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Any software subscribed in our database can participate in absolutely free advertising campaign at our site. The essence of this program is "We advertise you - you advertise us". We show the advertising information of program participants at every page of our site in the most attractive places. The links from advertising blocks will contain a direct link to your site. URL of a link will be URL from 'product page' field of your product information.

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Products display in every advertising module will be chosen at random taking into consideration the rating of every product at every display of this module. So the higher is the software rating more often this product advertising will be shown. The rating of products which participate in advertising campaign will depend on your activity in our advertising campaign. We offer you 10 links at our site pages for every your product which you can place wherever you want. It's not necessary to place all 10 links. You can use one or some of them. The product rating will be higher if you place our links on more pages. You can place the links wherever you like: on your site, in blogs, in social networks and so on. We just apply some restrictions how and where you can place links:

  • Only unique URL for every link will be taken into account. So, you will be able to place all 10 links in the same page, this will be taken as 10 points of the rating, but if you place two blocks of these links in the same page you will get 10 rating points anyway.
  • Only active links will be taken in consideration at the rating calculation. It means that if nobody clicks the link for some period of time, this link will not be accounted for rating calculation. So it doesn't make sense to place the links in the places where they won't be noticed. You shouldn't make 1000 pages with our links at your site if there are no visitors at these pages. It will not give you rating growth.
  • Any kind of spam is forbidden at forums and guest books. You can include the links in your signature at the forum. If you are a forum or a guest book owner you can place the links at forum or guest book pages. But you are not entitled to include the links in message texts.

You'll be banned forever without any notification if you break the rules of link's placing.

You can get links for any software subscribed on our site with using our 'developers center' (