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November 20, 2014
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The PerfectBrain program is a complex trainer of speed reading, memory, attention and intelligence. Capabilities:

  • 100 exercises for developing your brain in game form, they supplement speed reading training.
  • Multi-level system of training in the exercises.
  • Coach for achieving goals of abilities development.
  • Smart system of collecting and analysis of trainings statistics.
  • Results of the exercise performance in table and graph form.
  • Your best achievements will appear on the site of the program and will be able to compare them with the results of other users.
  • Ability to keep data in the "cloud storage", and many more things to provide comfortable and effective work with the trainer.

You will see your first results after only couple days of intensive trainings!


  • Speed reading training by rhythmic page turning method:
    • With autoadjustment of reading speed
    • With deviation of reading speed
    • With deviation and average acceleration of reading speed
    • With deviation and equal acceleration of reading speed
    • With acceleration of reading speed
  • Over 100 training exercises:
    • Memory
    • Attention
    • Logic thinking
    • Arithmetic abilities
    • Intuition
    • Widening angle of view
    • Decrease of articulation
    • Ability to sort our key information
  • 7 levels of speed reading trainings. Valuation of level completion according to the 5 parameters:
    • Field of vision size
    • Reading speed
    • Duration of uninterrupted reading
    • Reading rhythmicity
    • Number of regressions
  • 7 levels of intelligence training. Valuation of level completion according to the 7 parameters:
    • Field of vision size
    • Decision making speed
    • Performance rhythmicity
    • Number of figures analyzed
    • Completion percentage in the exercise
    • Number of mistakes
    • Exercise difficulty coefficient
  • Graphic statistics in form of 45 graphs and 60 parameters for each text and each exercise in Professional version
  • Statistics in form of table with 9 parameters for each text and 12 parameters for each exercise in the Standard version
  • Intellectual system of statistics collection during the reading:
    • Control of training beginning
    • Control of regressions
    • Control of new achieved level
    • Control of maximum page turning speed within current level
    • Control of minimum page turning speed within current level
    • Control of reading pause
  • Smart system of collecting statistics during exercise performance:
    • Control of training beginning
    • Control of mistakes
    • Control of training completion
    • Control of new achieved level
    • Control of minimum decision making speed
    • Control of pause in decision making
  • Personal coach for achievement of chosen goals  
  • Setting importance and necessary completion percentage for chosen goals
  • Ability to set time limit for daily trainings
  • Daily design of optimal list and duration of trainings
  • Advanced hint system
  • Adjustable intensity of speed reading trainings
  • Generalization of trainings results
  • Forecast of time remaining for training before control testing
  • Periodic control and detailed report of achievement of chosen goals
  • Generalized diagram of achievement growth
  • Text fitted in the field of vision for achievement of maximum reading rhythmicity
  • Two animated and five static points of concentration with possibility to turn it off
  • Text reading in the automatic page turning mode with setting of the parameters:
    • Reading speed
    • Reading rhythmicity
    • Font size
    • Field of vision size
    • Autoadjustment of reading speed
    • Colour scheme of text and background
    • Reading timer
  • Two variants of working field:
    • Rectangular – habitual
    • Oval – reflecting natural area of human field of view
  • Twenty different types of working field colouring with possibility to make changes manually. You can change:
    • Background colour
    • Background font
    • Frame colour of the field of vision
  • Wide range of control features to control the working field:
    • Scaling text fonts and exercise figures
    • Change of main window size and scaling field of view
    • Full-screen and full-window working modes
  • Unified control system
  • Simple easy-to-understand unified interface
  • Possibility to save settings and
  • Supports up to 5 users
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