SugarCRM Survey Rocket Plugin 1.3

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January 20, 2016
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The Survey Rocket allows you to create multiple surveys using templates, including email templates. These emails can also be used as survey invitations to Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Users.

  • Select theme, date, and email template for creating surveys
  • Create questionnaires and save it for creating surveys
  • Specific module to save answers of received surveys
  • Keep track of whom you sent the surveys and when.
  • Get multiple survey reports as per requirement
  • Add help tips to your customers for each question
  • Generate multiple reports to known your customers better

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial aspect behind major success of any enterprise. This is the key indicator how likely a customer can make a purchase from your store in future. You can also ask them through survey having a customer feedback questionnaire.

In todays eCommerce landscape how satisfied your customers are depends on how well you know them. Understanding the needs and preferences of your customer is the cornerstone of your business. More satisfied your customers, more revenue your business will generate.

Sneaking into the hearts of your customers is no more difficult now! You can have a better overview of your customers choices, likes and dislikes by sending them out customer feedback questionnaires!


Create Survey Templates and Survey Questionnaires

You can create as many survey templates as you want. Once you have created the survey templates, you can use those templates for creating multiple surveys for your different customers. You can set your theme, logo, own questions, define answers and the format of answers you want to have for your customers to choose from.

There is no better way to understand what your customers want but to send them a survey having questions of your choice, answers to which you would like to know from your customers. This survey template can be created and formatted as per your business needs having questions and answers of your choice with start and end date of the survey. You will have a full control on the survey template and survey creation:

  • You can create / edit / delete survey
  • Create / edit / delete questions and answers
  • Create / edit / delete surveys
  • Create / edit / delete question formats like text box, text area, multi-select, drop down, contact details, rating etc. of question types
  • Define page numbers for different questions
  • Select themes, logo or banners to display on the survey

Preview Survey Before Sending Out

You can set the survey date and time when you want to send the survey to specific contacts, which you can select from five modules i.e. Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Users. After selecting the contacts from the five modules for sending survey you can set up the survey sending date and time, you may have option to:

  • Send
  • Send Later
  • Preview

Before actually sending them out to the respective contacts

Set Desired Email Template for Survey

You can create multiple email templates for specific customer survey. In this email you can define the:

  • Modules
  • Specific contacts
  • Subject
  • Insert the link of specific survey

Anytime you can edit almost every field of this email including the body for sending it out to specific contacts.

Send Survey to Contacts Any day, Anytime!

You can select the recipients from the above defined modules for sending out the survey. You can select the entire module or a few of the contacts. For this you can either create new survey or send the existing one. You can also define date and time of the survey! You can send the survey instantly, later and can also preview before sending it anytime.

The survey will have an email with survey link with a request to submit the response. You can also add unsubscribe link to this email.

Let your customers unsubscribe from survey it will give you an idea about which customers want what nature of surveys and which customer to approach for want! Even unsubscribe link can help you know your customers better!

You can Re-submit Survey or Vice Versa!

You can re-submit the survey to any customers if you wish to do so or even your customers can also be allowed to request for the same.

Get Summary for Survey Sent!

After sending survey you can have an overview / summary of the number of surveys sent! It will include:

  • List of customers to whom survey's sent
  • List of customers who received surveys and responded
  • List of customers who received survey but did not respond
  • List of customers whose email addresses are opted out

Considering above summary you can select emails to which you want to resend survey! You can also re-send survey to those customers who have requested for the same. Export these reports in CSV format and also in grid format. You can search reports by name, status and module type. Filtered search saves your time and effort and delivers accurate and information rich reports.

You can even send out thanks mails instantly to your customers!

Evaluate Your Surveys to Understand your Customers and Improve Customer Satisfaction!

Now it is time to evaluate the surveys sent! Your customers can submit the response following the link of survey. Once the response is submitted it will be stored in the SugarCRM system for delivering accurate reports.

Generate Multiple Reports

  • You can view the survey reports in various formats:
  • Status Report
  • Question-wise Report
  • Whether you want a specific report in the graphical format or in percentage format you can get it all! Get the status report - how many customers viewed survey, how many responded and how many viewed but havent responded.
  • Question-wise report will help you understand the psychology of your customers for a specific question how different customers responded. It will help you realize what questions touched the nerves of which customers. Great idea to serve them better!
  • Individual report will give you an overview of the all the survey related information about a specific contact helping you understand the overall nature and preference of a specific customer base.
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