New software

  • Easy Multi Display 1.0.51  2020-07-13
    Multi-screen, multi-zone digital signage for all companies and businesses.Easily broadcast your media, your websites, your social networks, your online store on several screens locally or remotely and offer a striking display.
  • JP2 To JPG Converter Software 7.0  2020-07-12
    This software offers a solution to users who want to convert multiple JP2 or JPEG 2000 images into regular JPEG files.
  • DVD RipR  2020-07-11
    DVD RipR converts DVD tracks to MP4, MPG, MPEG, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP3, OGG, FLAC formats. Supports audio streams and subtitle streams. Supports trimming, cropping, flipping, watermarks, color controls, plus export wizard.
  • RVIC Bible 1.2  2020-07-11
    The RVIC Bible - the Revised Version Improved and Corrected (American Edition). This translation of the Bible was produced from manuscripts discovered and published A.D. 1999. It is presented as a Windows Application.
  • Language 4 All 1.0  2020-07-11
    Add up to 10 different languages in this ultimate Language Dictionary. Add and delete as you choose. This dictionary will help aid in your continuing quest to learn new languages.
  • Cubic Rush 1.1  2020-07-11
    Cubic rush is a fascinating arcade game in which you have to take on the role of a spaceship pilot and fly as far as possible avoiding obstacles. Set and conquer new records, earn credits and get access to the most innovative starships. The two-playe
  • Town Escape 3.3  2020-07-11
    Going by the command's instructions to headquarters, your plane was hit by enemies. An important report is in your possession and must not fall into the hands of the enemies! To get to it you need to fight your way through the captured city.
  • Forsaken City 1.1  2020-07-11
    In an abandoned city found a haven of crowds of monsters. You were sent to clean this city. Use the most modern weapons in the fight against monsters. Constantly move and do not let you catch up. All that is required of you is to survive in a ghost t
  • Supercar Parking 2.4  2020-07-11
    Supercar Parking is a game in which you have to test your parking skills! You must park the car while avoiding damage. Follow the signs and go to the designated parking space. For each task you complete you earn money. You can use this money to tune
  • Shadow Driver 2.0  2020-07-11
    Check out our latest in black and white style arcade game. You will need to drive an SUV on difficult tracks. Go through the available tracks and open new ones. There are a total of ten tracks. The game has realistic physics, and you will need to gai
  • Zombies In My House 2.5  2020-07-10
    Waking up and just opening your eyes you saw a zombie hovering above you. Grabbing a pistol from under the pillow, start blasting the zombies. Upon running from the house, you see many more zombies walking in your garden. What give them the right? Ta
  • Nightmare Old Road 2 1.1  2020-07-10
    While patrolling the infected area, I came across an old road, where I heard strange sounds in the distance. There I saw a bunch of old cars and containers. Climbed through them. From all sides went monsters. Glory to God with me is my favorite argum
  • Solitaire, Spider and Freecell 1.0.0  2020-07-10
    Enjoy a modern & stylish version of this classic card game. Take a break from your everyday life with this classic version of Solitaire. Play Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell to your heart's content.
  • Free MP3 Converter 3.8  2020-07-13
    Free Mp3 Converter is very easy to use, and will convert to mp3 music with bunch of options. This mp3 converter supports mp3 convert of all major audio formats, convert to mp3 with adjustable bit rates (30-320 KHz)
  • Animated Banner Maker  2020-07-13
    ABM is perfect for creating professional animated web banners to display on-line. Animated Banner Maker animates images, text, and polygons in a way similar to Adobe Animate. Animate position, size, transparency, rotation & colors in a time-line.
  • Axon Free Virtual PBx System 2.20  2020-07-10
    Virtual IP PBX VoIP Software for Windows PCs
  • Industrial Sky Base 2 2.0  2020-07-09
    Communication with the remote space station was cut off. The station is far from space travel routes. To save money, you, an experienced commando, are sent in to check out the situation. Upon arriving at the station, you immediately suspect that some
  • Night In Mansion 2.0  2020-07-09
    First, children from nearby villages began to disappear, followed by the adults. It becomes apparent that monsters escaped from an abandoned sanatorium. Local hunters went hunting for the monsters, but were never heard from again. The military was se
  • Defender Sky Base 3 2.0  2020-07-09
    The space base was once again attacked by monsters and a distress signal has been sent. Now you just need to wait for help. But this is easier said than done as the monsters are looking for you. Be especially wary of motionless monsters. Collect weap
  • Fight In Desert 2.0  2020-07-09
    On your way to training at the base in the desert, you had no idea that you would have to fight with monsters. The base was just swarming with them and all of the soldiers were eaten! Good thing there are a lot of weapons around. Take part in a glori
  • Headless Zombie 8.3  2020-07-09
    It is a story about a former nobleman called Carl, who converted into a zombie. Carl is trying to sort things out in his difficult situation and become a human again, but keeps losing his head again and again. Physical platformer with a twist, juicy
  • Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac 1.1.30  2020-07-09
    Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac helps convert videos including 4K videos to formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc. It also enables you to enhance, deshake and rotate videos.
  • Apeaksoft MobieTrans 2.0.26  2020-07-09
    Apeaksoft MobieTrans can transfer photos, contacts, etc. between iOS and Android, from iOS to iOS, from Android to Android. It could also transfer data from mobile phones to computer and vice versa.
  • Password Keeper 1.13  2020-07-13
    Keep track of all your usernames and passwords for free with Password Keeper.
  • Barcode Label Studio 2.0.0  2020-07-08
    Generate and Print 1D and 2D barcode label with optional header texts and footer texts
  • Curse 2 1.2  2020-07-08
    Curse_2 is a game in which you go on an expedition into outer space on your rocket. There is no room for error. If you make a mistake, then a new expedition will be sent. Will you be able to complete your flight and not let down earthlings. Go ahead.
  • Hole Dash 1.2  2020-07-07
    In this game you have to "shapeshift" (literally), to fit through shape specific holes. But, it's not as easy as you may think!
  • Gravity Shift 1.3  2020-07-07
    In this game, your goal is to last as long as possible using your powers of gravity manipulation. Don't fall in the holes! Controls are: A and D to move, Space to shift gravity
  • Tank Bros 1.3  2020-07-07
    Tank Bros is a small voxel warfare prototype. Fight opponents of red color, shoot at them, but do not let yourself be killed and win.
  • Pro Flip 1.3  2020-07-07
    It's a bottle flipping game with pro skater-like combo mechanics. Click on the bottle and drag it around. Release for spectacular physics. Try to score the most points or get into the basket.
  • Escape Big Boat 1.3  2020-07-07
    A thrilling 2D platformer about a man stranded inside a sinking ship. You must use your wits and environment to find a way out of the ship before you drown.
  • Flora Drive 1.7  2020-07-07
    In this game you need to pass the ball to the desired point. Many levels and difficulty increases with each level. Jump over obstacles that stand in your way. Also accompanied by music, which facilitates the passage of the game. There are different g
  • AB Bulk Mailer 10.0  2020-07-07
    AB Bulk mailer, worlds best selling email marketing software,with built-in email extractor, email verifier, add poster on facebook/twitter.Imagine how many orders you get when your sales mail goes direct to inbox..Allows multiple email message subjects, multiple rotating bodies,spintax, sender email/name rotation,rotating reply id. Extracting leads from google search.
  • C# Read Excel File 2020.6.0  2020-07-07
    We can easily use IronExcel to read Excel files in any C# or VB .NET application, including those developed with .NET Framework, Core, and Standard. We use IronExcel to read in an XLS or XLSX file and can then manipulate the data, including formulas.
  • Wind Turbine 5.46  2020-07-07
    Wind Turbine is an interactive Return on Investment Planner for Renewable Energies. It brings various small Simulations based on the Dynamic Applications Platform of Business Planners. Calculates Total Cost of Ownership as well as Return on Invest.
  • AudioQuick Editor 1.3  2020-07-06
    With AudioQuick Editor you can edit audio quickly and easily, delete audio parts, apply fade in and fade out, crop audio, insert silence, adjust volume. You can convert audio between 7 formats, record all streaming music from your sound card.
  • Healthcare Simulations 5.42  2020-07-06
    Healthcare Simulation allows you to load, save, run, create and modify various Simulation Models by Dynamic Applications, centered around the topic of Home, Family, Health, Virus Infections, and healthy food creation.
  • Pulse Master 6.8  2020-07-06
    With Pulse Master musicians can slow down music, so they can learn new songs and techniques. Independent control of music speed and pitch is made in real-time by playing it from a CD, MP3 , WMA, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, WAV , Ogg Vorbis and more.
  • Coin Clicker 1.2  2020-07-05
    Coin Clicker is a game in which you click on a coin to make money. Earn enough money to level up and earn even more!
  • Island Ghost 2 1.2  2020-07-05
    The island was empty. Once upon a time there was a virus research center. The virus escaped and killed almost all the living. The rest are mutated. Both humans and animals mutated. You are just unlucky to be here. The plane crashed and crashed near t
  • Two Kingdoms 1.4  2020-07-05
    In the game TWO KINGDOMS you have to defend your castle from an evil neighbor. Your forces are opposed by equal enemy forces. You can choose the type of troops that will be sent to battle. Improvements are available to your soldiers to make them stro
  • Project Defense 1.8  2020-07-05
    Project Defense - game in the genre of defense tower. You have to repel the enemy's attacks on the main base, for this you will need a variety of turrets, from the machine gun to the lasers and missile salvos. To improve the efficiency of your tower,
  • Forest Road 2.6  2020-07-05
    "Forest Road" is a single adventure runner game. In the game you have to jump or dodge various obstacles. And collect logs that will increase the number of points at the end of the game. The game world is generated randomly and endlessly, over time t
  • Shadows In Fog 1.3  2020-07-05
    The military base is bombed. The ground operation began. Mercenaries surrounded your small detachment, several soldiers remained in the survivors. The base needs to be protected at all costs. You have a lot of weapons and you can't be so easily defea
  • Magnetized Knight 2.1  2020-07-05
    Knight goes on a dangerous mission in which he must pass all the puzzles of an abandoned castle- using gravity. Magnetized knight-platformer puzzle game in which we play the role of a knight deciding to pass all the tests. To overcome the challenges
  • 3D Ebook Cover 4.0.0  2020-07-13
    Professional software for creating high-quality 3D eBook covers in just a few seconds. It enables you to present your eBooks and electronic posters in professional and eye-catching ways.
  • MP3 Bitrate Changer 1.6  2020-07-05
    MP3 Bitrate Changer can change MP3 bitrate, so you can send MP3 to your mobile device, or as an E-mail attachment. It creates audio preview and file size estimation before conversion, so you can determine which mp3 bitrate combination fit your needs.
  • Agross 1.4  2020-07-05
    Agross is a game with controls and farm development. You play the role of a farmer. You have a house, garden beds, a chicken coop, a stable and a market. Your task is to develop the economy, take new people into your home and not die of hunger. The g
  • Little Dog 1.5  2020-07-04
    Little Dog is an original 2D platformer with attractive graphics, suitable for people of completely different ages. In this game you have to go through the levels for a small but brave enough dog. Your main task is to collect bones for this dog. Afte
  • Radio Widget 1.6  2020-07-04
    Radio Widget is a small widget that can play music from nine Russian radio stations. It does not take up much space on the desktop and creates a pleasant musical background when working or relaxing at the computer. User-friendly interface is translat
  • Cute Blocks 1.4  2020-07-04
    Agross is a game with controls and farm development. You play the role of a farmer. You have a house, garden beds, a chicken coop, a stable and a market. Your task is to develop the economy, take new people into your home and not die of hunger. The g
  • Seeker Of Adventures 1.5  2020-07-04
    Seeker of Adventures is the simplest 2D platformer with survival elements in which you have to go through hardcore levels as a traveler who decided to get rich by finding the treasures of ancient tribes. The essence of this game is very simple, on ea
  • The Brave Mouse 1.5  2020-07-04
    The Brave Mouse is a simple 2D platformer with survival elements in which you play as a small but very brave mouse. Your main task is to collect all the pieces of cheese on each level, but be careful, because the mouse is surrounded by many dangers,
  • Survival R 1.4  2020-07-04
    Retro style platformer shooter. The game is very dynamic and challenging and will make you sweat. Many locations that are teeming with monsters and your faithful shotgun. The goal of the game breaks through the crowds of zombies and find a way out. B
  • Living Way Screensaver  2020-07-13
    The Living Way Screensaver is made specifically for Christian believers to offer encouraging reminders regarding hope, faith, brotherly love, and daily Christian living.
  • Antamedia M.D.O.O. 7.3.0  2020-07-13
    Hotspot software by Antamedia is the Industry leading software to manage and sell Guest WiFi Hotspot access and Hotel WiFi Internet. It helps you control and bill Internet usage by redirecting customers to login or pay
  • .NET Barcode Library 2020.6.0.0  2020-07-03
    .Net Barcode by IronBarcode has full support for .NET Standard and .NET Core Versions 2 and above, allowing it to be deployed in modern applications, including Azure functions, Linux applications, Windows desktop applications, web applications, etc.
  • Direct MP3 Recorder Free 3.3  2020-07-03
    With Direct MP3 Recorder you can record streaming audio (Spotify, Deezer etc.) in 6 formats (MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP4, Wave)via sound card. You can do speedy recording by hot keys or signal detection, or scheduled recordings by timer.
  • Stacker 1.4  2020-07-02
    Stacker is a fast-paced stacking game that is getting more and more challenging. Tap or tap to stack the colored blocks on top of each other as accurately as you can. Keep the blocks as big as possible, once they get small, it becomes very difficult.
  • Car Simulator 1.2  2020-07-02
    Car Simulator - Play on cool cars. Choose cars, customize them and tick from the police. A lot of what you will see in the game itself. Choose legendary cars.
  • Banana Idle 1.6  2020-07-02
    Banana Idle is not an ordinary and cool clicker. In the game you will need to collect bananas and buy improvements on them, sometimes coconuts will fall, they will need to be caught and you will be given bananas. The more bananas the cooler you get!
  • Power Gun 1.6  2020-07-02
    Power Gun - a game in which you have 4 types of weapons, a gun, a machine gun, a shotgun and a flamethrower. In this game there is an endless world in which you can find monsters, and they will not kill against you, therefore you must always be on yo
  • Rocki 1.4  2020-07-02
    Fight in the galaxy in this new retro game! Avoid or destroy the asteroids. Enjoy surviving by listening to the fun upbeat soundtrack. Do not forget to score 1000 points!
  • Cubes 1.6  2020-07-02
    The game "Cubes" is an arcade game in which the player must pop the figures to get coins. To earn 1 coin you need to burst one figure. To open new level 1 figures, you need 50 coins per figure. To open figures of the 2nd level 100 coins per figure an
  • SnL 1.3  2020-07-02
    SnL is a simple casual game in which you need to roll dice and as a result your movement will take place on the cells. The essence of the game is very simple and understandable even to young children. Players take turns to roll a die and move to a ce
  • MiniTool Video Converter 2.0  2020-07-13
    MiniTool Video Converter is the most direct solution to convert audio and videos files to multiple formats. This free video converter is available to turn audio to video and convert video to audio.
  • Spam-X Solo  2020-07-02
    Spam-X is NOT a Spam-Filter! As there are tons of filter solutions on the market, our intention was to create something new, something different: We invented Spam-X, the world's first eMail agent.
  • Websearch Launcher 1.01  2020-07-01
    Get the best search results and translations on internet with Websearch Launcher Freeware. You select text in websites or any programs and then you can do compare the searchings or translations from out different search engines.
  • Apeaksoft Data Recovery for Mac 1.2.10  2020-07-01
    Apeaksoft Data Recovery for Mac is 100% safe for you to recover lost files from Mac, recycle bin, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile phones, etc.
  • UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 8.0  2020-07-01
    UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a software solution for a wide range of data recovery tasks, with a particular focus on efficient work with complicated and uncommon storage technologies, defective disks and instances of serious data corruption.
  • Add MP3 Files To Multiple MP4 Videos Software 7.0  2020-07-01
    This software offers a solution to users who want to add MP3 audio to multiple MP4 files. The user chooses the files or an entire folder to be processed before starting the conversion.
  • 8-in-1 English Bible For Mobile Phone 1.0  2020-07-01
    This Bible software contains eight versions of Bible integrated into one. They are NIV, NIRV, TNIV, NASB, NLT, WEB, HCSB, and KJV.
  • Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools 11  2020-07-01
    Extract database schemas, build and run SQL queries, visualize data relationships in your databases, all with a single software package.
  • Aglowsoft PIMS (Patient Information Management System) 3.2  2020-07-01
    Aglowsoft PIMS (Patient Information Management System) allows the management of the Patient & Medic records. It provides functionalities to manipulate Patient & Medic records.
  • Assault Zone 1.6  2020-06-30
    Black and white indie game about storminng area 51.
  • Space Of Darkness 1.6  2020-06-30
    You need to escort the main ship to the planet Grong. Go through four areas with different enemies to achieve your goal. Do not let the enemy ships fly to the main ship. Break through the enemies, and do not let yourself die. Good luck.
  • Car For Money 1.6  2020-06-30
    Car for money - an exciting game where you have to drive a car. The game has 2 big cards. Also will meet you: * Large space * nice graphics * easy operation * well-developed car model * good sounds And much more. Drive a car and show everyone
  • Slimes Adventures 1.6  2020-06-30
    Slime's adventures - an exciting pixel platformer in which you have to play as a slime. You will have to fight with dangerous monsters who crave your death! The game has spikes that, unlike enemies, will not give you mercy, you must be a master to de
  • Basket Death 2 1.6  2020-06-30
    Jungle adventures - an exciting platformer in which you have to play as an explorer. You will have to fight the dangerous monsters that crave your death! The game has spikes that, unlike enemies, will not give you mercy, you must be a master to deal
  • Nostalgia Sim Baseball 6.5  2020-06-30
    Nostalgia Simulation Baseball is a powerful baseball simulation game designed for baseball enthusiasts.
  • Fruits and Veggies for Kids 1.2  2020-06-30
    Learning software for toddlers. Learn and remember the vegetables and fruits.
  • P3P4 Generator 1.0.1  2020-06-30
    The best free lottery software P3P4 Generator works with all the Pick 3 Pick 4 Lotteries
  • JXR To JPG Converter Software 7.0  2020-06-29
    This software offers a solution for users who want to convert multiple JXR / JPEG XR files to JPG files.
  • Animals for Kids 3D 2.6  2020-06-29
    App allows your kid to learn how animals look like, and to learn their names.
  • dotNet4Java  2020-06-29
    The dotNet4Java is a .Net Runtime Library for Java which helps Java developers work with .Net libraries and framework from Java. It is designed to provide a way to interact with .Net applications from Java.
  • HEIC To JPG Converter Software 7.0  2020-06-29
    This software offers a solution for users who want to convert multiple HEIC files to JPG files. Simply add files to queue individually, by folder or by drag-and drop.
  • Smilesearch 1.3  2020-06-28
    You play as a smiley, your task is to catch as many coins as possible, and not get on the bomb! Be careful and stay on the platform. Get points and set records! Genre: Arcade. Management: A, D - movement.
  • Redjumper 1.3  2020-06-28
    Redjumper - play as a red jumper! Stay on the platform and do not touch the black stars, just do not go beyond the map. Reach the yellow star, this is your prize! The game has 6 levels of varying difficulty. Management: arrows - movement, ESC - exit
  • Cruces 2 1.3  2020-06-28
    Continuation of the game Crysis. It is heavier than the first part. It has improved graphics. Management is the same. Come on, play it.
  • The Forest 1.4  2020-06-28
    The Forest event takes place in a small village that is shrouded in mountains from all sides. You have to find a portal to get out of there and return also you have to explore the unique world that was created with taste.
  • House Of Horrors Escape 1.7  2020-06-28
    If you like scary games with black humor, then this game is for you! The protagonist Oleg collecting mushrooms lost in the woods. Wandering through the dense forest he came across an abandoned house. Long without thinking Oleg decides to spend the ni
  • Intergalactic Shooter 1.3  2020-06-28
    Embark on an endless space journey. Destroy enemy starships and break your record. Collect scrap and upgrade your ship for greater efficiency in battle. Achieve a bigger score! And pleasant music and interesting effects will accompany you. Go to spac
  • Sliding Ball 1.2  2020-06-28
    This is a sports game. In this game you have to throw the ball into the basket. With each hit on the basket you score. Try to make a big score. I wish you success.
  • Tiny Hero Adventure 1.3  2020-06-28
    The world of this game contains well-developed levels, various enemies, super-bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music, as well as sounds. You should pass the levels for which you have only 3 lives. After the end of 3 lives, you die
  • Flappy Sky 1.3  2020-06-28
    Control the plane avoiding walls, defeating enemies and gaining points! Collect gems dumped by enemies and unlock character skins!
  • G Penguin 1.3  2020-06-28
    G-Penguin is a gravity switching platformer. With gravity, you need to get to the finish line. You must not touch the spikes and enemies.
  • Fruitball 1.3  2020-06-28
    In this game you have to pass the levels without falling on the spikes. Your characters are in the form of fruits. Do not let them die. Everything depends on you.
  • Ghostify 1.3  2020-06-28
    You are playing as a ghost. In order to survive you have to dodge spikes. Score points to unlock harder difficulties. Collect coins to upgrade your stats, making it easier to survive longer and to collect even more coins.
  • Tap To Turn 1.3  2020-06-28
    TapToTurn is a 3D casual endless runner. Press "space" to turn the cube so it can go through the walls.
  • Escape From Hell 1.3  2020-06-28
    You have to get out of the dungeons of hell, you have to find 5 crystals and reach the door, but not so easy, on your way will be waiting for evil demons. You can go to the break or just go around them, the choice is yours!