Netwrix Auditor 6.505.0

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
NetWrix Corporation
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September 16, 2014
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Netwrix Auditor is an affordable change auditing platform that increases security, assists compliance, and increases operational continuity across the entire IT infrastructure by auditing changes made to your security, systems and data. Netwrix Auditor gives you complete visibility into the state of your IT infrastructure with:

  • Change Alerting: Who changed what, when and where?
  • Detailed Change Review: Go beyond basic event log data
  • Configuration Analysis: What are current and past state-in-time configurations?
  • Turnkey Reporting: Hundreds of out of the box reports make it easy

The Netwrix Auditor platform utilizes an efficient, enterprise-grade architecture that consolidates audit data from multiple independent sources with agentless or lightweight, non-intrusive agent-based modes of operation and scalable two-tiered storage (file-based + SQL database) allowing the retention of audit data for 10 years or more.

Netwrix Auditor detects and reports exactly who made what change, when and where, anywhere in your IT infrastructure. This comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-use product allows businesses to sustain regulatory compliance, adhere to business processes, tighten security, minimize risk, avoid downtime, and monitor network resources. Manage all change control events, produce detailed reports, and reverse unwanted changes from any point in time efficiently and safely. See how your organization can benefit from this solution for IT change tracking, configuration and data access auditing:


See Who Changed What, When and Where

The product detects all user and administrative changes on the detailed level throughout the entire IT infrastructure, including Active Directory, MS Exchange, SQL, Windows servers, storage appliances, VMware, and more.

Maintain Compliance

All changes made to your IT infrastructure can be archived and stored for years, enabling you to generate reports for your auditors and provide an audit trail for detailed forensic analysis.

Cost Savings

Save thousands in licensing, maintenance, and training costs over most major competitors, while addressing security, IT governance, change auditing, and regulatory compliance needs.

Rollback Capability

The product includes a change rollback capability to facilitate quick and routine-less control over unauthorized changes preventing unplanned outages and security breaches. Reverse any unwanted changes from any point in time.

Integrated Auditing Solution

Stop wrestling with difficult and costly disjointed tools that leave gaps in your IT governance strategies. Use a single unified solution.

Scalable and Easy to Use

The product adapts to your changing needs and can scale to deployments of 1 million users or more due to efficient data collection methods and storage architecture. Our interface and controls were designed for auditing all your resources with maximum efficiency, ease, and confidence.


Total Enterprise Visibility

This comprehensive solution addresses the widest range of systems management, security, and compliance needs with accurate visibility into who made what change, when and where, across the entire IT infrastructure.

Real-Time Reporting and Alerts

Set up custom alerts to warn you when changes are made to sensitive resources and protect enterprise-wide integrity from damage or for responding to critical events.

Netwrix Auditing Platform

Netwrix Auditing Platform is based on three major Netwrix technologies that will give you a complete and clear picture of what's going on in your environment: AuditAssurance™, AuditIntelligence™, and AuditArchive™.

Third-Party SIEM Integration, Including SCOM

Protect your investment in existing SIEM technologies by eliminating the need to learn multiple management tools, while maintaining consistency, improving performance, and increasing reliability of the audit data collected.

Powerful Storage Options for Audit Data

Two-tier storage approach secures your audit data for up to 7 years, allowing you to generate reports for compliance auditors for any time period and facilitating detailed forensic analysis.

Before and After Values

Paint a complete picture of day-to-day activity. Reports show both old and new values for every change without having to look at multiple data sources across the IT infrastructure.

Advanced Reporting

Netwrix Auditor leverages SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to provide on-demand Web-based reporting with rich export and subscription capabilities.

Predefined and Custom Reporting with Subscription Capabilities

Get up and running quickly with more than 200 predefined reports based on real-world requirements without having to spend time creating them or using another tool just for reports. Customize existing reports or generate new ones.

Active Directory Object Restore Wizard

A rollback tool is included to easily reverse damaging changes without having to restore from backup offering extended capabilities even beyond Windows 2008 R2 restore improvements.

Comprehensive Event Log Management

Collect, alert, and archive both Windows and syslog events from multiple computers across the network, alert on critical events and centrally archive those events in a compressed format that enables convenient analysis of archived event log data.

Change Management

Change audit data collected by Netwrix Auditor is essential to support change control and management processes in an organization, verify that required updates take place, and identify unauthorized activity in the network. In addition to providing the data, Netwrix Auditor includes built-in tools that facilitate ad-hoc change management within the context of audit reports.


Netwrix Auditor allows you to capture and keep records of all administrative activity within the Netwrix Auditor console itself. This self-auditing feature is important to address possible concerns about the integrity and completeness of the audit trains and to reveal potential unauthorized changes to the auditing settings.

User Activity Video Recording

Search and replay user sessions on servers to audit changes made to systems and applications that do not generate logs.

Password Expiration Alerting

Proactively resolve Active Directory password expiration issues for end users and service accounts.

Inactive User Tracking

Automate the management of inactive user accounts and ensure a secure environment.

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