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June 13, 2014
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Professional HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform  for Catalog, Brochure, Lookbook and More

Turn PDFs (catalogs, lookbooks) into Shoppable, Interactive Publications

  • Reach your readers across all online platforms
  • Engage customers with rich media publications
  • Make PDF alive by applying eye-catching animations
  • Sell directly from the pages of your digital catalogue
  • Offline & Cloud-Based (SaaS) Solution (details)
  • Tons of advanced feature

PUB HTML5 is a online hosted & offline digital catalogue solution, enabling your customers to shop, search & browse your products via the desktop, mobile & tablet, no matter where they are. PUB HTML5 enables you to deepen your engagement with shoppers with embedded video & ‘buy now’ links, guiding them through your product offerings and increasing their propensity to purchase.

Everything you need to create rich, engaging marketing communications that just work everywhere.

Turn your PDFs into publications that rock

PUB Html5 is a free online & offline catalog software designed to convert PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice to HTML5 & jQuery based interactive catalogue that also work on iOS and Android devices, making your catalog more interactive.

Create shoppable publications

Increase sales by linking your interactive publication to your online store. Each product detail page can be linked to a product in your online store. This makes it incredibly easy for your customers to continue their shopping journey on your website.

Customizing the User Interface (100+)

Numerous options to customize the look of your publication to the corporate design of your company or that of your customers. Colored bookmarks, custom logos, custom backgrounds, and own button graphics are also possible. If you like the navigation bar down more than up, that's no problem too.

Rich Media Management

Add all types of static and rich media into your digital editions. Embedding video (YouTube/Vimeo), audio, animations, background audio, image/video popups, and manually embedding all links and modify link highlight color and opacity are some of the cool rich media features PUB Html5 provides.

Expand your audience in the multiscreen world

Create rich media publications, turning your files into unique interactive reading experiences for readers. Make your catalogue shareable on various social networks and available on smartphones, tablets and computer. Supported by iTouch, iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems.

Advanced Technology & Cloud Platform

The Pub Html5 intelligent platform uses the leading cloud platform ( PUB Html5 Cloud ) for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere. It reaches globally and delivers locally. It provides our customers with unmatched reliability and security.

Offline, DVD, CD and USB Viewer Versions

Your readers can view your magazine, catalog or any other edition on their desktop when and where they want to. You can also create a DVD or USB drive with your digital editions on it to distribute at trade shows or hand out to customers.

Administration & Management

Pub Html5 admin tool is a robust, user friendly management tool that can be used to instantly upload your PDF file, immediately preview digital editions, and keep track of all digital editions. It provides you with the ability to brand and customize your digital editions by choosing your desired button skin, logo, background, and more.

Social networks sharing

The publications created from PDF via Pub Html5 provide the proper means of integration with popular social network sites. Viewers can share the publications to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and more sites or E-mail or copy it to others.

Command Line

helps you to create online publications silently without opening the Windows desktop application at all. With Commnad line version, you can create onine digital publications in an easier way. The Command Line mode also allows users to custom almost all book details, such as template, theme, scene, mobile, output format, etc.

Text Version - SEO Friendly

All texts would be indexed by search engines after converting PDF to catalog. The publications are SEO friendly. You also can do in-page SEO optimization work (define page title and meta data) for web and everyone can find your digital catalogue via the internet.

Analytic & Statistic Reports

Extend the power of Google Analytics in your digital publications. By inputting your Google Analytics account ID in the publishing book, you can monitor and analyze the traffic of your online publications with ease in your Google Analytics account live. Nice way to increase your marketing effectiveness using Google Analytics within the publications.


Create Digital Catalogs From PDF

Engage your customers with branded, commerce-ready digital catalogs, lookbooks, magazines & other online publications. You can make online purchases directly from the pages of your digital catalog. This is a great chance for online businesses to increase revenue or for anyone to start selling online.

Cross Platform & Mobile Friendly

With PUBHTML5 your digital catalogs is cross-platform and can be delivered to PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets without additional costs. Our HTML5 version is optimised to offer the best experience to mobile readers.

Build-in Page Editor & Rich Media

Make your products the centrepiece through high definition images & embedded video. The responsive catalogue layout is conducive to browsing. Intuitive gesture control ensures the user has an enjoyable, interactive browsing experience.

Animation Editor & Empower Catalog

PUBHTML5 Animation Editor doesn't allow you to add rich media to the flip book, but also enables you to display the media flexibly using the Time Line. All the embedded objects such as text and video can be scheduled to display in different effect and time.

Customize Looks & Feel Functionality

PUBHTML5 provide a full navigation toolbar your audience has the ability to print, crop, download, share, search, bookmark, add notes, zoom, mute, and more. You can utilize several designs in PUBHTML5 and create unlimited customized navigation toolbars that match your publication and branding.

MS Office Conversion

PUBHTML5 is a powerful digital catalogs maker software which does not only support PDF files, but also supports almost all office format, including *.doc; *.docx; *.ppt; *.pptx; *.xls; *.xlsx; *.odt; and so on.

Advanced Technology & Cloud Platform

Developed based on advanced HTML5 & jQuery technology, PUBHTML5 will enable you to easily publish the HTML5 based publications to our powerful and secured online cloud hosting service with great convenience .

Image Conversion

It is convenient and easy to convert images to a HTML5 digital catalogs, which makes your static images more attractive and dynamic. PUBHTML5 supports nearly all kinds of image formats:*jpg; *.jpeg; *.png; *bmp.

Import Hyperlinks

PUBHTML5 automatically detects and replaces any web or email links with live links in your pdf file. There is no need to mark your links manually. This feature which is included in PUBHTML5 can save you valuable time and enables you to efficiently publish your digital publication

Administration & Management tool

PUBHTML5 admin & management tool doesn't allow you to upload new books to PUBHTML5 Cloud Service, but also enable you to manage the online books in no time. You can edit the book info and share publication via social media.

Access Statistics

Optimize your content and budget via PUBHTML5 Metrics, delivering real-time insight into audience engagement and preferences. Track engagement with reports on zoom patterns, page views, time on page, widget interactions and more.

Advertising Banner

Adding an advertising banner in your book publication cannot only make your book more striking, but also improve the interactivity with your readers. And this dynamic banner can be an effecitve way for promoting and advertising.

Google AdSense Integration

PUBHTML5 integrates Google AdSense to help you generate a new revenue stream by displaying advertisements in created HTML5 publication. The advertisements created by Google AdSense is less intrusive and can inscrease clicks.

WordPress Plugin

In addition to basic HTML format flip books, PUBHTML5 also enables you to save the publication as WordPress plugins, Joomla and Drupal modules. And you can easily install these plugins to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

10+ Online Templates

PUBHTML5 provides users with multiple pre-designed templates for fast and easy book creation. And users of Gold, Platinum and Enterprise version can even download and install more professional templates from online.

Insert Audio to Digital Product Catalog

Inserting Audio to Page is a splendid feature in PUB Html5. All MP3 format sound files can be imported as the background sound. Besides, in Edit Page interface, the audio files can be added to any pages of online publication.

HTML or Zip Publication

Import PDF or other format documents from your desktop, edit the detail of the pages and convert it into digital books, you are allowed to output publication as html or zip version and then use it in your online page.

Search Engine Optimization

With the optimized search settings in PUB HTML5, the online publication can be more friendly for searching engine. Generate search engine friendly publication and attract more readers to your website.

Offline Version Publications

Your publication can be viewed as an offline version. PUBHTML5 allows you to create a PC .exe file or a MAC .app file ready to be transferred on to a CD, DVD, flash-drive with click of a button. Create a DVD or USB with your digital publication editions to distribute at trade shows or hand to customers.

Command Line & API

The PUBHTML5 Enterprise users are allowed to use Command Line to convert pdf to publications. With PUBHTML5 Command Line (FHCMD), users can excute the conversion with a few lines of simple code.

Upload Publication via FTP

The PUBHTML5 FTP client uploader feature allows you to upload your publication to your website by simply clicking the “publish” button and transferring the output to a server. It is sent directly to the web location you specify. You can store multiple website locations if needed.

Batch Convert

PUBHTML5 allows you to convert multiple PDF files to publications easily and set "import page ranges", page quality and size. Besides this, you can also import original resources from PDF files, like PDF links, text and image content too.

Text Version for SEO

PUBHTML5 enables you to customize the page title, description and keywords. You can then add it to your website, sitemap and blogs to ensure search engine visibility. You can make your magazine highly searchable using our online magazine software by enabling the SEO feature.

Back Issue Online

PUBHTML5"Back Issue Online" feature enables your readers to reach your other online publications with ease.

Merge Multiple PDFs to Single Catalog

If you want to convert multiple PDF documents to a single book, PUBHTML5 can be a smart choice. This software allows you to import different PDFs and merge them into a single publication.

Embed MP4 Video to Publication

Embedding an MP4 video is the best way to show something wonderful in a online publication with ease. It provides users with a visual way to make the publication vivid.

Embed Button to Publication

Different default image of buttons can be applied to any pages. Users are able to customize the button icon. Moreover, various actions can be added to the buttons, such as a hyperlink, slideshow etc.

Add Audio Hyperlink to Background

Adding an audio hyperlink to a page or background is one of the wonderful functions of PUBHTML5. Insert a hyperlink into the page of flipbook and add an audio link to it.

Share on Social Networks

The share feature allows readers to not only read but share your digital publication with the world via social networks and email. This feature increases the awareness and reach of your digital publication. This feature is optional and can be disabled in PUBHTML5 software.

Embed YouTube Video to Publication

Embedding YouTube Video to digital publication is one of the awesome functions of PUBHtml5. A YouTube video will make the flipping page more interesting and lively. Add a YouTube video to a page by copying the video ID.

Tracking with Google Analytics

Turn your digital publication onto an efficient marketing tool to track your readers and know your audience by linking it directly to your Google Analytics account. This tool that is integrated with the magazine maker software will enable you learn about you audience behavior including the number of new visitors, the turnout of the existing visitors and much more.

Customize Templates Style

PUBHTML5 advanced skin editing allows you to make unlimited design adjustments to your online publication. Customize the look and feel by choosing your preferred colors, background, audio, visual page transitions and button controls design. Your digital viewer can include your logo and branding with our White Label feature that is included in PUBHTML5.

Print Specific Pages

When you are reading a digital book, magazine, or catalogue, some pages may interest you or be useful to you, so you can print pages of digital book to keep them physically. Now you can print the specific pages as you like!

Import Table of Contents from PDF

A table of contents is a list of the parts of a book or document organized in the order in which the parts appear. PUBHTML5 allows users to import the TOC into the flipbook from PDF.

Custom Background Image

Customize catalogue with your own domain, logo, branding colors and style ; Easily customize the color scheme and styling of your PDF catalogue to match your brand - no coding skills required Share your content via a Custom URL ( to draw leads back to your site.

Interface Language Localization

PubHTML5 enables users to define their mother language as their toolbar language. Interface Language Localization will bring lots of conveniences to different language speaking readers.

Password Protection - Security

We take security seriously! Our cloud-based solution allows you to restrict access and protect your PDF content. Limit access to content and even leverage your own database to authenticate users remotely Blocked management for private content - you can even lock our support team from seeing your content .

Keyword Searching

Your readers can search within your publication finding any relevant key words or phrases. PUBHTML5 indexing utilizes unique algorithms to make the search process faster for both small and large publications.

Defined Bookmarks

Our desktop publishing software enables you to mark sections or pages with bookmarks and notes. Readers will be able to add notes and bookmarks in your digital flipbook publications, allowing them to reference interesting points of the publication in the future.

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