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Windows 7/Vista/XP
Rocket Software
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May 8, 2014
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An Offer You Can't Refuse. A Solution You Won't Replace.

Terminal Emulation Replacement-- Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation Suite is the solution you need if you are looking to replace your aging, expensive, current Terminal Emulation solution. Our software is a secure, slim, powerhouse of a solution built for the IBM Mainframe (TN3270), i Series (TN5250), UNIX/DEC (VT), Unisys (T27 & UTS) and secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems.

Could Migration be any Easier?

We know your applications are mission-critical and that downtime and risk are not options. We've got more than 20 years of experience and are experts at converting incumbent technology without interrupting business operations. If you already have a first-generation emulator installed, the conversion process is smooth and risk-free. We offer features such as script conversion and a comprehensive menu of professional services to help you manage the transition. We can even match any look, feel, and features of your previous emulator (if you want).

Packs a Punch

Unlike most browser emulators, Rocket BlueZone supports all the features and functions you find in desktop emulators. You get the best of both worlds—complete display and printing capabilities combined with Web access, fast response times, a small footprint, and easy installation and updates. Whether you need Web or desktop emulation, BlueZone supports all of the key display and printer features that your existing applications use—for example, IBM Graphical Data Display Manager (GDDM), 62 x 160 screen size, multiple sessions, and function key mapping.

Safe and Secure

Right out of the box, our terminal emulator gives you the highest levels of security and code integrity with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0), the Internet protocol standard for ensuring privacy, message integrity, and authentication. Plus, it includes BlueZone Secure FTP, which provides SSL connectivity to any SSL-capable FTP server, including iSeries, z/OS, and z/VM. And if you haven't upgraded your host operating system to support SSL, just add the optional BlueZone Security Server to handle the host side.  This will let you take advantage of SSL encryption for file transfer, display, and printer emulation without requiring an upgrade! We simply offer SSL access this easily and economically.

Super Flexible

A single terminal emulation license gives you support for 3270, 5250, VT 52/100/220/320/420, ANSI, SCO-ANSI, WYSE 60, HP character and block mode, and secure FTP connectivity. Each user can make any number of desired connections. You don't have to purchase separate, additional products to support multiple protocols. Because BlueZone supports both Web and desktop, you don't have to buy separate licenses—simply take your pick and change your mind at any time! And as your users' needs change over time, you can have a smooth and transparent transition between Web and desktop emulation at no additional cost.

Tiny footprint

Full functionality, yet oh so thin! With BlueZone's extraordinarily small footprint, the browser-based emulation download can be as little as 2.5 MB and our desktop installation is just over 10 MB for the typical configuration. We don't carry the "baggage" of first-generation emulators, so install time and storage requirements are minimal.

Go Speed Racer, Go

Did we mention speed? No other emulator downloads faster or more easily than Rocket BlueZone! Users can be up and running within minutes. In addition, BlueZone launches rapidly and provides better response times than other emulators.

Easy Money

In addition to dramatically lowering your total cost of ownership through savings from our flexible, all-inclusive licensing, our centralized distribution features mean you'll eliminate network administration and support overhead. We offer concurrent or per-seat licensing as well as lower license and maintenance fees than other first-generation emulators. In addition, all upgrades are included in your annual maintenance subscription.

Scale it Up

Some competitors' products are three-tier solutions that require specific application servers or Web servers to operate. BlueZone Web to Host is an infinitely scalable, two-tier solution that is compatible with any enterprise-quality Web server and doesn't require a specialized application server. With BlueZone, you can avoid the scalability limitations of three-tier solutions while reducing hardware and software maintenance.


User Features

  • Delivers all the functionality of the original legacy application via complete TN3270E(MOD2-5), TN5250E, VT 52/100/220/320/420, ANSI, SCO-ANSI, WYSE 60 and HP Character and Block mode display emulation and IBM 3287/3812 printer emulation for use inside and outside the firewall
  • Provides all the familiar Windows automation features including screen hot spots, macros, scripting, power keys, font auto-sizing, configurable toolbar, automatic host connection failover, auto-connect sessions on start-up, and automatic session reconnection
  • Provides support for Visual Basic, JavaScript, and other popular scripting languages. Allows users to easily connect to the host application from a Web page hot link
  • Provides certification for Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, ensuring full compatibility with the Microsoft Windows platform
  • Per user ActiveX installation that allows standard users to download, install and update the BlueZone Web to Host Control
  • Supports Internet Explorer, as well as most other popular browsers
  • Supported on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit OS
  • Look-and-feel that is compatible with Microsoft Office™
  • Launches multiple display and printer sessions from a single instance of the browser, minimizing the amount of memory used, and allows jumpscreen hot key access to multiple sessions
  • Ability to run multiple versions of BlueZone on the same PC, ensuring a consistent end user experience
  • Delivers complete functionality of the original legacy application
  • Displays Web-based help text for using or customizing the BlueZone interface with the click of a link
  • Runs independently of the browser, enabling you to maintain BlueZone connections to the host, even if a browser crashes or you click the "back" button or browse away to another website
  • Saves a copy of the print job on a user's PC, allowing reprinting without reconnecting to the host

Administrator Feature Summary


  • Master configuration and navigation pane allows you to tailor the user environment with keyboard mapping, fonts, user-specific LU or device names, GUI configurable translation tables, color/attribute mapping, toolbar functions, customizable session descriptions, and more
  • Text-based configuration files allowing administrators to easily find and edit entries in the configuration files either manually or programmatically
  • Offers Double Byte Character Support (DBCS), so BlueZone can be configured to support international users working Double Byte languages such as Kanji


  • Extensive conversion capabilities to convert scripts, macros, and configuration files from any popular emulators to BlueZone

Multiple User Configurations

  • Provides dynamic device name/logical unit (LU) assignments based on log-in, ensuring users always get the correct display and printer sessions. With BlueZone Integration Server, supports completely custom configurations assigned on a group or user basis, the number and types of sessions, and specific device or LU assignments. Other vendors require the display and printer LUs/Devices to be linked together and assigned to specific users

Web Server Distribution

  • Integrates seamlessly into any industry-standard Web server environment
  • EXE mode for Web to Host allows Web to Host to launch from configuration file shortcuts
  • Features the Web to Host Wizard that allows you to completely create or edit your Web pages and session configurations quickly and easily by the use of checkboxes, radio buttons, or entry fields


  • Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0 SSL) encryption
  • Provides SSL authentication using digital client certificates, user generated as well as third party. Standard authentication technology is built into all BlueZone Software emulation products.
  • Automates end-user access to secured networks with configurable firewall and proxy support
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptographic Module
  • Enables SecurID Telnet/FTP authentication through the optional BlueZone Security Server, providing an added layer of security that is unique among emulation software solutions
  • Provides NT domain authentication through the optional BlueZone Security Server
  • Lets you create password protected, encrypted scripts to prevent unauthorized modification or execution of confidential data


  • Automatically detects users' default printer(s), eliminating custom configurations
  • Secures printer data stream through SSL
  • Printer association based on the profile name
  • Uses a GUI interface that makes it easy to configure, select, and deploy multiple printer profiles and determine print status
  • Offers Passthrough, API and TCP/IP Print Server printing to support the full spectrum of printing requirements, for both local and remote resources
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