New software

  • Save The Platty 2.8  2021-05-12
    The rules of this game are very simple, you should evade the platform under the name Platty, from falling blocks. Set your record in the game, after holding out more seconds, and it will not be easy, because with every second the game becomes more an
  • Bunny Hop 3.1  2021-05-11
    A simple platformer about a rabbit who needs to collect carrots to go to the next level. Be sure to find all the carrots on the level! You can not miss any, otherwise the door will not open to the next level. And beware of spikes! Contact with them w
  • D H Witch 3.1  2021-05-11
    The game is about a plane that will allow you to take the wheel of a metal bird and feel the pleasure of flying. If you are set to a serious way and are not afraid of difficulties, then try to dissect the air on a nimble machine avoiding obstacles, a
  • No Signal 3.1  2021-05-11
    The game is about a plane that will allow you to take the wheel of a metal bird and feel the pleasure of flying. If you are set to a serious way and are not afraid of difficulties, then try to dissect the air on a nimble machine avoiding obstacles, a
  • Mango Animate Text Video Maker 2.4.0  2021-05-11
    Mango Animate Text Video Maker is designed to empower users, with or without design knowledge, to create stunning kinetic typography videos that engage, inform, and entertain viewers.
  • Lihter 1.2  2021-05-10
    In a Medieval world, a peaceful kingdom was ruled by the terrible and merciless Andre the Almighty. However, his reign needs to stop ! And you're the guy who was asked to take care of him. Enter his castle, eliminate all threats on your path and
  • Deserted Island 1.2  2021-05-08
    On a small island in the ocean, a frontier ship noticed a strange glow. A special forces soldier was dropped on the island to find the source of this glow. The soldier soon realized that something strange was happening on the island. Mutant insects a
  • Alien In Old Town 2 2.5  2021-05-08
    Aliens continue to take over the Earth. City after city, city after city passes under the control of aliens. The main troops are destroyed. Only small groups of armed people continue to resist. Destroy the aliens. Help soldiers defend this town
  • Shooting In Tunnel 2.5  2021-05-08
    A secret military base hidden deep in the tunnels is uncovered. Defenders destroyed. Communication lines are cut. You need to get to the surface and warn the main ones. Take weapons and try to get out of this trap as soon as possible.
  • Angry Robots In Space 2.4  2021-05-08
    A space station in a distant galaxy is captured and completely controlled by evil robots. The robots rebelled. All ships in orbit are destroyed by robots from long distances. Help is nowhere to wait. Eliminate all robots and only then will the ship a
  • Zombie In Tunel 2 2.4  2021-05-08
    Exit from the subway littered. Zombies have become even angrier from hunger. Now they are attacking the crowd. Use any obstacles and shelters. Look for weapons and ammunition, kill zombies and stay alive. Help is near.
  • Terrible Wasteland Arena 2.4  2021-05-08
    Far away in the wasteland made a training base. A lot of time passed and the base fell into desolation. And now in the destroyed houses, mercenaries decided to build their base. Mercenaries are well armed and trained. To uncover the criminal gang int
  • Destroy Zombie 2 2.4  2021-05-08
    Quickly evening comes, but help never came. It looks like other places are also full of zombies. There is nothing to be done, you need to survive in this world of zombies. Collect weapons, kill zombies and wait for help. If she will.
  • Post Apokalipsis Horror 2 2.3  2021-05-08
    The horrors of post-apocalypse is a game in which the city is destroyed and scary zombies prey on people. Zombies mutated. And now they are fast and tireless in search of food. Shoot the zombies in the distance. Do not let the zombies get close to yo
  • Destroy Zombie 2.4  2021-05-08
    Fog fell on the settlement. In the fog, the cries of unhidden people began to be heard. The fog penetrated inside and prevented breathing. People began to turn into zombies. Hungry zombies. The fog began to dissipate and people began to leave the hou
  • PHP AdminPanel Script (Free) 1  2021-05-12
    Website Back-End management script that provides access to the control features of your site, creating static, dynamic pages
  • Create PDF in C# 2021.3.1  2021-05-07
    IronPDF is here to help create a PDF. One main way is HTML to PDF. This isn't just HTML. It fully supports JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and image formats, including SVG, jpegs, gifs, tifs, and any file format you can open a web browser.
  • SharePoint Database Recovery Tool 18.0  2021-05-12
    Download now the Latest software to Restore SharePoint Server Database files by using SharePoint Server Recovery Tool. It is built smartly with a recovery algorithm, by which it can recover Corrupt files of SharePoint Server and SQL Server quickly.
  • Xcel Label 2.0  2021-05-05
    Easily Create, Automate & Manage Labels, Barcodes, QR codes and More. Design and print customized labels, badges, cards. Import data from external data sources like Excel, Access, CSV, TXT, SQL Server, ODBC
  • Zombie Raid 2 1.9  2021-05-02
    The abandoned city is covered with sand. Radiation drove people out of their homes long ago. It remains only to keep an eye on the fact that radioactive materials are not stolen. But now there are zombies here, and the radiation is not so terrible. W
  • Alien Murderers 3 2.0  2021-05-02
    Alien ships appeared in the sky. Immediately everyone began to rejoice, but gas bombs were dropped from the ships. Gray mist covered the earth. People and animals began to choke and die. Cities are extinct. Only the military and other people with pro
  • Brave Little Submarine 2.1  2021-05-02
    A small but very brave submarine floats in the ocean and destroys everything in its path. You need to swim as far as possible collecting ammunition and bonuses for which you get points. The game has light soothing music beautiful graphics. Ready to h
  • Orange Submarine 2.1  2021-05-02
    Fun and colorful game "Orange Submarine in which you control a small submarine. Ahead there are many different enemies who want to destroy you, but you are still smarter and more successful than them. Do not forget to collect coins, ammunition and ex
  • Crazy Witch 2.1  2021-05-02
    A crazy witch flies through the forest and destroys everything in her path that catches her eye. Destroy evil garlic, collect cauldrons with magic potion and magic to repulse enemies. Beware of the fire, the witch before him is powerless.
  • Call Of The Wasteland 2.1  2021-05-02
    Call Of The Wasteland is a classic top-down shooter. You are in a vacant lot where your task is to destroy zombies. You have a defense that protects against zombies, but when it comes into contact with one enemy, it loses one charge. Charges and ammu
  • Solitaire 2.1  2021-05-02
    The classic Solitaire game in which you need to move stones, the goal of the game is to leave only one stone on the board. The allowed move is to jump a stone through an adjacent stone to a free hole immediately after the second stone (like in checke
  • Two Princesses 2.1  2021-05-02
    In the game Two princesses, you have to protect the princess from the soldiers of the evil sister, who sends her minions to free the throne. You have to fend off waves of opponents that exit the portals, and try to take victory by number. Use melee a
  • Hunter For The Microbes 2.1  2021-05-02
    "Hunter For The Microbes" is a colorful classic space shooter in which you have to go through difficult levels and destroy all microbes. Dodge microbial attacks and collect bonuses in the form of bones.
  • Escapetown 1.8  2021-05-02
    Escapetown is a versatile game for a futuristic mouse cursor. Your task is to avoid opponents and collect points. A simple arcade game for a good mood! The more points, the more enemies! Genre: arcade. Controls: mouse.
  • Gift 1.6  2021-05-02
    You will find yourself in the shoes of the Sheriff. You need to help your old friend deal with the bandits. They came to collect a family heirloom. Check every corner. In your Arsenal, not only a revolver, but also throwing knives and even dynami
  • Spacebit 2.0  2021-05-02
    Spacebit - an exciting arcade game with pixel space battles! Your task is to shoot enemies and avoid their shots. The game has sounds, glasses, lives and barricades! Management: arrows, spacebar. Genre: Arcade.
  • Knife Deckers 2.0  2021-05-02
    KnifeDeckersSubmit - an exciting arcade game with knives! Your task is to throw knives into an empty place in a log. The game has different levels and the ability to change knives! Management: mouse. Genre: Arcade.
  • Hardfast 2.3  2021-05-02
    Waking up, the day begins with a zombie! Around everything is gray, in the style of the apocalypse ... Having taken a gun, Rich goes out into the street and meets a real zombie! Look for cartridges in houses and on the street, rather get to the white
  • Obscurity 1.8  2021-05-02
    You are in a strange place. Finding only a flashlight, you will follow the mysterious sounds. Be very careful, because you do not know what awaits you for the next turn of darkness. Inspect every corner. Get to the truth.
  • Sprute 1.9  2021-05-01
    Welcome to the game "Sprute". In this game you will be an ordinary inhabitant of the depths of the water. You are not alone there are a lot of predatory fish around you who want to feast on you. Dodge them to survive. want to live, be able to spin.
  • Grand Theft Body 1.9  2021-05-01
    We are never alone, because each of us is home to a couple billion microbes ... (c) the Internet. They help to digest food, maintain immunity, affect mood ... And who knows, maybe it is microscopic organisms that rule humanity, but we are really not
  • Guardian Of The Planet 1.9  2021-05-01
    This is an addicting game that will immerse you in the world that you must save. On the way to this, you will have many obstacles, but you need to deal with them. With each level, the monsters and obstacles will become more difficult. But at the leve
  • Gdo Two 1.9  2021-05-01
    When the sun goes away ... When the ship gets dark ... We must run! And don't forget to watch your breath! Because you have to run far! This game is about the lonely captain of his ship, who faced the darkness. Don't let darkness and loneliness take
  • MP3 Converter 9.4.1  2021-05-12
    MP3 Converter is an easy-to-use all to mp3 converter Converts all formats Video and Audio to MP3,WMA,WAV,AMR,OGG,FLAC,AC3,AAC. MP3 Converter also can be used as Ringtone maker software to split and cut mp3 files. Batch Mode is also Supported.
  • Csharp Export to Excel 2020.12.2  2021-04-28
    The easiest way to export data to an Excel document in C# is to programmatically create a sheet. You've got two options with our IronXL. You can use the and datatable functionality to automatically create Excel files.
  • UFS Explorer Network RAID 8.15  2021-04-27
    UFS Explorer Network RAID skillfully deals with both common and RAID-related data recovery tasks and is enhanced with the ability to perform the procedure over a local area network on a storage medium connected to another remote computer.
  • Death In Fog 2.6  2021-04-25
    First, a thick fog fell on the ground. Several days passed, but he did not disappear, and the sun did not appear. Then people started to get sick and die. But this was not the worst. The dead began to come to life. Live like a zombie. Attack healthy
  • Zombies In The Desert 3.2  2021-04-25
    In the middle of the desert sits a ghost town, though it's teeming with zombies. We are safe due to the buffer zone created by the desert around the city. But many corporations want to get a zombie virus. Some for medical purposes and others for weap
  • Horror In Ruined City 2 3.0  2021-04-25
    You stayed until the evening in search of supplies. Fog has already descended on the city. There was a noise in the fog. You already knew what it is, a zombie of course. Luckily during the day you picked up a lot of weapons. It's time to put these we
  • Zombie Memory Cards 3.2  2021-04-25
    Our new game Zombie Memory Cards contains knights and zombies. Cards need to be turned over to find the pairs. All the cards remain "shirt" up until the pairs are removed. Remember the location of the same cards. The fewer clicks you make the quicker
  • Horror In Ruined City 3.0  2021-04-25
    With the appearance of zombies, a new type of entertainment appeared. Hunt for zombies in a ruined and teeming zombie city, in the fenced-in areas where you can shoot them for a fee. As they say, arranging a zombie safari raises adrenaline. But sudde
  • Zombies In Mansion 3.1  2021-04-25
    Medieval Dungeons is a first-person action game for a single player. Conquer all dungeons to prove your courage and become a real warrior. Kill monsters, collect gains, buy weapons.
  • Adventures Of Slime 2.3  2021-04-25
    Adventures Of Slime - an exciting game in the genre of platformer. You need to go through all the levels. With each level passed, the game will become more difficult. Run, run, jump, look for secrets - all this in the game Adventures of slime!
  • Hardcore Man 1.2  2021-04-25
    This game is a challenging but fun game with lots of traps and puzzles. You will have to spend your time to go through this game. Owen loves challenges, help him accomplish all the achievements!
  • Find The Exit 2.3  2021-04-25
    Find The Exit - An exciting game. You have to go through all the levels of a difficult maze and find a way out. Do not touch the borders, otherwise you will die, collect acceleration, which increase your speed. All this in the game Find The Exit!
  • Forest Camp 2.3  2021-04-25
    Forest Camp is an exciting game. You got lost in the forest, and you need to find a way out, evil monsters roam around you, there are dangerous traps. Run, jump, dodge, look for secrets - all this in the game Forest Camp.
  • The Desert 2.3  2021-04-25
    You are in the distant past in the desert city of Marda, to get out of here, you need to avoid traps and find a portal in this city, it publishes wonderful music, find it! Hint: the louder the music, the closer the portal.
  • Space Adventures 2.3  2021-04-25
    Space Adventures is a fun game. You have to jump on meteorite platforms, dodge aliens, spikes, look for secrets. Enjoy music, jump, feel gravity, run, dodge - all this in the game Space Adventures.
  • Swamp Adventures 2.3  2021-04-25
    Swamp Adventures - An exciting game in the genre of platformer. You have to go through all the levels, with each completed game it will become more and more difficult. Not everyone can go through all the levels. Run, jump, dodge, look for secrets - a
  • Winter Dungeon 3 1.9  2021-04-25
    Winter, but you are not cold, you are warmed by the fact that you will soon be able to get rich for treasures.
  • Adrenaline Adventure 2.3  2021-04-24
    Run on time to reach your goal, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid dangers.
  • PHP TreeMenu - Multilevel Tree Menu Control 1  2021-05-12
    PHP script for generating multilevel tree menu control. Provides highly-efficient solution for treeview menu solution of your site
  • Pool Of Death 2.3  2021-04-24
    Pool of Death is a RPG style horror game with humor! Have you ever wondered how musicians would do hold their own in the zombie apocalypse?
  • Battery Charging 2.0  2021-04-24
    Battery Charging is a game in which you sell battery power. You need to monitor the charge level, because if it is equal to zero, then you will lose. To raise the level of charge you need to click on the battery.
  • The Evil Party 2.3  2021-04-24
    The Evil Party is a very difficult platforming game, you play a ninja, and you have to go through many levels to get to the party . But it will be very difficult to do this, the game does not forgive mistakes, the player dies with one blow and starts
  • Are You Ready 2.3  2021-04-24
    More than 10 maps; 4 different types of landscape: forest, mountains, desert, snow; AI, that can dodge your shells and fires ahead your movement; 5 bosses, who need to find strategy to kill their; HARDCORE, NO SAVES AND ONLY 5 LIVES LIKE IN OLD GAMES
  • Qvabllock 2.3  2021-04-24
    "Qvabllock" - pixemalism game with elements of puzzle, with minimalistic gameplay. Collect all the colored squares to take the main green and go through all 30 levels.
  • Volstead 2.3  2021-04-24
    Strategic turn-based game ambiented in USA 1920 when the Volstead act was declared. From 1 to 5 players in hot-seat mode. Fully replayable with lots of possible strategies. Game mechanics easy to understand. Around 20-60 minutes per game. Texts in En
  • Home 3 2.0  2021-04-24
    Continuation of the series of games "Home". You are in the jungle. You have to go home through danger. Take the test, overcome obstacles and do not lose. Collect coins and keys to complete the game. Laugh at troubles or troubles will laugh at you.
  • Space Buggy 1.1  2021-04-24
    Space Buggy - This is a car game. In this game you have to dodge obstacles. Download and try it, it's not easy. Good luck. Space Buggy - This is a car game. In this game you have to dodge obstacles. Download and try it, it's not easy. Good luck.
  • Osteya 1.1  2021-04-24
    Osteya is a city that has served as a home to many people for many centuries. A city that disappeared from the face of the Earth for unknown reasons. There is a legend among historians that Ostea was simply stuck in time between worlds.
  • Parquet 1.1  2021-04-24
    The "floor" should be laid out with "Parquet" in the form of Tetris figures, and the color of the "Parquet" should completely match the color of the "floor". During the game, pictures of different themes are opened depending on the game mode. Each ep
  • Road Traffic 1.1  2021-04-24
    Road Traffic - 6 lanes, a bunch of cars and you are alone. Race at full speed from all directions, and you are between them. Dodge them, ride between lanes and score points. All you need is not to get into an accident !!!
  • KingS 1.1  2021-04-24
    KingS is a challenging action game where you have to defeat an army of pig enemies who have captured the main character's castle. In the first seconds of passing the game, you will think that the game is impossible to pass, but this opinion is wrong,
  • Retflex 2.3  2021-04-24
    You play as Flex. You need to evade the needles, jump from the earth platform to another. Get points and set records. In a jump, Flex flips for agility. Control the arrows.
  • Box Platform 1.9  2021-04-24
    Are you just a cube? Yes, you are just a cube that can move, thus earning game points. Also, every 10 points, the speed of the game will gradually increase, and therefore you will need a better reaction to achieve good points in the game.
  • Jumper Ball 1.9  2021-04-24
    Jump the ball on randomly generated platforms, thereby earning game points. In this new arcade game, you will be able to see vector graphics, with nice effects of detail and other additional graphic effects.
  • Endless Game 1.9  2021-04-24
    How about an endless 3-in-a-row game? Well, now it's all implemented and available right in this game, there are no special rules, except that 3 identical animals must come together to win!
  • Escape From Hell 2 1.9  2021-04-24
    Collect 10 coins in the dungeons to win, but most importantly do not get caught by the monsters that live there, only so you can get out of this dark place and understand how close you were to death.
  • Edible And Nedible 1.9  2021-04-24
    For a long time there was a game Edible is not edible, which was played by many children in their yards, and now you can play this game even on the computer without problems.
  • Click Platform 1.9  2021-04-24
    Click on the right mouse button or space bar, so that the white ball that is on the platforms starts to jump, thereby protecting yourself from the evil and very sharp spikes that want him to jump into them, but I think you will succeed!
  • Galactic Force 2 1.9  2021-04-24
    Become a space Ranger, and go on a long journey to distant stars, but do not forget that you are not eternal! You will have to protect your spaceship from meteorites that fly directly at you, so for the destruction of meteorites you will be given XP
  • Alien Base Defender 2 1.6  2021-04-23
    The seemingly well-defended base was attacked suddenly. Alien spaceships easily pierced the protective dome and landed troops. All the defenders of the base were destroyed except you. Now all hope is on you. Defend the base until reinforcements arriv
  • Wasteland Massacre 1.6  2021-04-23
    The future turned out not to be what people wanted. The use of robots for military purposes has brought death and destruction. Now robots hunt humans. People hid underground where energy is needed for life. Kill robots and collect batteries. You need
  • Mortar Shelling 3.8  2021-04-23
    You are a soldier of the Soviet army who fell under mortar fire. The fascists surrounded you and are tightening the noose. The fire is so dense that every square meter of the area is being blasted. But the fascists do not scare you, the very brave so
  • Sleeping Horror 1.4  2021-04-23
    A large moon appeared from behind a cloud. A dull light covered the old oil storage. Here only the wind has been blowing for the last ten years. But now something has changed. And it was evil revived.
  • Colony Of Mars 1.6  2021-04-23
    There is life on Mars. And the first to know this were not the scientists who had settled in the city for a long time, but you. While guarding the old base of the first settlers, you saw monsters. Take your weapon and kill monsters. Monsters should n
  • ARENIX 1.3  2021-04-23
    Arenix is a brutal fast-paced top-down shooter with thousands of monsters and even more bullets. Moving all the time is your only chance to survive. Stop for a moment and you're dead. Death is inevitable, but how long can you survive?
  • Time Rider 1.9  2021-04-23
    TimeRider is a game about a time racer. Who, hiding from the chase in his car named Defloria, went to the past. Where he stopped time to hide. You have to drive through hundreds of cars that are just standing!
  • Rules Zombie Hunter 2.5  2021-04-23
    The whole world is engulfed by zombies. You are one of the survivors, commandos. You were abandoned to clean the city, but the whole group was destroyed. Only you left your gun and zombies, hordes of zombies !!!
  • Last Defender Checkpoint 2.5  2021-04-23
    You were a simple military man. But something terrible happened, the zombie apocalypse began. At first, the military controlled everything. You as part of a group were placed on the defense of a roadblock. But only you survived !!!
  • War Droid 2.4  2021-04-23
    WarDroid is a cool shooter with beautiful graphics and effects. There are 3 guns of your choice. Choose all the different owl! There are also buns such as a jetpack. Just crash these tins and have fun.
  • Hummer Jumper 1.2  2021-04-23
    Hummer Jumper - This is a jackhammer game in the jumper genre. Control is elementary, just press space - everyone can handle it! Enjoy great audio.
  • Special Ogent Skyscraper 2.5  2021-04-23
    You are a special agent. After the next completed task, you return to the base. But this time, everything went wrong. And you had to jump from house to house to escape from the persecution !!! Management: Movement: A; D. Leap: Space. Pause: Escape.
  • Modular Fence 2.1  2021-04-23
    Three-part modular fence with highly detailed PBR textures
  • Mountain Rocks 2.3  2021-04-23
    3 models of mountain rocks with PBR materials
  • Chair Stool Low Poly 2.3  2021-04-23
    Chair stool low poly chair and stool
  • ReliefJet Quick Folders for Outlook 1.3.2  2021-05-12
    Outlook add-in for easy navigation through Microsoft Outlook folders. Navigate to the folder containing the opened message, quickly find the folder you need, move or copy your emails and other Outlook items reliably and easily.
  • City Wasteland 2 3.0  2021-04-22
    In the ruined city there were still a lot of weapons scattered about, and you need to gather them. But what if there are many infected people in the city, the people who have already become zombies? Destroy the zombies and collect as much weapons and
  • Space Base Zombie 3.0  2021-04-22
    Alien dust has engulfed the tourist space base and all of the employees are turning into zombies. You were lucky that it didn't happen to you, yet. But what to do? There are no new weapons, as robots have long been in charge of everything. However a
  • Parazites In Old Village 2 3.0  2021-04-22
    After destroying all the monsters, you decide to rest. Having woken up later in the evening you saw a fast moving shadow between old houses. Have the monsters returned? There was a fog so it's hard to tell. Grab your weapons and investigate.
  • Parasites In Ruined City 2 3.0  2021-04-22
    In the neighborhoods of destroyed cities, new monsters have appeared. You, a specialist in killing monsters, set out to hunt them yet again. This time more monsters got out of their holes. Collect ammo in the city. You need to try better to stay aliv
  • Monsters Alien Land 3 3.0  2021-04-22
    Skins and teeth of monsters have long been sold off and the money quickly ran out. Once again you have to go hunting for monsters. Kill monsters, earn money, and buy better weapons. Don't let the hunter become the prey.
  • Legal Drift 3d 1.8  2021-04-22
    Legal Drift 3D is a drift racing game. Your task is to pass corners at maximum speed. Drive along mountain roads and have fun.
  • Knifes Factory 2.2  2021-04-22
    This is a clicker game. In this game you have to make knifes and sell them. With the money you can buy upgrades. Upgrades will help you grow up your company and make more money. I wish you success.