Iron Speed Designer 12.0.0

Software information
Windows 7/Vista/XP
Iron Speed, Inc.
File size:
111.58 Mb
Date added:
August 5, 2014
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Description from the Publisher

Iron Speed Designer will help you create database and reporting programs for Microsoft .NET, SharePoint and software-as-a-service cloud computing environments.

Simply point to an existing database and allow Iron Speed Designer to generate a visually stunning, feature-rich Web 2.0 application that is easy to customize and ready to deploy.

Whether you need an application for data entry, reporting, tracking or management, Iron Speed Designer pays for itself the first time you use it. Join thousands of others who have developed and deployed database applications to the Web, Cloud, and SharePoint.


Sleek new page style:

  • Leverages HTML5 and CSS3
  • Create breathtaking customer-facing applications
  • Menu stays fixed while users scroll through content

Enhanced Gallery Page:

  • Create impressive product catalogs and photo galleries
  • Overlay text on images

Quick Selector Control:

  • Makes data entry fast and efficient.
  • Select from millions of records in less than a second
  • Simultaneously search and filter
  • Quickly add subsidiary records on the fly

Mapping and geolocation:

  • Build location-aware mobile apps
  • Google Maps display
  • Filter and sort records by proximity to your location
  • Convert from street address to latitude and longitude

System requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
Users reviews & testimonials

I can honestly say that Iron Speed Designer does cut your development time by more than half. … I supervise the Application Development unit and I've made it a standard to use Iron Speed Designer for all web-based applications. That's how productive I think the tool makes our developers.

Robert Rivera

We estimate that Iron Speed Designer saved $20,000 in development cost on this one project alone. I like the fact that it injected three whole months back into the development timeline, shortening our release cycle significantly.

Rex Winn

I produced the entire application myself as it was an internal project. I had 80% of the application complete in 2 weeks and spent the remaining time performing customizations using both Iron Speed Designer and Visual Studio.

Nick Craven-Smith

Without Iron Speed Designer, this project would have been too expensive to build. The local municipality would not have even considered it.

Gil Givati

LLC, I decided to use Iron Speed Designer to build the first application because it is the only tool that met my needs. Back up this superior product with excellent customer service, and you have a winning solution. I am confident that Iron Speed Designer will help you succeed in your software development endeavors!

Michael Sumption

We fought with the user interface implementation for over a year before we discovered Iron Speed Designer...To get to a Web Form solution, Iron Speed Designer saved us countless thousands of dollars.

Les Cardwell

Iron Speed Designer helps us save one to two days of development time every time a customer requests a change. This means that we can reduce our price and serve our clients faster.

Samuel Lua

The Iron Speed Designer component took just two days...This was my first commercial application with Iron Speed Designer. I have since won two additional contracts as a direct result of the Eidos project.

Jack Emeleus