Free Spyware Killer 5.6.5

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
SecureWiz Corporation
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July 17, 2014
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Detect spyware, Destroy it and No a hint of threat!

Nowadays perhaps everybody gets infected by spyware at some point and feel headache to rip them out of the computer system. Free Spyware Killer is a professional and free anti-spyware application that can help solve the predicament. Working as effectively as any high-priced anti spyware package, it scans every corner of your computer and detects all kinds of spyware and other suspicious spyware-like activities, such as data miners, system monitors, dialers, some browser toolbars and even fake anti-spyware programs. It eliminates these hidden threats to keep you far away from laggy computer performance, hard disk failure and identity theft. A computer haunted by spyware is the last thing you need, either at home or in office. Just make use of Free Spyware Killer because when it's come to system security, you are never too sensitive.

Find & Eliminate Spyware Threats

Free Spyware Killer is a free anti-spyware program to find spyware as well as adware, ransomware, trackware, dialers and other potential malicious applications installed on your PC that may deploy more dangerous malware like a trojan, botnet or worm, enabling you to decide the life or death of them.

Protect Personal Data Anytime

While you are surfing shopping sites like eBay, Walmart, Amazon, etc., ordering, banking, downloading and connecting socially with your friends & customers, maintaining a safe PC environment is essential. Our free anti-malware tool can protect all your online and offline data, where the hacking happens frequently - no more identity theft, stolen credit cards, fraud or info leak.

Less Sluggish PC Performance

There are huge varieties of malware that can bog your system down by interfering with your browser, monopolizing your bandwidth, using up RAM & hard drive and increase the instability of your computer as many malware applications are poorly programmed. Free Spyware Killer removes them to make sure everything will not run slower than it should.

Thorough & Customizable Scan

Free Spyware Killer works like a radar to detect any malware, even in the tiniest corner. It provides fast scan or deep scan to scan the memory, boot sectors, system folders, autorun objects, ActiveX objects, etc. You can scan the whole computer, entire harddrive, partition or just a designated folder. Additionally, you can set a filter to ignore files larger than a certain size.

Restore Any Changes Made

Our free anti-spyware offers backup of your previous files and settings before making any changes to them and list all changes clearly so that you can easily restore them if unknown errors arise or you want to perform the cleaning later until the job at hand is done. It's like a double insurance to safeguard computer while protecting the integrity of your data.

Scheduled Scanning

Always develop the habit of maintaining regular scan and cleaning of your computer because it's impossible to predict when or where your computer will be implanted with malware again. Free Spyware Killer has schedule feature, letting you perform scanning at a certain time on daily, weekly or monthly.

More Detection Details

Free Spyware Killer will show a whole list of detected threats and you can just click a button to remove them. If you want to be more familiar with them, there are some detailed info provided like threat name, type, severity level, checksum value, paths and even some suggestions. You can export the list to a text file or if needed, report any listed item as false positive.

Update & Support

Our database contains the info of over 1,000,000 known threats, enabling you to handle most types of spyware, adware and other malicious applications. Nevertheless, our developers and expert group will keep enlarging the database and provide updates to protect your computer from newest threat. Meantime, we provide abundant tutorials, tips, Q&As and articles to help you get started with Free Spyware Killer and acquire more related knowledge.

Free, Safe & Easy

Free Spyware Killer provides as many anti-malware features as any other high-paid anti-malware software but is totally free of charge. No any hidden or extra fees. As professional anti-malware software, Free Spyware Killer itself doesn't bring or install any spyware, adware, virus, etc. on your computer. With the clean interface, you won't encounter any difficulty in making it scan and destroy any malware that is doing harm to your computer.

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