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Windows 7/XP/2000
STOIK Imaging
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September 17, 2014
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Free Video Editor and Photo Viewer. Organize Photos with Ease.

STOIK image editing program - easy image viewer and pics editor, video editor. Quick to learn and easy to use, STOIK Imagic makes managing your photos and videos fun. Bundling a blazing fast image viewer with convenient image organizer and comprehensive still and video editor, STOIK Imagic has everything to keep, share and perfect your memories. STOIK Imagic graphic software combines classic features with modern technologies, enabling lightning-fast browsing, viewing and searching.

View, organise and customize photos, edit still pics and videos with ease.

STOIK Imagic graphic program comes with everything you need to perfect, review and share your memories.

Offering a combination of a photo album, media organizer, picture image viewer and easy to use pic and photo editor, STOIK Imagic graphic software makes your images easy to perfect and enjoy.

Stoik Imagic is a best solution for video editing (animation video, video conversion, movie making, video special effects etc.) and graphic editing (conversion to grayscale, slideshow creation, red eye removal, hue/saturarion, brightness/contrast, resize photos etc.)

View, Organize and Customize your Pics and Photos

STOIK Imagic software offers a unique combination of classic features combined with state of the art technologies:

  • Convenient organizing and cataloguing is blazing quick with fast media indexing.
  • Browsing and searching images by folders, date, tags.
  • Searching by file and EXIF attributes.
  • The full-screen image viewer (RAW, JPEG viewer etc.).
  • The media browser

Photo Retouching and Video Authoring Made Easy

A host of easy to use photo editing tools are included, allowing make photo retouch or performing deeper photo enhancement with ease. Fully automated pic enhancement mode is also available.

STOIK Imagic makes panorama and HDR stitching (*) easy, offers red-eye remover (correction), DNG and RAW development. Video authoring and the ability to create animated games are there, too.


STOIK Imagic photo editor offers a comprehensive set of tools in a single package for photo and video editing. STOIK Imagic graphic software has everything to edit images and videos from a lightning-fast image viewer to comprehensive digital darkroom and pic editor.

Professional photographers will love the complete digital workflow solution offered by STOIK Imagic photo editor. Photo and video enthusiast will appreciate its speed and ease of use.

Stoik Image editing program- it's a good choice for edit your photos and pics. Photo and video editing and enhancement has became quite easy and pleasant.

Newest Digital Workflow

STOIK picture editor offers a comprehensive digital photo workflow solution in a single package:

  • Digital darkroom
  • RAW viewer
  • Edit pics, photos, images - all-in-one included graphic editor
  • Best image viewer (RAW, JPG, JPEG viewer etc.)
  • Digital picture retouching. Professional portrait, skin retouching. Retouche photos.
  • Fix a bunch of snapshots automatically
  • View, customize photos, manage and share pictures and videos in a snap!

Digital Darkroom Software

Stoik Imagic digital darkroom software is created for photo and pics enhancement and correction. Our digital darkroom contains tools for amateur and professional photographers.

Stoik Imagic darkroom creates a user-friendly studio interface and set of tools for photographers: RAW and all main formats support, pictures and images organizing and customizing, borders, enhance photos, sharpness, brightness and contrast adjustments, slide-show creation.

The graphic program provides all you need: photo enhancement, picture corrrection, photo repair tools.

RAW Viewer: all you need for RAW Development

Stoik Imagic RAW viewer is created for RAW image formats support, that used by digital cameras. The program contains also a thumbnail browser and picture preview. With our nice RAW viewer you can view, organize, and print your RAW photos.

STOIK Imagic graphic editor comes with a fully featured RAW development engine, providing a comprehensive digital darkroom to enthusiast photographers. The RAW workflow is completely non-destructive, allowing you to take back any step or changing any setting at any time without affecting the original RAW file.

Image Viewer

Stoik Imagic photo editor has an excellent image viewer, that is designed for RAW, TIFF, PNG, JPG, JPEG photos and pictures viewing. It supports all main photo formats, including animation.

Our Image Viewer is a powerful and easy to use graphic tool. For example, you can browse images by folder or by name, find pictures on your PC, view photos. Stoik image viewer has also photo compression functions, palette options (red eye remover, color reduction, grayscale conversion) and also common image viewer features such photo resizing and rotating, slideshow photo viewer.

Digital picture retouching. Professional portrait, skin retouching. Retouch photos.

Stoik Imagic photo editor software provides such option as digital photo restoration. With Stoik Imagic graphic editor you can make photo and image restoration, picture retouching, enhance you photos, do photomontage, smoothing, photo special effects.

Photo retouch gives you the chance to improve your photos and bring the best out of every picture. You can enhance skin texture, emphasize your eyes or make up, add or remove highlights.

Stoik Imagic photo restoration and retouching tool include such features as:

  • Color, brigthness and contrast enhancement and improvement
  • Scratches, dust and wrinkles removing
  • Replacing damaged parts of photo
  • Background replacement
  • Remove red eyes
  • Change the color of an object
  • Smudge, grow, shrink, twirl, lighten and darken photos and pictures

Enhance your picture quality with digital retouching!

Compare Originals and Edited Images!

The option to keep the originals ensures the original versions of your pictures are always preserved when you do the photo and graphic editing. When you edit pics, it allows to compare edited images with originals and reverting back at any time.

Managing, Organizing and Customizing Photos and Video Collection

STOIK Imagic graphic editor makes viewing images blazing fast. It also makes it easy to catalogue, organize, manage, and browse your collection of pictures and videos.

STOIK Imagic photo and video editor supports 4 distinct navigation methods, allowing you organizing and customizing photos and pictures and finding pictures and videos with ease. Organize your photos! The four navigation methods are:

  • Folder tree
  • Calendar
  • Tags
  • Search

1. The folder tree is the easiest of them all. Click any folder to browse pictures and videos with customizable thumbnail previews.

2. In Calendar mode, you browse your collection by the date. Select a year, month, or day of week and view all pictures shot on that date.

3. Tags are super handy when shooting special events. STOIK Imagic comes with comprehensive tagging support, and allows doing the following:

  • Assigning tags and ratings
  • Browsing by tags/albums
  • Adding custom tags
  • Using the Basket to add photos to collections in just a click

One or more tags can be assigned to any picture or video. Shot a wedding? Just select all images in the folder and put a “wedding” tag in them, or simply drag images onto the “wedding” tag. Later on, just clicking on the “wedding” tag will bring these images right before your eyes.

Tags can be used just like folders. Click on any tag, and vide all matching images and videos in an instant.

4. Advanced search. Can’t find an image or video with other methods? The Search is always there! Just enter a file name or type, any tags or ratings you may have assigned, or some part of EXIF information for still images, and STOIK Imagic graphic editor will return matching files in a moment.

Digital Image Enhancement.

Stoik Imagic photo editing software is the leading graphic software developer in photo and picture enhancement. It is a powerful picture and photo editor which allows you improve and enhance digital photos and pics.

STOIK Imagic Premium offers image and photo enhancement attribute.You can make picture repairement and improvement. Stoik Imagic automatic image enhancement is rather good at restoring rich color in an image or correcting over or under exposure without touching right exposed areas of picture. The Stoik photo program supports all main picture formats: JPEG 2000, JPEG, BMP, PNG etc.

Some of the typical graphic tools includes picture resize and rotate, red eye remover, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation adjustmentl, image crop and warping. Syoik enhancement software comes with a big array of filters such as smooth, sharpen, edge detection. The interface is really user-friendly and simple.

Stoik Imagic graphic editor software offers big quantity of image enhancement techniques to automatically fix common problems such as red eye, wrong color balance, under and over exposure. Stoik photo editor comes with a big array of useful tools and photo special effects for amateurs and professional designers.

  • Crop an image
  • Borders adding – lets you to add a border around a picture
  • Amplitude rescaling
  • Histogram equalization
  • Pixel point processing
  • Extending the size of a photo
  • Reducing noise
  • Automatic Red Eye Removal - precise automatic correction of the infamous red-eye effect
  • Thresholding (contrast enhancement)

Quick-fix buttons are a one-click solution for fixing common issues such as noise reduction, red eye remover, wrong exposure and color balance right in the Image Viewer.
The Advice function automatically analyzes your pictures and suggests correction steps for making improvements.

Image Viewer makes viewing pictures blazing fast when you click on a photo. Enjoy viewing your photo collages and family portraits!

Advanced Features: Stereo, HDR, MPO, and Geotagging

Stereo image support allows producing stunning 3D shot and 3d animation.

Automated HDR stitching with automatic alignment produces images with widest dynamic range. Create HDR panorama stitch in a snap!

  • RAW Developer for most camera models. Raw Development.
  • Non-Destructive Dark Room allows taking back any step made while converting RAW files. RAW Converter.
  • Geotagging support for Google Maps and Google Earth
  • DVD export in MPEG-2 format
  • Anti-shake filter to sharpen up blurry photos
  • Video export profiles to produce videos for many popular devices in optimal quality

HDR Support

With full HDR support, STOIK Imagic Premium produces HDR (High Dynamic Range) images from several exposure-bracketed pictures completely automatically. If your pictures were taken without a tripod, STOIK Imagic Premium will automatically align and rotate them to create a perfect panorama stitch.


With advanced Geotagging support, you’ll be able to assign geolocation information to your pictures, laying out your photos on the map. Google Earth or Google Maps are supported.

Multi-Picture Format

Store multiple pictures in a single file! The latest edition of STOIK Imagic photo and pic editor supports the new multi-picture format implemented in latest camera models. Modern cameras conveniently store series of photos, such as exposure or focus bracketed shots, in a single file. STOIK Imagic graphic editor can view these files, scroll through individual frames or split them into a set of individual JPEGs. STOIK Imagic picture editor uses MPO files for HDR and panorama stitching, and for making stereographic images.

System Requirements

  • Windows® XP (SP2 and above)/Vista/Windows 7;
  • Intel® Pentium® III, AMD® Athlon® 800 or above CPU;
  • 310 MB free hard disk space;
  • 512 MB RAM (for Windows XP), 1 GB RAM (for Windows Vista and Windows 7);
  • 16-bit or higher color display at 1024 x 768.
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