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Audials AG
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December 3, 2013
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Record Targeted MP3 Files. Enjoy All Radios, Music & Podcasts anywhere

Get Hits, Albums or the entire Discography of your Stars

Just click the album to get all the albums by your favorite stars. With just a single click, Audials Radiotracker rounds up all the tracks from a specific album. You can also select individual titles to record. Just choose a song, artist or album and click to get started. In no time flat, Audials fulfills all of your music wishes with ID3-tags, album artwork and lyrics and stuffs your hard drive full of music!

Music Shop Quality - what else?!

Online shops for music downloads generally offer tracks as WMA or MP3 files with a quality of 192 or 256 kbit/s. Internet radio stations broadcast at up to 320 kbit/s. You will therefore get excellent MP3 tracks at the same or better quality than in a music shop, and yet you pay nothing!

Diamond Radio Stations only with Audials Radiotracker!

The combination of the music wishes feature with limitation to music wishes from radio stations with diamond ratings is especially useful for users that only settle for high-quality recordings. Users that give Audials the necessary time to perform this function are rewarded with the highest possible recording quality.

All the Charts and new Ideas straight to your Hard Drive

Stay up to date with the current charts each and every month with the Audials Notifier. Import additional musical inspiration from the community with wishlists from other users to give yourself new music and keep your collection up-to-date.

Audials Radiotracker has the largest Database with Radio stations!

In addition to 90.000 of the most important radio stations, Audials Radiotracker also offers the best local radio stations for you! Browse the Web Radio database by country of origin or local radio stations or choose from one of 120 genres. Alternatively you can browse for your favorite radio station by entering in your favorite artist.

All Information about the Radio Station at a Glance!

You find all important information about all radio streams, podcasts and most played artists for the best radio stations on one page. The overview helps you to find radios with similar music. With the radio playlist you can retro-record all played hits!

The best Player for Internet Radio Stations!

Audials Radiotracker delivers live info about the station you want to listen to, before you play it! Flip through all your favorite online radio stations with just a click. Use the Top-hits feature to change directly to a radio station currently playing a top hit. The Radio-history feature lets you save your favorite tracks from Radios after the song has stopped playing.

Record Tons of Music from your favorite Music Genre

Automatically record any of your favorite songs from as many radios as you wish and save those tracks as individual songs. Songs are perfectly recorded to the second as MP3, WMA or AAC files from radio streams, complete with ID3-tags, album artwork and images and song lyrics. Increase the convenience with mass recordings by genre. Simply select your preferred genre and Audials Radiotracker automatically records all the songs you want from the best radio stations available until your specified limit has been reached.



  • Make individual song recordings (MP3, WMA, AAC) from any Internet radio station
  • The world's largest database containing over 90.000 Internet radio stations
  • Optimized navigation with page tabs to display by genre or country
  • Display and filter by editing quality, bitrate, stream type
  • Live radio player that displays the album cover of song currently played
  • High-powered instant search function for radio stations by genre, country, commonly played artists and/or stream quality
  • Top artists by genre deliver matching radio stations
  • Make automatic and parallel mass recordings of numerous stations by genre, country, artist
  • Recordings edited to the millisecond via PerfectRadio, fingerprint-based editing of individual songs
  • Display stations not requiring post-editing after recording (diamond stations)
  • Detailed adjustable quality: only those songs that fulfill your specifications for editing accuracy, bitrate, etc. are saved
  • Timer for time-controlled radio recordings
  • Job-Function: assign track count and data quantity
  • Automatically add ID3 tags and album artwork to radio recordings via Internet meta searches
  • Automatically add song lyrics via Internet meta searches
  • Create as many favorite lists as you want
  • Automatic synchronization of favorites on all user PCs
  • Pin various radio views to navigate quickly to your favorites
  • Song history: subsequently saves all music previously listened to
  • Normalize the volume of all radio recordings to a uniform level
  • Fading features can be set to the ends of the recording
  • High-performance editing enables fine-tuning of radio recordings
  • Add your own radio stations
  • Automatic categorization of recordings by genre
  • Audials Apps: synchronize all your favorite media to use on smartphones/tablets

Music wishes

  • Monitor thousands of radio stations simultaneously according to desired music
  • Simultaneously run a parallel meta search of all the major online portals
  • Automatically record a radio station from around the world, whenever it plays your desired music
  • Automatically records one of the supported music or video portals, if it contains your desired music
  • Recordings from radio stations with perfect recording quality (no post-editing necessary) available
  • Wishlists completed as audio files, music videos, or both
  • Bolster search database with plugins from the plugin-community
  • Comprehensive music database helps you define your music wishlist
  • Wishlists may contain complete albums
  • Wishlists may contain several artists; the best-quality songs by each artist are recorded
  • Wishlists may contain sampler albums; all songs are recorded
  • Use wishlists from the wishlist-community
  • Generate wishlists by genre
  • Automatically generated suggestions simplify creating wishlists
  • Use as many wishlists as you want


  • Comprehensive database with more than 120,000 international podcasts
  • Watch or listen to episodes immediately via streams
  • TV shows, informational, music - more than 25 popular categories
  • Find and sort by language, name and popularity
  • Download all episodes with a click, and automatically convert into the desired format
  • Subscribe: monitor new episodes and download automatically
  • High-powered search by title, episode, topic, comments
  • MUSIC TV – Receive and watch video and shows
  • Contains all major music TV stations, with a selection of top channels
  • Live player enables simple, quick channel surfing
  • Adjust picture to any size or use full screen mode
  • Clearly arranged with station logo, country info and music genre
  • Add customized streams as a station at any time
  • Automatically update database with new stations

Media center

  • Convenient player with playlist management functions and graphic cover display
  • Music Universe enables visual browsing of similar artists in your own collection
  • Various displays available according to artist, genre, etc.
  • Easy to use for beginners, expert displays available with configured information columns
  • Automatic reloading and display of artist photos
  • High-power search of entire medial collection
  • Playlists for similar artists and genres generated automatically
  • Supports YouTube, etc., links and videos in playlists
  • 2High-performance dual-device display enables flexible transfer from and to a wide-variety of devices and file locations
  • Optimized for Android-Smartphones & Tablets, Apple iPhone™ & iPad™
  • Preconfigured for all major clouds: upload, download, sync and use in playlists
  • Copying in the background, status bar for devices
  • Audials Anywhere enables remote access to media collection, use PC as private media cloud
  • Automatic Internet searches for missing ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics
  • High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
  • Flexible rule-based re-sorting of file names / folders available for entire music collection
  • Ringtone editor: create ringtones conveniently. Wireless uploading to cell and smartphones available
  • Audio Editor enables post-editing of music files
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