VB.Net to C# Converter 5.07

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August 31, 2014
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Are you ready to convert your VB code to C#?

VB.Net to C# Converter is a conversion program that will rewrite your VB.Net project in C#.

VBConversions' VB.Net to C# Converter is a state of the art conversion program which rewrites your VB.Net project in C#. Unlike other conversion programs, variable names, comments, and inline comments are preserved, and code conversion accuracy is over 99%.

The VB.Net to C# Converter even converts some of the most difficult features other programs don't even attempt, such as ReDim statements, parameterized properties, local shared variables, On Error Goto's, event handling, complex Case statements, API calls, and more

Other conversion programs either reverse engineer assemblies, producing unreadable assembly like code in C#, or else attempt a source code to source code conversion which isn't very accurate.

VBConversions' VB.Net to C# Converter is a source code to source code converter. Your code maintains its original readability and flavor (including line and inline comments), Reliability is very good, over 99% accuracy in most tests.


  • Support for the latest Visual Studio features - The latest VB.Net / C# features are supported, including Await/Async, Implicit Line Continuation, Multiline Lambdas, Nullable Optional Parameters, LINQ, XML, WPF, Lambda expressions, and extension methods.
  • Support for All Project Types - Win Forms, Web, Class Library, Compact Framework, Console, etc.
  • High Accuracy - This release was stress tested on thousands of sample programs. Tested were hundreds of Microsoft sample projects (Visual Studio SDK samples, DirectX SDK projects, Windows 7 SDK samples, etc.), in house and customer projects, third party control samples (Infragistics, ComponentOne, Telerik, etc.), and open source projects from SourceForge and CodePlex.
  • Ease of Use - While the conversion logic itself is complex, using the converter isn't.  You are guided through each step of the process with easy, clear instructions.
  • Customization - Not every project is the same.  With dozens of conversion options to choose from, you are in control of the conversion process.
  • Convert Single Projects or Groups of Projects - You can create lists of programs and convert them with one click.  There's also a command line version included.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - There are reports showing potential trouble spots in your code, interesting things which happened during the conversion process, and any C# compiler errors which need to be fixed.
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