Netwrix Change Notifier for Windows Server 4.023.449

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NetWrix Corporation
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September 1, 2014
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Windows Server auditing and reporting configuration changes

Netwrix Windows Server auditing software automatically tracks and reports on WHO made WHAT server configuration changes, WHEN and WHERE, including hardware changes, software installation and removal, services, Windows Registry keys, DNS configuration and resource records, scheduled tasks, and more.

This scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-deploy-and-use solution that facilitates Windows Server configuration monitoring allows organizations to sustain their IT infrastructure management over all critical Windows-based systems. Netwrix Windows Server auditing software tracks server configuration changes across an entire organization, including multiple sites and Active Directory forests. Netwrix exclusive AuditIntelligence™ technology translates audit data into clear and concise reports for IT managers and security auditors.

  • Change auditing of entire IT infrastructure: The product allows auditing all of your Windows-based systems through a unified interface.
  • Tracking of all critical changes to Windows server(s) configuration, including hardware devices, drivers, Windows Registry settings, software installation and removal, services, network settings, local users and groups, and more. The new version also supports tracking of changes to DNS configuration and resource records.
  • Product reports translate audit data into a human-readable format and provide the details on WHO changed WHAT, WHERE and WHEN, as well as the before and after values for each change.
  • Report Subscriptions allow configuring any available reports for automatic delivery by specifying the report filters, recipients, delivery format, and schedule.
  • The drill-through Overview report provides immediate access to important statistics in a chart format and is linked to specific reports that take you to the next level of detail.
  • Simple deployment and automatic configuration of audit settings in the target environment allow you to start auditing your key systems without delay.
  • Sustain compliance: The product supports a wide variety of organizational security, compliance, and audit requirements (SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, and more).


Netwrix Auditor performs automated server configuration auditing of who made what server configuration changes, when and where these changes were made, including device drivers, services, registry settings, hardware, DNS, software installations, local users and group changes and other changes on all Windows servers. See how your organization can benefit from server configuration auditing with Netwrix Auditor:

Monitoring of Day-to-day Server Configuration Changes

Server configuration auditing is a must-have tool for maintaining a stable and secure environment. See how monitoring daily activity provides all the details you need.

Centralized Audit Trail

Change takes place continually throughout your critical IT infrastructure. See how centralizing the audit information collected can improve stability and greatly simplify network management.

Total Visibility

Netwrix Auditor offers total visibility across all server configurations. See how total visibility makes server configuration auditing easy.

Cost Savings

Save thousands in licensing, maintenance and training costs over alternative solutions by using a purpose-built tool for server configuration audit.

Scalable and Easy To Use

Server configuration auditing needs to adapt to rapidly changing needs and environments. High-volumes of changes require quick implementation and configuration.

Detects Who Made What changes When and Where

To fully control the environment, one must know at all times what changes are taking place, who is making them and where they are being made.

Before and After Values for Configuration Changes

Paint a complete picture of day-to-day activity. Use before and after detail to undo changes to problems that arise.

AuditAssurance™ and AuditIntelligence™ technologies

Ensure no server configuration change is missed, implement server configuration auditing that is efficient collecting only the important information and producing useful and actionable reports.

Long-Term Archiving

Two-tier storage approach secures audit data for up to 7 years and more allowing generation of custom reports to meet long-term configuration change history needs.

Complete Windows Server Monitoring

Windows servers require numerous configuration settings to provide high availability and performance for the users and customers they serve.

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