it opens and monitors a number of "bait" program and macro files which are vulnerable to infection by any active virus. If any of these files change, it will advise you.
  • Application Database
    Includes descriptions of always-used programs as well as malware. Watch Dog monitors applications as they start and compares them with the database looking for dangerous programs. Users may contact Greatis Software for any information about unknown programs. They can also add their own programs.
  • Antivirus Coordinator
    Coordinator detects well-known antivirus programs (it can be customized to incorporate lesser-known AV programs) and uses this information to quickly check the startup files and folders, if necessary.
  • Process Manager
    Allows you to analyze and control all of the processes and modules on your computer.
  • System Files Editor
    Looks like a Microsoft's SysEdit but it is handier and allows you to quickly and easily open your file subset.
  • Launch Soon
    Allows a delayed launch of your programs. This is particularly useful for smaller systems that run many programs simultaneously at the boot up.
  • Used Files
    Shows all the files that are open on your computer.
  • File Extension Manager
    Helps to manage Windows file extensions.
  • Registry Assistant
    Includes a registry search and replace, tips and tricks collection, registry shortcuts, useful links and utilities. It includes a full, 32-bit application that allows fast, multi-threaded searches of the Registry; a very useful tool for those who are accustomed to work with the Windows programs.
  • Registry Tracer
    Registry Tracer monitors selected registry keys and informs of changes. It allows you to reverse any modifications, additions or deletions.
  • Run Job
    Advanced batch manager. Allows you to launch several programs simultaneously, delayed, or by "chain" - a series of jobs; each waiting for completion of a previous program.
  • Recovering WinSock2
    It allows to remove Adware from Winsock2 key in the Windows registry.
  • Substitution Detector
    It is a feature added to Trojans searching module. It fights against Trojans and viruses that have the same names with system files but locate in different places.
  • Rescue
    Backups the registry and system files and allows the user to restore them quickly and easily.
  • RunGuard
    Analyzes script files (VBS, JS), Microsoft Office files, registry files or HTML files before their execution. It warns you of suspicious or dangerous scripts, and offers the option of preventing execution. Unlike most of "script blocker" tools RunGuard works at the system level - assuring that it works even if the script has been initiated by a false extension, or is hidden within an email or a web page.
  • Trojan Analyser
    Monitors applications for suspicious be-havior, including registry and file activity, and reports if any questionable action is detected.
  • WinCleaner
    Clears Internet cache, temporary files and other files assigned by teh user.
  • Bootlog Analyser
    Bootlog Analyser allows to troubleshoot Windows startup and shutdown using a generated by Windows startup log file (bootlog.txt).
  • Startup Analyser
    Startup Analyser allows to unhide the Windows startup process. It is the must have tool for troubleshoot strange problems at startup.
  • Registry Compressor
    It can decrease the size of your registry and memory by removing deleted records from registry files.
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