New software

  • X-Voyage Template for ApPHP Hotel Site 1  2020-11-28
    This is a fully featured specially designed template compatible for ApPHP Hotel Site
  • Video Thumbnail Creator 1.0  2020-11-26
    Batch add Thumbnails to Videos for Windows Explorer Thumbnail Preview - Make video thumbnails for Windows Explorer.
  • Support IObit  2020-11-28
    IObit Malware Fighter 8 is a powerful and comprehensive anti-malware and anti-virus program that can protect your PC against the latest spyware, adware, ransomware, Trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, hijackers, viruses, etc.
  • 3D Pumpkin Screensaver 2.0  2020-11-24
    The most mystical holiday of the year is Halloween! Halloween is occult and at the same time fun holiday! You decorate yourself with unusual outfits, as well as your home with the attributes of this day.
  • Management Remote PC 4.0  2020-11-22
    Administration, remote management, inventory and monitoring of computers on the network
  • Apeaksoft PPT to Video Converter 1.0.6  2020-11-28
    Apeaksoft PPT to Video Converter could not only convert PPT files to popular video formats but also burn PPT files to DVD disc/folder or ISO files. Moreover, you could customize the output files.
  • PHP Business Listings Directory Script 3  2020-11-21
    Simple, powerful and customizable solution for building business listings, classified directory or yellow pages websites.
  • C# PDF Parser 2020.10.1  2020-11-20
    The product can be anything but difficult to work with PDFs in C# and use all the usefulness you requirement for a .NET application, including utilizing C# parse PDF documents.
  • Magic RAID Recovery 1.0  2020-11-20
    The ultimate tool to repair corrupted RAID arrays and recover information from single-disk and multi-disk storage devices. Corrupted file systems, deleted files, faulty RAID controllers, exotic types of RAID are not a problem for Magic RAID Recovery.
  • C# Export PDFs and Save to MemoryStream 2020.10.0  2020-11-20
    Iron PDF allows you to open an existing PDF and export the content from that including the text content and the images. You can also edit it inserting new pages which you can take from a media you've created or from an existing PDF and insert them.
  • Increase or Decrease Computer Volume With Keyboard Software 7.0  2020-11-21
    This software offers a solution to users who want to increase or decrease the volume in Windows quickly using the keyboard. By default, to increase the volume you press Ctrl+Shift+Q but you can select which shortcut you want to use.
  • EduCore - Course Marketplace Script 2  2020-11-21
    Start your very own course marketplace like Udemy on very low budget
  • MOOS Project Viewer for Mac 4.0.1  2020-11-11
    MOOS Project Viewer is a Microsoft Project viewer that can open any MS Project file type (.mpp, .mpt, .mpx, .xml) for any Microsoft Project version (2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010). Available views: WBS, Gantt chart, task sheet, resource sheet, calendars
  • POWER-KI Developer Edition 10  2020-11-09
    POWER-KI (R) the programming language for Intelligent Applications, establishes a New and Original paradigm for programming languages: separation between Data, Flow, Code;Full Reflective;Designed for Multi Threading;Native Cloud:Simple Code Syntax
  • Soda PDF 12  2020-11-21
    Soda PDF Anywhere is the first full-featured PDF solution available both on desktop and online. It allows users to read, create, batch convert, merge, edit, annotate, and secure PDFs, and send documents for e-signature within minutes.
  • Dynasoft TeleFactura Telecom ISP CDR 6.48  2020-11-07
    Dynasoft TeleFactura is the definitive BSS OSS convergent telecom voice, data, voip, billing and Radius Authorization Authentication Accounting system solution for data, voice, Wifi, ISP, WISP, mobile, MVNO, telecom, callshop, operators and carriers
  • PHP Hotel Reservation System 2  2020-11-21
    ApPHP Hotel Site Light is a powerful hotel management and online booking/reservation site script.
  • Browsersandse  2020-11-06
    Has four browsers, four search engines, and approximately forty search categories to give numerous search results. The user need just choose the search engine and the browser and the program will search. Also, a default browser will also search.
  • Win10Fix 1.1  2020-11-05
    If your Windows 10 start menu is not working you can use Win10Fix to fix it. This utility will check for specific case which it can handle and if this is the reason for your Windows issue it will fix it.
  • PDF Page Merger 1.2  2020-11-21
    PDF Page Merger is a Windows software tool which combines 2 or more PDF pages into one page in a single PDF file. It allows you to set the page amount on the merged page, so you can merge every 2, 4 or more pages into one page in a single PDF file.
  • Automatically Log Laptop Computer Location Software 7.0  2020-11-21
    This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically log the geographical location of your laptop over time. This software provides a way to capture every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, etc.
  • Compress Multiple MP4 Files Software 7.0  2020-11-21
    This software offers a solution to users who want to reduce the file size of many MP4 files. The user simply adds the required files or an entire folder before choosing the reduction level, using the quality slider, and starting the reduction.
  • Combo Generator Software 7.0  2020-11-03
    This software offers a solution to users who want to generate number or word combinations according to certain specifications. The user can set the range of numbers to pick from or a list of words or letters to pick from.
  • Chris-PC Game Booster 5.10.31  2020-11-21
    Chris-PC Game Booster tunes Windows to use the CPU more efficiently, gets the most of your graphics card GPU, improves the network connection usage of your PC and decreases reads and write access times for your storage drives.
  • Chris-PC RAM Booster 5.10.31  2020-10-31
    Chris-PC RAM Booster will manage your computer memory and page file usage more wisely than before by changing Windows default behavior. Therefore applications and games will run smoother, benefiting of the full power of your computer's RAM memory.
  • Chris-PC CPU Booster 1.10.31  2020-10-31
    Chris-PC CPU Booster puts you in control of your CPU by enabling those programs that need priority in CPU usage to perform faster and smoother against other applications that are not so demanding of the CPU by using Artificial Intelligence.
  • PHP DataForm - Web Control For Data Form 4  2020-11-21
    ApPHP DataForm script is a simple tool for creating HTML Forms with ease.
  • Numbered Folder Icons 1.0  2020-10-30
    Set of 421 folder icons. Numbers from 0 to 99, Years from 2000 to 2030 and decades from '00s to '90s. Use them to change folder icon of the folder you use often and structure digital stuff.
  • Genealogy Folder Icons 1.0  2020-10-30
    Pack of 42 professionally drawn folder icons with genealogy symbols. Apply them to change folder icon of a genealogy archive and personalize digital folders. See what's inside without opening it and mark important folders.
  • Business Folder Icons 1.0  2020-10-30
    Set of 74 professionally designed folder icons with business symbols. Use them to change folder icon of a work file with a business-themed symbol. This helps you to highlight important folders, and see what's inside without opening it.
  • Open PGP Studio 1.2.0  2020-10-30
    GoAnywhere's Open PGP Studio is a free PGP file encryption tool that helps you encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify documents with PGP. Protect your sensitive files while complying with the Open PGP standard with Open PGP Studio.
  • Folder Marker Home - Change Folder Color 4.4.1  2020-10-28
    Change folder color or icon on Windows computer to indicate priority (high, normal, low), project completeness level (done, half-done, planned), work status (approved, rejected, pending) and type of information stored in folder.
  • C# Print PDF 2020.10.0  2020-10-27
    It also allows us to print PDFs using physical printers. Then within the PDF document class reference, you'll notice a set of print functionality that allow us to print directly to a physical printer, with or without user interface dialog.
  • Add Enter After Each Sentence Software 7.0  2020-10-27
    This software offers a solution to users who want to insert enters after sentence characters in one or more text files. The user simply chooses the required files or an entire folder before starting the insertion.
  • Automatically Scroll Down Without Hands Software 7.0  2020-10-26
    This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically scroll down or scroll up in specific applications/documents at regular intervals. From the list of open applications, the user selects the application to scroll in.
  • SoundTap Pro for Mac 6.21  2020-10-27
    SoundTap lets you record just about any audio that plays through a Mac OS X to either wav or mp3 format including streaming radio, VoIP calls and Instant Messaging conversations.
  • Batch Edit Office Properties 1.0  2020-10-25
    Batch Edit Office Properties - Clear Office Properties - Easily batch edit properties of Microsoft Office Documents or clear them - Find and Replace supported
  • X-White Template for ApPHP Hotel Site 1  2020-10-27
    This is a fully featured specially designed template compatible for ApPHP Hotel Site
  • Folder Marker Free - Customize Folders 4.4.1  2020-10-27
    Customize folder icon (label folders) by priority (high, normal, low), project completeness level (done, half-done, planned) and type of information stored in them (work, important, temp and private files).
  • Convert PST to HTML for Outlook 4.16  2020-10-21
    Free PST to HTML converter. This utility converts email messages from Outlook PST data files to HTML format. You can view saved HTML files on any computer or mobile phone by opening them in a web browser.
  • Convert PST to MSG for Outlook 4.16  2020-10-21
    Free PST to MSG converter. Converts Outlook messages, contacts, appoitments, meetings, tasks, notes, and other items from PST to MSG.
  • The C# XLSX Library 2020.9  2020-10-20
    We can use C# to read XLS files using IronXL, and import data from them, including live formula updating. It can also be used to create XLSX files or convert old XLS files to XLSX files and vice versa.
  • Convert PST to EML for Outlook 4.16  2020-10-20
    Free PST to EML converter. This utility converts email messages from Outlook PST data files to EML format. You can import EML to Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac/Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, and other email programs.
  • Cigati PDF Protect Tool 19.0  2020-10-20
    PDF Protect Tool to secure PDF file with great ease and high security parameters
  • Active Password Changer 10  2020-10-20
    Forgotten password recovery software has a simple user interface, supports multiple hard disk drives, detects several SAM databases (if multiple OS were installed on one volume) and more. New Ultimate package includes linux-based Active@ LiveCD.
  • OzGIS 14.7  2020-10-19
    OzGIS is an extensive system for the analysis and display of geographically referenced data. The system can be used to analyze socio-economic and demographic data produced by censuses and surveys and to support management decisions.
  • 4n6 Outlook Phone Number Extractor 4.2  2020-10-27
    Extract Contact Details from Outlook Email - 4n6 Outlook Phone Number Extractor
  • Simple Photo Gallery Script 1  2020-10-17
    A responsive php script that lists photos from an FTP web folder automaticallyl.
  • Hotmail Backup Software 20  2020-10-27
    Free Hotmail Backup Tool export Hotmail emails to hard drive, personal computer, etc. Hotmail backup tool backup Hotmail emails to TXT, DOC, DOCX, DOCM, PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF with attachments. Users can export Hotmail emails with no data loss.
  • Flying Clouds Screensaver 2.0  2020-10-13
    Have you ever dreamed of flying in the sky? Up there, where there is no one, it is calm and good. You are flying in the clouds, a light breeze accompanies your flight. Beautiful sky, fluffy clouds. Isn't that what you dreamed about?
  • Convert PST to MBOX for Outlook 4.16  2020-10-12
    Free Outlook PST to MBOX converter. This utility converts email messages from PST data files into MBOX format compatible with many email programs and systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix. Also, mail apps like: Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others.
  • Convert PST to PDF for Outlook 4.16  2020-10-12
    Free PST to PDF converter. This utility converts email messages from PST format, which is strictly used by Microsoft Outlook, to the Adobe PDF document format, which is available across all platforms and operating systems.
  • Service Admin 1.1  2020-10-27
    Service Admin is an easy-to-use Windows program. It keeps details of all of your customers and enables you to create invoices and job sheets. It has a parts database including min/max stock fields. Pop-up reminders and notes keep you on track.
  • Express Animate Animation Free 5.11  2020-10-12
    Express Animate is free animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text and imported images.
  • 4n6 eM Client Recovery 4.5  2020-10-27
    4n6 eM Client Recovery Tool to recover eM Client Emails, Contacts & Calendar
  • PHP DataGrid - Data-Bound Grid Control 2  2020-10-12
    ApPHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control.
  • 4n6 EML Converter 4.2  2020-10-12
    4n6 EML Converter Tool to Convert .eml or .emlx file with Attachments
  • 4n6 Thunderbird to PDF Converter Tool 4.2  2020-10-12
    Simply convert thunderbird mails into pdf file format with all the attachments by using 4n6 Thunderbird to PDF Converter Tool.
  • Express Burn Plus for Mac 9.20  2020-10-08
    Express Burn Plus for Mac is an ultra fast burner to help save you time. Burn audio, video, or files to CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc. Express Burn includes a user-friendly interface with a handy drag and drop feature.
  • Express Burn Mac Free CD and DVD Burner 9.20  2020-10-08
    Express Burn is a free CD & DVD burning program for Mac OS X. Burn audio, CDs and data CDs for free and trial the advanced features of Video DVD burning. Import multiple audio formats, Express Burn will convert them automatically to CDA as it burns.
  • Cigati SQL Recovery 19.0  2020-10-08
    Cigati SQL Database Recovery is known for its SQL database repair software. The utility assists its users to repair the corrupt and damaged MDF file. It is built up with various features such as Dual Recovery Mode, Preview, saving option.
  • Universal Accounting 2020 1.0  2020-10-06
    Universal accounting is very modern, has very special features for a user-friendly Experience, and the prices are also very user friendly! The software is ideally suited for small companies, self-employed, sole proprietorships, privates.
  • Cigati PDF Merge 19.0  2020-10-08
    Cigati PDF Merger Utility is the most precise and fascinating utility that allows combining multiple PDF files into one. Moreover, it features a way to securely combine PDF files with password encryption.
  • 4n6 EML to PDF Converter Tool 4.3  2020-10-06
    Batch convert EMLX / EML files to PDF Adobe Document with 4n6 EML to PDF Converter Tool. You can convert multiple files at once. It allows to move EMLX / EML file messages alongwith attachments & meta data into PDF documents.
  • 4n6 Outlook to PDF Converter Tool 4.3  2020-10-06
    Convert MS Outlook data to pdf file with 4n6 Outlook to PDF Converter Tool
  • PDF to EXE Converter 1.0  2020-10-06
    Convert PDF to standalone exe - Convert PDF to exe. Protect converted executable with a password Set maximum viewing time, time, date restrictions e.g. teacher can specify maximum viewing time for students Set username, computer name, domain name.
  • Event Lister PHP Script 1  2020-10-06
    Calendar and recurring events lister PHP script.
  • PHP AdminPanel Script 2  2020-10-06
    Website Back-End management script that provides access to the control features of your site, creating static, dynamic pages
  • 4n6 Outlook Recovery Tool 4.3  2020-10-06
    4n6 Outlook PST Recovery software to recover data from crashed MS Outlook
  • Convert Word to EXE 4dots 2.0  2020-10-03
    Convert Word to standalone exe - Convert doc to exe - Convert docx to exe - Convert Word to executable - word to exe
  • Convert Excel to EXE 4dots 2.0  2020-10-03
    Convert Excel to exe - xls to exe - xlsx to exe
  • Net Core PDF Generator 2020.9.0  2020-10-02
    In .Net core, we convert HTML to PDF by using the IronPDF, HTML to PDF class and asking it to render. It will render any HTML file URL or string into a PDF document, including internal links, bookmarks, images, and so much more.
  • 4n6 Thunderbird Recovery Tool 4.2  2020-10-01
    4n6 Thunderbird Recovery Tool to restore emails from crashed Mozilla Thunderbird program & save in 5 + file formats & any web-based email clients based on IMAP.
  • Apeaksoft MobieTrans 2.0.30  2020-09-30
    Apeaksoft MobieTrans can transfer photos, contacts, etc. between iOS and Android, from iOS to iOS, from Android to Android. It could also transfer data from mobile phones to computer and vice versa.
  • 4n6 PST to PDF Converter 4.3  2020-09-29
    4n6 PST to PDF Converter is the best software to export PST mails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, attachments, notes, to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format). It Supports to Convert Single / Multiple PST File to PDF.
  • Awario 3.26  2020-09-28
    AWARIO tracks online mentions of your brand, product, competitors or any given keyword. It helps you engage with your customers, increase brand awareness, and find new sales opportunities online through reacting to mentions in real time.
  • 4n6 FREE DBX Viewer Tool 4.0  2020-09-28
    4n6 DBX Viewer Tool allows display of DBX files in bulk from the Outlook Express account without downloading Outlook Express. DBX File meta data can be read in the 5 view mode: Content, Message Header, Hex View, Raw Message.
  • UkeySoft FoneFix for Mac 1.0.0  2020-10-06
    fixes various system problems of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV and gets your device back to normal without data loss.
  • PHP DataGrid Wizard - DataGrid Pages Generator 2  2020-10-06
    ApPHP DataGrid Wizard -utility script for generating PHP DataGrid pages.
  • Instant Quote PHP Script Quote Generator 2  2020-10-06
    Instant Quote PHP Script & Quote Generator
  • 4n6 MBOX File Forensics Tool 4.2  2020-09-25
    Download Free - 4n6 MBOX File Forensics Tool
  • Cigati PDF File Splitter 19.0  2020-10-06
    PDF File Splitter Software to split a large-sized PDF file into multiple parts
  • 4n6 OLM Forensics Tool 3.9  2020-09-24
    OLM Forensics Wizard by 4n6 Software helps to Identify & Extract evidences from OLM Files created in Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 & 2019. It is capable to Examine OLM message with attachments & complete header details.
  • Tickets Module for Directy CMF 1  2020-09-23
    Tickets Module is a simple, easy to use, web-based customer support system.
  • Home Security Camera 6.3  2020-11-21
    Home Security Camera is flexible and sophisticated Video Management Software loaded on your computer and allows you to view multiple cameras, record and retrieve video, and monitor alarms.
  • TunesKit Free Video Cutter for Mac 2.2.1  2020-10-06
    This is a user friendly free video cutter for Mac, the interface is pretty intuitive, you can use it to cut large videos to small pieces and merge video clips into a complete movie easily. It runs fairly quickly and it can keep 100% video quality.
  • Webcam Software 5.6  2020-10-06
    Webcam Software is a powerful video-safety system with motion detection for multiple cameras monitoring and control, allowing you to watch what's going on in your home or office remotely.
  • 4n6 Mailbird Forensics Tool 4.2  2020-09-21
    Utilize 4n6 Mailbird Forensics Tool to Analyze & Extract email evidence from the Mailbird mailbox (Store.db) from crashed Mailbird application. It allows to extract Mailbird Database File & Extract into 10+ Digital File formats & Web mail servers.
  • TunesKit Free Video Cutter for Windows 2.2.1  2020-10-06
    This is a well-designed free video cutter for Windows, it comes with user-friendly interface, you can use it to cut large videos to small pieces easily without any quality loss. Also, it has the feature to merge video clips into a complete movie.
  • 4n6 Thunderbird Forensics Wizard 4.2  2020-09-18
    Using 4n6 Thunderbird Forensics Wizard, forensic investigators can perform deep analysis of Thunderbird data & export them into 12+ file destinations. It can analyse emails in 4 views : Content, Message Header, Hex, Raw Message View.
  • 4n6 Outlook Forensics Wizard 4.3  2020-09-17
    Outlook Forensics Wizard is very helpful tool for forensics investigators. The tool allows you to open Outlook data files without Outlook. One can search inside Outlook data. It allows you to convert Outlook with attachments and header information.
  • Gihosoft Video Editor 2.0.42  2020-09-16
    Gihosoft Video Editor is a 100% free tool that can be used to cut out certain part from a long video with no quality loss and merge multiple videos into one at lightning speed while 100% keeping the original video quality.
  • Outbyte PC Repair  2020-09-14
    Outbyte PC Repair is a software app that is designed to free up disk space, boost and optimize Windows performance, find and fix system issues, and improve privacy.
  • BSPrinter Print Preview for VB6 1.0  2020-09-14
    ActiveX component that adds Print Preview capability to Visual Basic 6 programs by replacing the Printer object. Also in Windows 10 it can save PDF files.
  • VB.Net Excel Library 2020.8.0  2020-09-12
    Iron Excel XL plugs into VB.NET applications as a class library, It adds full features for read, write open, edit, export, and import data from Excel within VB.NET applications, including MVC, web, desktop, console applications and server apps.
  • Vidmore Screen Recorder 1.1.16  2020-09-16
    Vidmore Screen Recorder is a convenient and easy-to-use program to help you capture any part of your computer screen. You could use it to record any video and audio files or take screenshot according to your need.
  • Hidocs Document Converter 1.0  2020-09-12
    Convert DOCX, PDF, MOBI, WPS, HTML, TXT and other document file formats
  • Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer for Mac 2.0.20  2020-09-10
    Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer for Mac provides the best solution for users to back up messages, contacts, photos, music, videos and more between iOS device and Mac or between two iOS devices. It supports almost all iOS devices.
  • Apeaksoft DVD Creator 1.0.50  2020-09-14
    Apeaksoft DVD Creator could create DVD/Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO files with any video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc. Moreover, trimming, cropping, and adding watermark can be realized with it.
  • Plasma Waves Screensaver 2.0  2020-09-09
    Plasma Waves Screensaver is modern special effects screensaver powered by OpenGL technology. You will see plasma flame that rotates, changes its brightness, thickness and volume. Plasma curve and form changes smoothly.