Screen Reader 5.2.2

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
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237 Kb
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February 9, 2016
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Screen Reader is a simple and reliable application that allows you to transform the text into speech, then listen to it spoken back to you. You may enter any piece of text in the English language, as well as adjust the speed of the speech. Import text simply by selecting it from any application.

Quick and easy text importing options

Screen Reader allows you to quickly load a text file or document, it displays the words, then you can start the speech at any time. Alternatively, you can simply select the lines from any opened file or application, on your desktop.

The program features a toolbar that stays on top of all windows. It allows you to instantly import the text into Screen Reader, simply by selecting it. You do not need to copy the text into the clipboard first.

Spoken words, adjustable speed

Screen Reader allows you to fine-tune the speech, by adjusting its speed. The rate menu allows you to select any value, increasing or decreasing the speed by one unit. The limit is 10 units in either direction. The arrow buttons allow you to adjust the speed by one unit, without opening the menu.

The program makes use of the voices already installed in Windows and allows you to select between the available options. Play, pause, or stop commands are also supported and can quickly be accessed.

Text-to-speech or to audio file

Screen Reader features a convenient progress watching function, which highlights the word in the text that the voice is currently reciting. You may easily read the text while you are listening to it being recited. The application is also capable of exporting the speech to an audio file and save it to your computer in .WAV format. It can also export the text to a .TXT file.

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